3 best books to read for UPSC interview

So you are preparing for UPSC interview stage.

Kudos to you for clearing both prelims and mains stage but the personality test which is conducted in interview section by the experts in the field will also be very challenging but it is only 30 minutes interview.

Just like how you would spend more than two years to prepare for the prelims and mains of the civil service examination at the same time if you want to crack the interview stage you also need to spend some time in preparation.

So let’s take a look at the top 3 best books to read for UPSC interview so that you can clear the stage and finally achieve your dream of becoming the civil servant.

So let’s get started.

Best books to read for UPSC interview 

1. Yojana & kurukshetra  magazines

After you clear your mains exam you will have the interview round where I would recommend you to read the magazines called Yojana and Kurukshetra.

The Yojana magazine is a monthly magazine which covers social economic issues in the country and it is also available in variety of languages including Hindi and Telugu apart from English.

When it comes to kurukshetra magazine it is also a monthly magazine which covers issues related to rural India and agriculture and all the steps and policies that the government is implementing to change the situation and solve the issues.

Both Yojana and kurukshetra magazines are published by the government every month.

This is also a magazine which covers the facts and important information you need to know about development and also covers current affairs details which can help you in answering questions better if asked in the interview.

You can purchase both the magazines Yojana and kurukshetra on Amazon and Flipkart or you can also get their subscription and download the e magazine.

2. Important Judgments that Transformed India

This is another interesting book you can read which is available on Amazon For ₹200 and it is written by Alex Andrews George.

In this book the author discusses all the important judgements that have been taken place in the supreme court.

Because we are especially emphasising on the best books for UPSC interview section and in interview rounds the interviewers would normally ask us to Express our point of view and opinion about a particular issue so that they can analyse our thinking ability.

With the help of this book you can learn both the positives and negatives and all the arguments related & some important judgements that have been taken place in courts so you can better represent your answer in interview.

This book is also available on Amazon and Flipkart and it has 4.5 star rating on Amazon and a good read for interview stage.

3. India After Gandhi

Originally published in 2017 this book is written by Ramchandra Guha and this book has 4.6 star rating on Amazon.

You should read this book because this book will start explaining the political system in India that has changed after the independence and the changing social and economical conditions of the states like kashmir,  Increasing violence Of the dalits and minorities and raising hatred towards Hindus, etc.

As an IAS aspirant you should read this book because it will give you a perspective on what are the things happening in India because after you become an IAS officer you will have to manage and maintain the peace and order in a particular district as you have the complete control of Administration in your hands.

The book is divided into multiple chapters and also has lots of headings and subheadings which makes it very easy to prepare notes while you read the book.

 This book is over 1000 pages long And you can purchase this book on both flipkart and Amazon for 500 rupees paperback. 

Along with these, here are some important and honorable mentions.

  • How to win friends and influence people-this book written by Dale Carnegie has been sold more than 30 million of copies worldwide and it is the best book for communication skills and you should read this book before you go for the interview so that you can know what are the things you should practice and implement to increase your chances of success and also impress your interviewers.
  • All about IAS interview-This is another interesting book you can read on how you can crack IAS interview faster with the tips and strategies of this book and also keep the right expectations in mind.

You can also consider reading my list of best personality and motivational books for UPSC and IAS aspirants and also learn how you can prepare for IAS from class 11 and 12.


These are all the top 3 best books you should read for UPSC interview round.

Please do let me know which is your favourite book in the comment section below and also share the blog post if you have found it helpful.

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