How do I know if i am interested in computer science & coding?

In this article let’s take a look at how to know if you are interested & good in computer science and coding field.

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So without further ado let’s dive right in.

What is a computer science & computer programming?

Computer Science is the basically the study of computers and computational programs and this engineers deal with softwares and applications.

Whereas, Coding, sometimes called computer programming, is basically a part of computer science and coding helps people to communicate with the computer.

Code is something that tells a computer what action they should take because computers are not living beings, and coding is all about instructing a computer on what they should do, how to solve problems and react fastly, and obviously by learning coding you can create amazing websites applications software and do a lot more things.

Now let’s take a look at how to know whether you are interested in computer science and coding or not.

How to know if you are interested in computer science and coding, is it for you or not?

If you are confused about whether you should get into the computer science and coding field then, Let’s see some signs to check whether you are interested in computer science and coding or not.

Computer science and coding is for you if,

  • You are a persistent person and you do not give up on problems easily rather you stick on to it, go extra mile by doing more research and getting more information
  • You have good logical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • You have a great deal of interest & curiosity in the computer science and technology field, You have passion and many ideas to work on like creating a website, game, or software to solve problems
  • You are a curious, creative person and also an open-minded person
  • You also love to solve challenges and puzzles
  • you also have good teamwork & ability to communicate ideas properly with others
  • You are not happy with your current job and you want to make a career switch, You want to become online entrepreneur & You don’t shy away from working hard and put in extra hours
  • You are a very competitive person and you like to achieve goals and challenges

These are some important signs computer science and coding is a good career for you.

Computer science and coding isn’t for you if,

  • You are not persistent as a person and you give up things when they get difficult and tough
  • You don’t have good creativity
  • You do not have logical thinking and good problem solving skills
  • You are not patient and open minded as a person
  • You are not willing to put extra hours especially in front of computer for long period of time
  • You do not have interest in computers, technology and coding and you cannot do lifelong learning
  • You are completely satisfied with your current job and career
  • You think computer science and coding can get you money quickly in short span of time like a get rich quick scheme but experience matters a lot to earn more in computer science field

Now lets take a look at some signs to understand whether you are interested in computer science & coding or not

7 Signs you’re interested in computer science & coding:


First sign you should be looking for is whether you are creative or not as a person.

Creativity is very important if you want to be a software developer or get into computer science field because at the end of the day you are trying to create some application or website or any software program using your coding knowledge and

creativity will help you add unique elements like sounds visuals that attract users to use the application or website or software for longer period, and there will be many ways to create apps websites while coding but you should be willing to use your creativity and experiment different methods to find out which is the best.

Whether you are a game developer app developer full stack developer web developer machine learning expert software developer or any other creativity plays a key role because ultimately you are trying to create something so that people can use, interact and engage with your business and continue using it for long period meanwhile stand out from the competition.

Now the question is how do you know whether you are creative person or not, there are a few signs like you do a lot of day dreaming, You ask a lot of questions, You are observing your atmosphere and environment, You are open to criticism and feedback, you are willing to take any risk if you are believing in something, you chase your dreams, etc.


Another sign to look for is persistence and consistency.

Persistence and consistency is very important not just in computer science and coding but also in any career option.

Especially in coding when you are creating some project like website or application, You will firstly find out what is the requirement and idea then you will try to execute it using your code knowledge but during the process of coding you will face many bugs, and errors and problems.

This is where persistence and consistency of yours will be tested.

Unless you develop persistence and consistency, not just coding but any other career is not right for you, how do you know if your persistent, It is by looking at whether you are confident or not, what is your motivation behind doing something, Do you have any burning desire, do you have self discipline.

Teamwork & good in communication

Teamwork and communication skills are also very important signs to check if coding and computer science is right career for you.

As a matter of fact, every project you create whether it is an application or website, You will first have to discuss the ideas and brainstorming process with your team of developers before working on the code, apart from communicating the ideas you also need to give presentations to your boss and CEO after completion of the project so being shy and introvert is not good in computer science field.

And if you have good team working and communication skills then coding and computer science field can be a good option for you.

Interest in computers & technology

Another thing is very obvious that you need to have some interest in computer and technology if you want to get into this field.

Because in computer science and coding field you will be creating websites applications and software which are related to technology and you will be using many programming languages, tools and frameworks to help you and fact is technology, computers are always changing with better technology and innovations so you should keep yourself updated with changing technology.

