7 reasons Why engineers in India are unemployed or underpaid

Engineering is one of the most popular professions and career options among the youth in India.

As a matter of fact more than 15 lakh students get graduated as engineers in India every year which is largest in the world but the twist and sad thing in the story is that 

more than 80% of the engineers do not get any employment due to lack of technical skills and only 3% of engineers get good quality job related to the sector.

So it is a very genuine question regarding why majority of the engineering graduates and students are unemployed in India.

That is what we will discuss and understand in this blog.

So in this blog we will take a look at 7 important reasons why majority of the students who graduated as engineers in India are unemployed.

So let’s get started.

Why engineers are unemployed in India 

  1. Outdated syllabus

This has to be the number one reason for why majority of the students in India are unemployed.

It is because the syllabus is completely outdated.

There is no change in textbooks and knowledge which was taught in 10 years ago to now.

But if you compare it with outer world it is totally different.

In every new year there is a new technology and new innovations and ideas coming in and the knowledge and subjects you will be taught in engineering majority of the branches is completely outdated because the text books have not been updated with the changing technology.

And the students in engineering get their knowledge and pass the exams by reading from the textbooks.

For example in computer science branch of engineering new programming languages are being introduced every year.

But the students who study engineering especially computer science in lower grade colleges from tier 2 and tier 3 cities except IITs will not be taught about these languages.

Because of this reason even the students if they get more than 90% grade in their overall engineering graduation still remain in doubt whether they will get a good job or not in their core branch.

2. Lack of good professors

Another huge reason why majority of the students in engineering in India are unemployed is because, majority of the engineering colleges lack good quality professors except some colleges like IIT and NIT and other top private colleges.

You should know that the main difference between universities of India and foreign universities especially compared with IIT and NIT universities and colleges like Harvard and

 Oxford University is that the foreign country universities have good professors and teachers compared to ours apart from having good infrastructure and facilities as well.

It is because the professor in India are not given much value and salaries so they are not motivated and excited to educate the students properly.

If we compare the average salary of professor in India in engineering branch earns around 700000 rupees per annum where as the average salary of a professor in Harvard University gets more than 226000 dollars per annum.

I agree that America is more expensive country than India and even there are things like taxes and lifestyle.

But the point I am trying to convey here is that the main reasons why students are not getting employed is because they are getting trained under bad teachers.

There is a popular quote of benjamin franklin which goes like,

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I understand.

But the fact of the matter is that teachers and professors in India are only telling the students they are not teaching and getting the students involved in the subject which is why students are also not really interested in learning about the subjects and just interested in mugging up the subject to pass the exam for marks.

It is the responsibility of the professor and teacher to make the subject interesting and easily understandable for students but they are just being incompetent and letting the students to mug up the subject without understanding your core concepts properly.

This leads to my third point.

3. More emphasis on marks & memorization

The culture in India has to change.

The engineering colleges and educational institutions still give a lot of emphasis on marks and memorization.

There is a less emphasis on practicality and real life applications of learning & importance of skills.

Because of this even if the students get good marks and good grades in academics but when they come out from the college and get into a company,

 they will perform poorly because they do not have any real life experience and any practical knowledge about the subject.

And engineering graduates don’t have any necessary skills in order to get employment from the company.

 This is also a huge reason for such huge scale of unemployment of engineers.

4. Rigidity and indiscipline

Rigidity and indiscipline is also a reason.

Engineering students will only study for exams when the time is less than 1 week this is reflects their indiscipline towards studies.

So they waste their time throughout the college time not showing any interest in studies and this also gets applied in their job.

Engineers are incapable of working without strict guidelines which creates problems with employers when they work for the companies.

5. 75% attendence rate & work pressure

This is my personal opinion of why the engineering students are unemployed in India.

It is also because there is a rule of 75% attendance rate in the majority of the colleges in engineering in India.

Because of this rule the students have to visit the college almost everyday if not they will not be given the permission to write for the examination.

Because of this reason, the students spend majority of the time attending the college classes and completing the projects and assignments, writing all the records and submitting them before the deadline.

This is actually totally waste of time because none of these records and projects will help them get a good career in future.

Because of this reason the students could not explore the outer world and they could not get the time to learn new skills and start new business on the side because 

they will have to spend majority of the time in engineering or complete the assignments and writing the records and even the timing of the engineering colleges in India starts from 9 AM to 4 PM.

And the students will be very tired after they get back home, so they could not focus on other things apart from the studies and engineering.

6. There is a mismatch in demand and supply 

Another most important reason why majority of the engineers in India are unemployed is because there is a clear mismatch of demand and supply in the market.

You should know that any economy and business will run on the basis of supply and demand.

For example the value of gold diamond or Bitcoin is quite high because the supply of it is very less.

But when it comes to engineering there is a huge supply and not so huge demand.

According to some statistics, India annually produces 1.5 million engineers every year and from a report on Times of India says only 3% of the engineers in India get a high quality job related to their domain with an average package of 8 to 10 lakh per annum.

This is because we are producing more engineering graduates than we actually need.

But the problem is not with producing more but also with producing bad engineers.

The reason for so much supply of engineers in India are,

  • Students follow the herd mentality without thinking out of the box in their career
  • Students lack the career guidance because of which more than 90% of the students who take MPC in their 12th choose engineering even if they don’t have the interest in it 
  • Parents pressure and peer pressure is also a huge thing why students opt for engineering
  • Students are not willing to take risk by choosing other careers which do not guarantee a job 

And because there is a lot of supply for engineers and demand is low, engineers are willing to work for any job they get for any salary package which is why even the salary packages that companies offer is so low.

7. Lack of social skills.

The last main reason for unemployment of majority of engineers is the lack of social skills especially communication skills in the youth.

The employers who hire this engineers expect the engineers to speak fluently in English language with global clients.

But the problem is that majority of the students graduate from Tier 2 and tier 3 cities and also from rural areas and villages who do not have good english speaking skills.

Because of this reason more than 97% of the engineers cannot actually speak in English fluently.

This is also one of the most important reasons for unemployment.

With that being said let’s conclude the blog post.


These are all the important reasons why majority of the engineers in India are unemployed.

Do let me know what are your thoughts about why engineers in India are unemployed in the comments section below.

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