Gate exam: is it worth it? 7 Pros & cons

In this competitive world everyone wants to have a good career and job.

And if you are a student who has got a graduation degree in engineering, arts, commerce or medical science branch then gate exams are the most popular among those students.

If you don’t know what this exam is all about and how it can help you get a good job in your career and much more.

In this article let’s take a look at what GATE exam is all about and some advantages and disadvantages of this exam to understand whether 

you should prepare for this exam or not after you get your undergraduate degree especially after BTech.

So let’s jump right in.

Pros & cons of Gate exam 

Pros of gate exam 

1.    Higher job opportunities

One of the main advantages of the GATE exam is that you can get more job opportunities compared to just being an undergraduate.

Some popular jobs you can get after writing gate exam are,

  • You can get into research field with higher education and also become a scientist with PhD degree
  • You can also become of professor for many universities and get a teacher job 
  • After you do your post graduation you can get many high paying jobs for example with M Tech degrees you can get into popular companies like Google and Microsoft and get a high paying job as a software engineer or scientist and package are also high

Obviously when you think about it with higher education you can get more knowledge in the subject and field and obviously with higher knowledge, your value also grows & you can get higher salary and better jobs as well.

2.    Get stipend/scholarship to study

Another big advantage of clearing the GATE examination is that you can get money from the government directly so that you can focus on your studies and also pay all of your bills and fees.

Any student who has got the admission in AICTE approved colleges through the gate exam can get stipend of 12400 rs each month for 24 months long or depending upon the course period and students also get 20000 rupees as contingency annually so that students can pay the education fees and other expenses.

Most of the engineering colleges which accept gate students have college fees less than 1 lakh rupees per year so with this scholarship money you can pay back the college fees, you can check the college fees here.

This is a big advantage for all those people who are interested in the GATE examination but do not have the money and cannot afford the expenses because they have invested a lot of money in their undergraduation.

3.    Study in foreign universities

Another big advantage of writing GATE examination is that you can get a chance to study in foreign universities if you wanted to you for your post graduation like Mtech and Ms.

Some of the international institutes accept GATE scores such as the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore, Technical University of Germany, and RWTH Aachen University

Depending upon the university and your under graduation degree you can select this foreign universities for example if you want to graduate in National University of Singapore and

 nanyang technological University then you can get your post graduation in branches of engineering such as civil mechanical electrical computer science aerospace environmental and biomedical engineering branches.

By studying in foreign universities you can get foreign exposure and meet new people and you can also get new opportunities.

4.    Get into IIT/NIT

Another advantage of this examination is, if you score good marks then you can get admission into top engineering colleges of our nation which are IIT and NIT.

You can read my guide on benefits and drawbacks of getting admission into IIT to learn about all of its benefits in detail.

Millions of students in India aspire to get into IIT colleges and get under graduation degree but if you failed to do so in your 12th JEE exam then

 you can get a chance now by scoring better marks in the GATE examination and getting admission into top IIT colleges like IIT Bombay and kharagpur.

In order to get admission in these colleges you need to score the cutoff marks so that you can study your post graduation there.

By getting admission into IIT colleges you can get higher packages and higher salary in your job and can also get many other facilities like better labs, infrastructure and much more.

If you lack self-confidence for not clearing and getting admission into IIT colleges in your 12th then this can be a second good chance to get into IIT and boost your confidence.

5.    Get a PSU job 

Another big benefit of the GATE examination is that you can get a job in a public sector undertaking or PSU.

You might be wondering what is this,

Let me explain.

You must have heard about many organisations and companies like,

  • Bharat petroleum
  • Bharat dynamics ltd 
  • Hindustan aeronautics limited 
  • Bhabha atomic research centre
  • BSNL
  • Central electronics limited
  • Midhani 

And many more companies.

These companies are called public sector undertaking companies.

If you have gone through all the companies list then you should know that all of these companies are related to government so the main benefit of these companies is that

 These companies either have a majority stake which is more than 51% of the shares of the company or are fully owned by either the central or state government.

So these are basically government owned companies.

And thankfully if you got good marks/rank in your GATE exam then you can definitely get a job to work in these amazing PSU companies.

Basically these companies give you government jobs because these companies are owned by the government itself.

Isn’t that amazing.

With getting a job in PSU you can get many other perks and benefits of being a government employee like, free health insurance, promotions and incentive based on performance, 

fixed timing for work to balance work and life, housing facility, higher salary package, retirement benefits and above all you will get a job security & STABILITY.

You will get all of these amazing benefits because you are essentially an employee of the government.

Getting a job in these companies is a dream for many students in our country and if you score good marks in your GATE exam then you can probably get a chance to work in these companies.

This is the main reason why the majority of the students go for the GATE exam and why you should also try it.

These are all the advantages of the GATE exam.

Cons of gate exam 

1.    Success ratio 

The main disadvantage of GATE examination is that it has a lower success ratio which means that only a few percentage of students can get

 qualified for the examination and get a good college through the GATE exam and all of its benefits out of lakhs of students who appeared for the exam.

As per the latest data, total of 17.8% candidates qualified in GATE 2021.

Only 126000 students have clear the exam out of 7,11,000 students who appeared for it.

At the same time this exam also has a lot of competition because majority of the students who do under graduation in BTech prepare for this examination and 

as a matter of fact in India more than 1500000 students get btech degree every year so you can see how much competition there is in the GATE exam.

And you should also remember that there are the caste reservations, if you belong to a certain caste like SC/ST you can get a higher chance of qualifying the exam.

2.    Syllabus

Another disadvantage of this examination is that it has a huge syllabus.

Because with this examination you are trying to get your post graduation degree which is Mtech or Ms or ME.

For example if you have got computer science engineering in your under graduation (btech) then the syllabus would be subjects like, 

  • Theory of computation
  • Operating system
  • Compiler design 
  • Algorithms and database
  • Computer networks
  • Computer organisation and architecture
  • Programming and data structure

And many more subjects.

Because of such a huge syllabus of the exam you have to spend a lot of time preparing. At the same time, the majority of the students also go for coaching apart from their BTech studies to prepare for this exam.

After reading all of these advantages and disadvantages of GATE exam,

 If you are still confused and not sure if you should prepare for the GATE exam or not, you can read my guide on whether you should prepare for GATE exam or go for placement especially for engineers.

With that said let’s conclude the blog.


These are all the pros and cons of GATE exam 

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