For example, there are many programming languages created before C, C++ like forton, but now people use python, Java more instead of c & c++ because this languages are more advanced and high level languages and they have been created with changing technology, python & Java are object-oriented languages unlike c & c++ so

as technology changes new changes take place so you need to regularly update your skills and learn new languages just like how Python is slowly replacing other languages like C & C+ + similarly more languages will be developed in future replacing these languages like Java and python.

If you’re not interested and Lack curiosity in computer science and technology and you cannot adapt adjust to changes & update yourself frequently then coding and computer science is not right career for you.

Logical thinking & problem-solving skills

Logical thinking and problems solving skills are also very important if you want to get into computer science and coding field. Logical thinking allows you to see the sequence of steps that would lead to the solution. The actual coding begins only when you have explored the problem enough.

good logical thinking will help you understand the difference between what is a correct solution and what is not and also helps you find out root cause of any problem &  problem solving skills will help you identify the solution.

Problem solving skills are very important if you want to get into computer science field, many people believe that having the knowledge and mastery in many programming languages is enough even if you don’t have much problem solving skills but it is not the case,

You don’t need to practise all programming languages but have knowledge in only anyone like Python or Java and have good problem solving skills can get your job in any tech company.

Because you should know that programming languages are created for different purposes for example if you want to create a website you need Java on the other hand if you want to focus on machine learning and ai then Python is a language to consider.

Now the question comes is how do you know whether you are having good logical thinking and problems solving skills, It is just by observing yourself, if you take enough time to understand the problem if it is complex, you are patient enough,

You are willing to learn new information and gain new knowledge about it, You are doing research to find out information by googling it online, you take help of others on forums like stack overflow, you observe how others solve the problem on YouTube, etc.

Basically open-mindedness, ability to learn new things and accept feedback, criticism of others, and also being patient and sticking on the problem until you solve it, you are willing to put extra effort

 and time in solving the problem as compared to others, learning new information by doing research and interacting with other developers instead of giving up quickly whenever you feel there is a tricky & complex problem to solve are important signs to look for.

And sometimes when you are solving these problems you will have to work a lot of time beyond your normal working hours like 15 hours a day for at least a couple of days until you solve the problem because

you also have to complete the project before the deadline which is not always easy so you might sacrifice your sleep, parties, functions and friend gatherings etc to complete your project.

Instead of this if you try to quit the problem as soon as you feel it is something you cannot solve or complex problem, or it is taking too much time then you thought then

you might not have enough patience to solve complex problems which you will be facing a lot in your career so it is better you either grow your skills and get more patient or you choose other career apart from computer science and coding.

It is also a good sign if you also love to solve puzzles complex problems and challenges and you’re not afraid of it but you can identify patterns and solutions for the problems.

Organised & detail-oriented

Being organised and detailed oriented is another sign to check if you are interested in computer science & coding field.

Being organised means that you have a plan of what you do and how to achieve things and you think systematically which is very important in software development similarly detail oriented is that you have close attention on all minor details, have great deal of attention and concentration towards something, This is important especially if you are writing code for some project and identifying the errors.

To know if you are organized and detailed oriented you should look for whether you are punctual as a person, whether you have a daily routine and plan, to do list, are optimistic as a person, and you regularly cross check your work, you normally work following a method, SOP, You ask a lot of questions and you have a good memory, etc.

Being organised and detailed oriented are very important signs to check if you are good in computer science and coding.

You want to switch your career

Last thing is You want to switch your career into something different like technical from non-technical area.

The fact is you do not need a computer science degree from college to become a software developer and get a job because there are several boot camps and coding courses which are acting like a bridge for people who want to get programming knowledge and get a job without a college degree.

Some good reasons to switch your career are,

  • You want better job security
  • You want to become a freelancer
  • You want to start your own business online like web development agency
  • You want to get good salary
  • You want to get more exciting job and career
  • You want to grow your network and get into higher positions in the company
  • You want to have some positive impact in the society and world by using your creativity and experience

If you have any one of these reasons, then computer science can be a good career option As long as you are willing to work hard, You have all the signs I mentioned earlier like being creative, having logical thinking problem-solving skills, etc.

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With that said let’s end the article.


These are all the things you need to know on whether you are interested in computer science and coding or not.

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