4 best newspapers for UPSC & competitive exams

India which is the second largest country by the population but it is the first and the largest country which has the highest population of youth.

And in India preparation for government exams such as IAS and IPS is very popular.

Every year millions of students apply for government examinations like civil services and SSC for a limited number of seats.

In such a case for all the people who want to become Government employees through UPSC or SSC exams reading the newspapers everyday is crucial part of their preparation for the examinations.

So let’s take a look at some best newspapers for UPSC and civil service examination and other competitive examinations to get current affairs news.

So let’s get started.

best newspaper for upsc and other competitive exams 

1. The Hindu 

The Hindu is the most popular newspaper in India especially among youth who want to attempt competitive exams.

This newspaper is the most trusted and fluff free newspaper.

The Hindu is a english-language daily newspaper owned by the Hindu group and it has its headquarters in the Chennai which is the capital city of Tamilnadu State of India.

 It actually started as a weekly magazine in 1878 and turned into daily newspaper in 1889.

This is also the second most highly circulated newspaper in English language in India.

This newspaper covers important news related to health economy business sports and other departments and also regional news are also covered.

What makes this newspaper so special is because apart from helping you being updated with all the current affairs that are happening around in almost every department you can think of 

it will also help you increase your vocabulary by helping you learn new words in English and this can help you a lot especially in the mains stage of the civil service exam where you need to write long essays.

You can get a subscription of The Hindu newspaper from its official website for 400 rupees per month and download the epaper everyday if your local newspaper does not have it included.

2. The Indian express

The Indian express is another popular daily English language newspaper which is owned by the Indian express group and it was founded in 1932 by ramnath Goenka.

This newspaper has its headquarters in Uttar Pradesh.

Even though this newspaper company is slightly younger than the Hindu but it is also considered to be the most trusted and popular newspaper for current affairs and competitive exams.

From this newspaper you can keep yourself updated with all the current affairs and also get to know about important incidents that took place on each day like death of any celebrity or

occurrence of any historical event and you can also gather news related to polity, economy and international affairs which can help you a lot in the mains and interview round of UPSC exams. 

What’s really special about this newspaper is that it will help you give a right perspective and point of view along with the positives and negatives regarding what’s happening around in the world and 

the changing socio economic conditions and this newspaper can also help you increase your general knowledge and vocabulary.

You can get the online subscription of the Indian express for epapers from the official website at reasonable price.

3. The economic Times 

Economic Times is another popular and also the largest business English daily newspaper in India.

The newspaper was founded in 1961 by Hariharan but now it is managed by Bennett Coleman and co Ltd and currently the newspaper is owned by the Times group.

This newspaper has its headquarters in Mumbai which is the capital city of Maharashtra.

this is also the second most widely read English daily newspaper on business money and finances related topics after Wall Street journal.

What’s really special about this newspaper is that unlike other newspapers The economic Times only but very extensively covers news related to stock market prices, economy and international Finance and trade, business and startups related news.

You can easily subscribe to the ePaper of economic times from The Times Group official website at cheap price if you don’t want the paper copy.

Business standard can be a good alternative to Economic Times which also covers news related to finance startup share market and economy of our country and you can also subscribe to the epaper from the official website of the business standard.

The business standard news paper is founded in 1975 by ABP group and it has its headquarters in New Delhi and this newspaper is available in two languages Hindi and English.

Definitely check out business standard as an alternative to economic Times.

4. The Times of India 

Last but not least Times of India is also the most popular & most circulated English daily newspaper in India.

This newspaper is founded in 1838 which makes it the oldest English daily newspaper in India and it is owned by the Times group but the publishers are Bennett Coleman co Ltd and it has headquarters in Mumbai.

The Times of India covers news related to various topics like sports, health, economy, politics, entertainment and many more categories.

What’s really special about Times of India is that it has a high quality and balanced editorial content and it kind of explain the concept very clearly in all perspectives and angles and also helps you improve your vocabulary.

You can easily purchase the monthly subscription for the ePaper of Times of India from the official website if you don’t found the physical copy from your local newspaper shop.

These are the most popular and highly recommended newspapers by many IAS aspirants and officers.

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These are the top 5 news papers you should consider reading for your UPSC and civil service preparation to keep yourself updated with the current affairs.

In my opinion The Indian express And The economic Times are best newspapers you should read for your civil service exams.

Please do let me know your comments about which do you think is the best newspaper for the exams.

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