6 best motivational books for IAS & UPSC aspirants

There are many examinations conducted in the world but out of them all the government examinations of civil services conducted by union public service commission in India is considered to be the most toughest and most competitive exam.

It is because the selection ratio is 0.1% or even less sometimes depending upon the vacancies and reservations in the exam and lakhs of students appear to the exam.

Even though the civil services examinations are conducted every year the preparation for these examinations will get started from two years at least prior to the examinations by the upsc aspirants.

In these 2 years of preparation, students will put a lot of hard work in revision of the syllabus but the majority of aspirants will face a lot of problems like depression and anxiety in consistency and being not dedicated to it.

In order to solve this issue let’s take a look at what are the solutions to it by looking at some best books you can read which can provide you both motivation and self improvement and solve issues and

problems like negative thinking, depression and anxiety and inconsistency during the preparation phase of the exams.

But before I show you the list I would want to state it very clearly that reading the books is not a waste of time which many people think because reading the books will help you improve your social skills and

reading is like a mental exercise to brain and reading the book will also increase your vocabulary and it will also increase your empathy and improve your relationships as well and all of these things are scientifically proven and there are many other benefits of reading which you can check it out here.

So let’s get started with the top 6 best motivational and self improvement books for IAS aspirants.

Best motivational books for IAS aspirants.

1. Power of Positive thinking

This is one of the best self help and motivational books you can read which is written by norman vincent peale and the book is originally published in 1952.

This book is an international bestseller which has been sold more than 5 million copies worldwide.

You should read this book because in this book the author explains the power and potential of positive thinking as we can read from the title of the book using the reference from many bible quotes in this book and

you can also learn many things like using faith and visualisation to succeed in life and also solve the problems & break the habit of worry and improve your relationships and much more.

This book can help you in your IAS preparation by focusing on your goals and use techniques like faith and visualisation to achieve your goals and reduce the worry, etc.

This book is not very long, it only has 200 pages and it is very easy to read as well for normal English readers and it has a 4.3 star rating out of 5 on Amazon and 4.1 star rating in goodreads.

You can purchase this book with paperback version for 150 INR on amazon and flipkart.

2. Awaken the giant within 

This is another most popular self help book written by Tony Robbins and it is more than 500 pages long and this book has a 4.1 star rating on Amazon and goodreads. 

More than 3 million copies of this book have been sold worldwide.

The reason you should read this book is because this book will help you unlock the unlimited power and strength and will power using some most effective strategies, ideas and techniques which are proven to conquer emotions and mind and body to work for you.

The author of the book Tony Robbins himself is a bestselling author and attitude and he consults with the top 500 fortune company ceo’s and top most athletes.

To summarise it this book can simply transform your life and help you achieve your goals whether it is becoming an IAS officer or cracking any competitive exam or being consistent on any particular task.

Which is the reason why I would recommend you to consider reading this book is specially for UPSC aspirants.

You can get this book on Amazon and Flipkart for 500 rupees paperback.

3. Magic of thinking Big

This is another popular self help book which was originally published in 1959 by David schwartz.

This book is only 300 pages long and also very easy to read for normal English readers but more than 6 million copies of the book have been sold worldwide and it is also a best seller which has a 4.6 star rating on Amazon and 4.2 star rating on Goodreads.

With the help of this book you can learn many things like, increase the positive thinking in your mind and remove the negative thoughts and defeating beliefs, use your creative power and subconscious mind to work for your goals and achieve them.

If you are a person who is struggling to find consistency while preparing for UPSC exams then this book can help you solve your problems.

You can purchase this book both on Amazon and Flipkart for 300 rupees paperback.

4. The service of the state 

Now this book was originally published in 2011 is not a typical self help book you expect and the book is written by Bhaskar Ghose.

This book has 4.7 rating on Amazon and 3.5 star rating on goodreads and this book is more than 300 pages long but it is very easy to read and simple.

Now you should read this book because it explains weather IAS really worth it and what will be the role of IAS officer and the life of an IAS officer and much more about the Indian administration, bureaucracy and political system.

You should know a little bit about the author who is Bhaskar Ghosh has served for Indian government as IAS officer for more than 36 years and he is a writer and columnist now but he has also worked for Indian government in various departments as director general and also important positions of government of West Bengal.

he gives you the right reasons why IAS is really worth it even though the reputation has been tarnished by cases like corruption and declining standards of political interference. 

You should read this book if you are confused or don’t have the clear reason why you want to become an IAS officer which can be a problem while preparing for the exams because at the end of the day your main reason of why you want to achieve something will play a huge role in how much effort you will put to achieve something.

You can get the hardcover of this book on Amazon and Flipkart for 500 rupees.

5. An outsider everywhere revelations by an insider

This is another interesting book you can read as an UPSC aspirant.

This book has been published in 2012 and it has a 4 star rating out of 5 on goodreads.

This book is an auto biography of an IAS officer which is written by MK kaw.

This book is only 200 pages long and it is also very easy to read.

You should consider reading this book because this book is as I already explained an autobiography of IAS officer and it is written by himself and how was his experience being an IAS officer and

a lot more details and interesting stories and incidents that took place in his life like political interruptions and how he dealt with corruption bureaucracy and other problems in the administration and he also shares his experience while working in the top positions of the department.

This should be a good read for all those people who want to become an IAS officer because it will give you some idea and you can imagine how your life is going to change after you become IAS which is glorified in the society but you can also get to know the problems you would face and the unique experiences you would have and much more.

This book can work as a motivation and inspiration for you to prepare hard for becoming an IAS.

You can get this book both on Amazon and Flipkart.

6. Dancing with maharaja

This is another interesting book you can read as an UPSC aspirant.

This book has been written by s Sundar Rajan who has been a former Indian revenue service officer and the book was originally published in 2012 and it has 4 star rating on Amazon.

You should read this book because this book shows you the hard work and the struggle that UPSC aspirants go through before they crack the exams and become civil servants and

it will also give you inspiration that you can also become a IPS and IAS officer even without coaching and much investment if you’re a dedicated and persistent towards it.

This is a fictional story of an IAS aspirants to officer and what’s really special about stories is that the readers can easily connect with them and this book is a story of an IAS aspirant from the streets and his struggles and all those people who are wanting to become an IAS officer can easily relate with the story in the book.

You can also get this book for 100 rupees both on Amazon and Flipkart.

So these are all the top 6 best English motivational and self improvement books you should read while preparing for UPSC exams.

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With that said lets conclude the post.


These are all the best motivational books you can read as an IAS aspirant from my recommendations and my favorite books i like to read are magic of thinking big and the service of the state.

Do let me know which is your favorite book in the comments section below and also let me know if i missed any other motivational books you would like me to include in this list.

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