Is IIT worth it? 8 advantages & disadvantages of IIT

Joint entrance examinations are one of the most competitive and toughest examinations in the world.

These examinations are conducted by National testing agency every year in order to get the students enrolled in Government Engineering Colleges both NIT and IIT.

IIT which is acronym for Indian Institute of Technology are considered the best engineering colleges you can join in India.

More than 10 lakh students attend examinations to get selected in a few thousand IIT seats.

But for now let’s take a look at whether it is really worth your efforts and how your life is going to change after you get into IIT college either it is IIT Bombay, kharagpur, kanpur, delhi, etc.

So let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks or advantages and disadvantages of IIT in detail.

Is IIT Worth it, good for engineering and future?

Yes IIT colleges are absolutely worth it, they are no.1 engineering colleges in our country, you can get more than 1 crore packages from IIT colleges like IIT bombay, Kharagpur, you also grow your network and can get into foriegn universities from IIT and IITian tag can help you get alot of respect in society and students, You can also start a business after graduating from these colleges.
Now lets see the pros and cons of getting admission in IITs

Advantages and disadvantages of IIT

Advantages of IIT

1. Better Packages

It has to be the number one advantage and benefit of studying at IIT.

Usually the average salary for students graduating from IIT colleges are going to be between 5-15 lakhs per annum.

This is actually much better than in most other engineering colleges you can find in India which can only offer 5-10 lakhs per annum.

At the same time, if you are graduating from the computer science branch, you can also get the opportunity to work for multinational companies like Amazon and Adobe in foreign countries like America and Canada and you can also get a good salary and many other perks.

The amount & salary packages may not sound very big but you should take a look at the bigger picture and see that more than 80% of the engineers who graduate from normal Indian engineering colleges do not have the necessary skills to get employment.

In such a case earning at least 15 lacs per annum can be a great deal and even in that salary point the taxes are not very huge & India is also a cheaper country to live in.

2. Good Network

Another great advantage of studying at IIT is that you can develop a strong network of people.

There is a popular quote in English which says that your network is your net worth.

 This applies very well in IIT because not just Indians but even foreign countries students also visit like IIT Bombay and other IITs to complete their graduation like

how Indians would go for studying at Harvard and Oxford universities because IIT can provide better education and facilities & you can make friendships with them.

Because of this the students in India who are studying in IIT can improve their interpersonal and social skills and also communication skills by talking to this foreign people.

And in future these relationships and connections and networks can get you more employment and business opportunities.

At the same time because IIT is such a prestigious college and students get enrolled to this colleges after working so hard and clearing the jee advance exams which are one of the toughest exams.

Building connections with your friends in iit can also help you succeed faster in your career as well because the majority of IIT graduated students will have a better future.

3. Less study load

Another big advantage of IIT is that they have less study load on the students.

Even though this is a much subjective thing and it will depend upon individual but majority of the students who both study and graduate from IIT say that there is not huge study load on their head comparative other branches like medical sciences.

This is a positive thing because the students get chance to work on other projects like starting their own online startup or getting an internship somewhere or becoming an influencer on social media.

4. Respect in society

This is the main advantage that you get apart from other engineers who could not get graduation degree from IIT.

This can definitely boost the self confidence of the students who study in IIT.

You can get massive respect and recognition from the Indian society and there is always going to be a tag of IITian at the end of your name, you can have a celebrity status & become an influencer in the Indian society and you will be inspiration for many students who are aiming for graduating from IIT.

Even if you consider in real life if there are two engineers with similar skill set and knowledge apply for a job or internship in a particular company but one who has graduated from IIT and other one from normal engineering College, obviously the one graduated from IIT will have upper hand over the other.

5. Infrastructure & facilities

Now when it comes to infrastructure and other facilities like Wi-Fi and laboratories.

IIT colleges have much higher advantage than other engineering colleges in our country.

They have better labs, Wi-Fi facilities, better buildings and college infrastructure, better hostels, good libraries, gyms, food areas, gardens, good infrastructure for sports, you can name it and it is going to be better compared to other engineering colleges in India for sure.

The main reason for better infrastructure and facilities is because the central government provides funds and runs the colleges and even the college fees are quite affordable, and these IIT colleges also receive many public and private donations from many countries.

6. Good Professors

Another big benefit of IIT colleges is that the presence of good professors is humongous.

Because of the fact that the average salary of these IIT professors are atleast 2 lakhs per month and also based on the experience and subjects.

The professors are also very interested in teaching the students and preparing them for the real world experience.

Having good professionals and teachers who are willing to teach the subject can make a huge difference in your overall success as a matter of fact Abdul Kalam who was also called as the Missile man of India actually

started showing interest in science and mathematics related subjects because of his teacher in his childhood.

The point I am trying to convey is that having a good professor and teachers will play a huge role in the success of the students in that profession in the real world because students take inspiration from teachers.

And compared to other engineering colleges in India we can definitely agree that IITs have much better professors and teachers who are willing to teach subjects better.

7. Many Opportunities 

Last but not least another big advantage of studying at IIT is that you can have lots of opportunities at your hand.

For example,

  • Because you are getting your graduation from IIT it can get easier for you to study in foreign universities like Oxford and Harvard.
  • You can also so get into research and become a scientist after studying at IIT.
  • Because of the fact that you already cleared JEE advanced examinations and got into IIT college you can start educating the students especially 12th grade students with subjects like maths and physics utilising the influence you have as being an IITian and using this you can start your own startup in education field.
  • You can also start your own YouTube channel or become a professor on education platforms like unacademy and teach students and how they can also clear and join IIT colleges in India.
  • because there are only limited number of seats in IIT colleges and the best brains of the country will graduate from IIT colleges, you can also start up with some of your college friends and partners and raise funds from investors with the help of IITian as tag after your name which can help you a lot as a matter of fact Flipkart is one such tech start up started by IITians in india, there are many small and big startups started by IITians.

These are all the advantages and opportunities we have when it comes to studying at IIT.

Disadvantages of IIT 

1. Bad habits 

This is quite obvious and a common disadvantage we have in IIT colleges and also in NIT and other engineering colleges in India.

Students who are far away from their homes and parents and living in the hostels due to peer pressure they might sometimes get into bad habits such as drinking and smoking and even consuming drugs in some cases.

The students can only stop themselves from getting into such habits and there are also many awareness programs that are being conducted in the colleges.

There are many other disadvantages of IIT colleges which can be subjective sometimes like,

  • Absence of tasty food in the hostels 
  • Higher fees in colleges 
  • Very bad gender ratio in IIT colleges especially boys to girls would be 6:1 as an average because of that there are less chances of getting into relationship in IIT colleges

But these are the same disadvantages which are also present in other colleges apart from IIT and they are also subjective.

Apart from that you can also find various problems with your college friends if you hang out with the wrong ones like jealousy, hatred, bullying, disrespecting, 

cut throat competition among the college, gossiping, undermining comments, arguments and fights, all of these are part and parcel of all the engineering colleges in India including IIT so it is not worth mentioning.


These are all the advantages and disadvantages of IITs in india.

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