Top 5 best cities of India for education

One of the biggest challenges students in India face is getting the right college or University to complete their graduation and post graduation.

So in this blog we will take a look at top 5 best cities in India if you want to get higher education and also look at what are the top colleges and universities in that city,

look at top companies which can give you employment opportunity in that city after you complete your graduation and many more things about the cities which make them the best.

You will also learn some important tips from my personal experience and knowledge before deciding on a particular City to get your higher education.

So let’s get started.

Top 5 best cities of India for education.

1. Mumbai

Even though Mumbai is not the capital city of our country, it is definitely the financial capital and also a great City if you want to pursue your higher education, especially graduation and

post graduation and it is famously called as the city of dreams and it is the capital city of Maharashtra state and it is also one of the most populous cities in the nation.

There are lots of colleges and universities in the city and some of them are,

  • Indian institute of technology Bombay
  • Institute of chemical technology 
  • Institute of hotel management catering technology and applied nutrition 
  • St Xavier College 
  • DG ruparel College of arts science and commerce

You can get a graduation and post graduation degree in any stream you want whether it is related to engineering or medicine or arts or even commerce because

you have world class universities and students from not only India but also abroad like America visit these universities for the graduation and

apart from that you can also get employment opportunities because there are lots of national and multinational companies and industries in the city like Reliance, Tata, Infosys, Google, ibm and the list goes on, and

by the way mumbai is also the birthplace of one of the largest film industry Bollywood which can open up new opportunities in film industry if you have any interest in it because of this it comes as no surprise that is called as the financial capital of the nation. 

Mumbai is the richest city in our nation which has a nominal GDP of 250 billion dollars and it is the twelfth richest city in the world with 11990 US dollars per capita income.

Apart from that you can also visit lots of tourist places like the beautiful beaches of Mumbai and the gateway of India and other tourist attractions and even the food like vada pav and culture is really awesome and even the weather is good and pleasant.

2.  Delhi

Delhi is the capital city of our nation and it is also the second most populated city in our country.

Some of the most popular universities and colleges are,

  • Jawaharlal Nehru University 
  • Delhi University
  • National law university
  • Indian agricultural research institute
  • Indian institute of technology Delhi
  • All India institute of medical science 
  • Amity University 

Apart from education, even the food and expenses are quite affordable and the Atmosphere is pleasant and you can also visit lots of Amazing tourist places, historical sites like Qutub Minar, Lotus temple and Red fort, etc.

Apart from universities there are many companies that are present like oyo, Google, Flipkart Adobe and Amazon, etc & The nominal GDP of Delhi is 210 billion US dollars and the per capita income is 3,58,000 INR because of that the city can open up new doors for employment opportunities after you get your graduation degree.

3.  Chennai

Chennai which was formerly called as madras is the capital city of the state of tamil nadu and it is also called as the cultural capital of india and it is also one of the best cities

you can find in india for pursuing higher education as a student because the city has a good number of top colleges and universities at the same time lots of amazing companies to work and a great place to stay.

This city is also called the gateway of South India.

Some popular colleges & universities in the city are,

  • Indian institute of technology Madras 
  • Vels institute of science technology and advanced studies 
  • Loyola College
  • Asian College of journalism
  • National institute of fashion technology 

The city is also called the Detroit of India because of the presence of major automobile manufacturing units, and industries etc.

Apart from that there are many top companies like Tata consultancy services, Amazon, cisco, hcl, Astra zeneca, etc.

The city of Chennai has a 80 billion US dollars GDP.

Apart from education there are many top tourist places you can visit in chennai including mariana beach, guindy national park,etc but the food can be a little issue

if you are from north indian states because tamil nadu state people use coconut oil for preparing dishes and the climate and atmosphere can also be little difficult because the city is in the coastal region of the bay of bengal so the heats in the summer season are very humid and challenging.

But overall chennai is a good city to consider for your higher education.

4. Hyderabad

Hyderabad which is the capital city of Telangana state which is also called as the city of pearls is also a good City to consider if you want to get your higher education.

Some popular colleges and universities in Hyderabad are,

  • Osmania University
  • Indian institute of technology Hyderabad
  • JNTU University
  • Nalsar University of law
  • Kakatiya University
  • National institute of technology
  • International institute of information technology

Apart from education and universities there are also lots of companies which are present in Hyderabad city like Amazon, Tata consultancy services, Microsoft, Wipro and IBM, etc. because of that the city can also help you with lots of job opportunities in your career.

Other than that, even the food like dum biryani which is a popular dish worldwide and there are also lots of tourist places you can visit like golconda, charminar, salarjung museum, birla mandir, mecca masjid, etc and even the climate is very pleasing and good and the city is also very affordable and cheap.

The city has a GDP of 74 billion USD and the per capita income is 2.37 lakh INR with a population of more than 10 million.

Overall hyderabad is also a good city to consider for your higher education.

5. Bangalore

It is impossible not to include bangalore which is also called as the silicon valley of india in our list of best cities for education as banglore is not just being the capital city of karnataka but it is also the startup city of our nation.

The city has more than 13000 startups which reflects the entrepreneurial culture.

Some popular colleges in the city are,

  • Indian institute of management
  • National law school of india university
  • National institute of fashion technology
  • Institute of hotel management
  • Mount carmel college

Apart from education, banglore is also a good tourist spot where you can visit places like bangalore palace and also visit nandi hills and many other temples and amusements parks nearby and

even the climate is not very hot or cold in the city and it also has good food and a good culture and the city is also affordable for the students since you live in the hostel of your college and the rental costs will be expensive.

Apart from colleges, because the city is also called the silicon valley of India, you can find lots of national and multinational companies like microsoft, cisco, intel, dell, flipkart, nokia, etc which are also great if you want employment or internship after graduation.

The city has a GDP of 220 billion dollars and it has a population of more than 13 million people.

These are the top 5 cities of India which are best for higher education with affordable rates, good food and climate at the same time gives you lots of opportunities to grow in your career.

But before I end the post I would like to share a few important tips with you regarding choosing the city for higher education as a student since

I also shifted to hyderabad to get my graduation degree in bachelor of arts from osmania university so i believe the tips will definitely help in making better decisions

5 important tips to decide a city for higher education.

  1. You should choose a city which has many popular & top colleges and universities
  2. You should also keep in mind that the city is affordable which means the expenses are not really huge as a student.
  3. You should also make sure to select a city which is safe and secure and the City has a good transportation facility to other key cities of the state.
  4. You should also select a city which matches your lifestyle preferences for example if you were born in Northern states of India like Uttar Pradesh but if you want to study in Chennai, there would be a conflict with the lifestyle preferences because the food and dressing style and also the atmosphere will be totally different so you should select whichever city you are comfortable with.
  5. You should also select a city which has a good employment rate and you can do this by looking at what are the industries and companies that are available at that city, you can just search the city in Google to look at industries that are there.

So these are my tips I wanted to share with you and these are the top cities you should look after in India if you want to get higher education.

With that being said let’s conclude the blog post.


These are the top cities in India for education.

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