3 reasons why reading newspapers is important for UPSC

News paper reading is one of the most important habits to develop if you want to crack UPSC examinations and become an IAS officer or any public servant.

There are many popular newspapers like Hindu and Indian express which are considered the best for reading especially from the government exams point of view.

So in this blog we will take a look at some important reasons why you should read the newspaper for UPSC and civil services exam send some tips regarding reading the newspaper effectively.

Now let’s take a look at 3 important reasons why reading the newspapers is crucial for UPSC and other competitive examinations.

why is reading newspapers important for upsc?

1. Current affairs

By far the most prominent reason why you should read newspapers is because by reading newspapers you can keep yourself updated with the current affairs that 

take place in the local community of state and in the country and this is very important component in the UPSC civil service examination both in prelims mains and interview stage.

By reading the newspapers you can keep yourself updated with the new policies that government release and rules and all the other projects that government take on and

you can also so keep yourself updated with all the amendments that take place in the constitution and all the works of the High court and supreme court of our country and

news related to economy and growth of our country and international news and events.

Current affairs will play a huge role in in the overall examination of civil services and especially in the mains and interview stage, current affairs gets more emphasis.

This is the direct benefit you have provided in the newspapers to UPSC civil service exam.

2. Reading is like a mental exercise

This is an indirect benefit of reading the newspapers with civil services exam.

According to many studies reading not just newspapers but also books and any other material can help you in many ways like,

  • Reading fiction books can make you more empathetic and if you have emphathy it can help you in your social life as well and we all know as a public servant you can have lots of public interactions.
  • Reading will also help you lower the heart rate and blood pressure
  • Reading help you sleep longer and live longer.
  • Reading the newspapers especially can also help you increase your critical thinking because you can get to know all the things along with the facts which are happening around you with the clear picture and critical thinking is important skills you need to have to be a better public servant at the same time in the interview stage of UPSC, the interviewers would also like to examine and test your critical thinking ability.
  • Reading is like exercise to the brain and it will also reduce the Alzheimer’s disease
  • Reading will also help you by reducing the stress and you should also know that reading can also help you improve your memory and concentration power.

For more information you can read the benefits of reading here in detail.

These are some powerful benefits of reading newspapers or books or any other material.

Especially because we are reading newspapers for UPSC and we all know that reading can help you reduce the Alzheimer disease and

 increase your concentration levels and also help you in getting a better sleep and all these things can have a deeper impact on your performance in UPSC exams.

3. Vocabulary growth

Now let’s talk about how reading the newspapers can help you directly in clearing UPSC exams.

Because you will be reading the newspaper almost everyday for good amount of time which will be written by professional editor it can help you increase your vocabulary and

this can directly help you in the Mains examination of your civil service exams which is the second stage after clearing prelims.

By the way you should know that in mains examination you should write a lot of essays as written test related to your optional subjects.

In such a case, your habit of reading news papers would help you now when it comes to sentence formation or usage of words, etc.

This is how reading the newspapers and the habit of reading can help you in even during the mains examination of UPSC civil services.

Tips for effective reading newspapers for UPSC and competitive exams.

Now that you know why reading the newspaper is an important aspect of UPSC and other competitive examinations let’s take a look atsome important tips regarding how you can read the newspaper effectively.

  1. You should have a clear picture of the syllabus of IAS and UPSC exams or other competitive exams and you should only read articles and editorials which are relevant to your exams and ignore those which are not relevant like politics, gossips and sports, etc 
  2. Create a separate book and always take notes whenever you read the newspaper on the go so that you can note down important events and incidents that took place.
  3. Whenever you note down any incident in your book try to categorise that event in different categories like history political science or geography so that it can make clear sense and avoid clutter.
  4. Always create a deadline and schedule whenever you sit down to reading the newspaper like you should either decide to read the newspaper early in the morning or late in the evening with a fixed schedule so that it will become routine for you everyday.
  5. Whenever you read an editorial in the newspaper always try to include both the positives and negatives of the issue so that you can answer that with multiple perspectives if it appears in the exam.

Along with newspapers you can also consider reading magazines like Yojana & other popular magazines for UPSC and competitive exams.


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