Is Birmingham University worth it

In this article let’s take a look at all the pros and cons of studying in Birmingham University to understand whether it is good college for studying engineering computer science medicine and other courses.

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Is Birmingham University good for studying engineering and medicine

Birmingham University is definitely a very good place to study engineering and medicine and other courses like law, as a matter of fact it is one of the top 10 best universities of United Kingdom and also top 100 best universities of the world according to US news.

What’s amazing about this university is that it offers variety of courses, It consistently ranks as one of the best universities for studying engineering medicine surgery arts and social sciences and many more.

Now let’s take a look at all the pros and cons of studying in Birmingham University to understand really if it is worth it or not.

Why you should & should not study in Birmingham University (pros and cons of Birmingham University)

Why you should study in Birmingham University (advantages of Birmingham University)

  1. One of the main advantages is that the university offers a lot of courses for the students, to be in specific you can find 350 undergraduate and 600 post graduate courses, & PhD courses in the University, there are variety of education programs ranging from arts and science medicine engineering law social science, etc
  2. Another advantage is the history and reputation of the university, This University was founded back in 1900 and ranks one of the top 15 oldest universities of UK, what’s special is that this University is first of its kind in civic university and apart from the history, this university is 9th best of UK Universities according to us news, This university consistently ranks as one of the best for studying engineering arts medical science and law education in UK and Europe in general, and the university has collaborations and partnerships with many universities of countries like India China America Brazil Brussels, This is part of University 21 network and many more which show us that this is a global university, because of such high reputation the average salary of a student graduating from this university is around 50000 pounds whereas the average national salary of a graduate student is around 30000 UK pounds so you can clearly see the difference in terms of numbers
  3. Another advantage is the scholarships that you get from the University which is available for both national and international students, for national students of UK You can get bursaries, music scholarships sports scholarships and many more and if you are international student like if you are from commonwealth countries then you can get commonwealth scholarships, global master scholarship, most of the scholarships are available for postgraduate masters and PhD courses, and the scholarships are mostly merit based
  4. Another advantage is the alumni, famous people of the University include prime ministers of UK businessmen and entrepreneurs Nobel laureates comedians artists painters authors celebrities engineers lawyers athletes musicians journalists and many more, Maurice Wilkins, Elizabeth Henstridge, Michaela Coel, Tim curry, Mathew goode, etc are popular alumni, the University has over 500 different student clubs and societies which you can join to meet like minded people, and there are many sports events take place in the university which can help you grow your interpersonal skills get some scholarships and also make new friends and grow your network.
  5. Another advantage is the infrastructure and facilities that are present in the universities also great, Just like most other top universities you will also find similar facilities in this university like world class libraries, sports facilities, museums, collaborative teaching laboratory, research facilities and centres like Birmingham Institute for Forest Research, Institute of Translational Medicine, etc, there are other things like dining halls, residential areas, accommodation facilities like Chamberlain Hall, The Green Community, hospitals, etc
  6. Another advantage is the professors and faculty that are there, although the student faculty ratio is 20:1, yet it is true that approximately 43% of the classes have less than 20 students so like most other top universities, students have more time to spend with the professors improve the relationship, undergraduate and postgraduate students can participate in research activities along with their professors, there are 9000 staff members, students will be assigned a personal tutor who will help them during their education in the University, check more details of the University education method here
  7. Another advantage is that the university also offers lot of support for entrepreneurship, if you are a student then you can get a lot of training and education courses to start a startup and business, You can get mentorship, support, get initial funding to convert your idea into product, get internship opportunities, and more
  8. Another advantage is the location itself As you can understand by the name itself that this university is located in Birmingham city, Birmingham is second highly populous city in UK, and the place is also famous for the industrial revolution, home of Cadbury chocolate and custard factory, the city is actually very affordable to stay, there are many canals than Venice, this is youngest city in Europe with 40% of the population less than 25 years of age, there are lots of tourist places, lots of companies are present in the city like McDonald’s Amazon Accenture Apple Deloitte HSBC and many more, there is a station in the city which connects it with other major cities of UK like London and Manchester easily for transportation, there are lots of parks and canals in the location for you to chill out, and many more attractive places to visit to hang around

Now let’s take a look at that disadvantages and reasons not to study in the University of Birmingham.

Why you should not study in Birmingham University (disadvantages of Birmingham University)

  1. One of the main disadvantages is acceptance rate which is around 15% and it is very difficult and tough to get admission into.
  2. Another disadvantage is the expense of the college, It will cost you around £20,000 to study undergraduate education from 2022 to 2023 and 21000 pounds for postgraduate education, the fee is higher for international students compared to domestic and most importantly majority of scholarships are merit based and mostly available for postgraduate and master’s education not for undergraduate.

These are all the pros and cons of studying in Birmingham University with that said let’s conclude the article.


These are all the things you need to know about studying in Birmingham University.

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