Is dropping a year for IIT JEE worth it in 2023?

In this article lets take a look at whether you should drop a year or not for the preparation by looking at pros and cons of dropping a year for preparing for the exams like JEE, Neet and Gate exam.

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So without further ado lets dive right in.

Why do students think of dropping a year?

  1. Students think of dropping here if they did not achieve the marks the thought of, the percentage and they did not eventually get the rank and college they dreamt of for example in jee, most students dream of studying in IIT but many fail because of competition and reservations etc factors so this is one of the main reasons for thinking of dropping a year.
  2. Another reason is going unemployment rate in India, like there are many studies & reports which show that 80% of the engineers in India are unemployed and also a large percentage of doctors are unemployed, and studying MBBS in India is highly expensive in private colleges so all these factors make students to drop a year and try to target IIT or AIIMS colleges which are best for engineering and medical education as they will guarantee you the employment and high salary packages in affordable college fees.
  3. Another reason was that the student was not preparing so hard like their colleagues and friends because of some health or family issues, so you might have not secure any rank and not even pass the exam like JEE, neet, gate or what ever it is, and because your dream is a lot more stronger to become engineer or doctor, many students think of dropping a year to give them a second chance to achieve their dream and become successful, like prove themselves what they are capable of to the society and family.

These are some major reasons why a large percentage of the students think of dropping a year so that they can have more time to prepare harder for the exam and achieve their dream college and university and thus dream job and life.

Now let’s take a look at whether dropping a year is a good idea and worth it or not by looking at all the advantages and disadvantages of it.

Is dropping a year a good idea and worth it

I hate to say this but the answer is it depends, there is no yes or no answer to this question because it is really subjective one and depends upon the individual.

I know personally there are many of my friends who have dropped a year for jee preparation after failing in the advance exam, and majority of them have lost the motivation of studying in the middle of the preparation, there was a lot of mental pressure from the family and society, they went depressed and eventually got admission in average engineering colleges similarly I know a few stories where students have dropped a year after failing in gate or jee and they have worked on there preparation got a strong planning and executed properly and eventually achieved their dream of iit college.

So, the point is, It totally depends upon you, You should have a strong understanding and self-awareness of your strengths and weaknesses before you take such a big decision of your life of dropping a year.

But I would like to help you a little bit more with your decision by helping you out on what type of questions you should ask yourself before deciding whether you should drop a your or not.

7 Questions You should ask yourself to decide if you should drop a year or not

  1. Do you really have the passion and interest of doing engineering or doctor or MBA, Do you really have the burning desire, strong will power and goal to achieve your dream or you’re just dropping a year because your friends are also doing it without having a proper reason in mind?
  2. Can you motivate yourself during the tough times, Do you need some external motivation all the time?
  3. Do you have strong planning and execution skills, consistency, self discipline and perseverance, can you stay away from distractions like social media, tv and do you have good concentration skills?
  4. What was your rank and cutoff marks in the previous exam, Do you have any other opportunities to get into good college or all the opportunities and doors are closed?
  5. What are your family conditions like do you have any responsibilities to take care of?
  6. Do you have the support and good guidance from your family and colleagues?
  7. Are you willing to study in foreign universities can you get a chance for it if you did not secure a good college in India for engineering or medical like majority of the students after Neet, try to study in foreign countries like Ukraine and Russia because the cost of education is very affordable compared to India and the education is also one of the best, so Do you like to study in foreign countries, can you afford it and are you willing to do it?

depending upon the answers to all these questions you should decide yourself whether you should drop a year or not because the situation of everybody will be different from each other and there is no yes or no answer to this question as it is very subjective thing because at the end of the day you are the person who is going to prepare and work hard in the time so it is up to you to take the final call.

I hope this will help you understand and decide whether you should drop a year or not but before that, to make your journey a lot more easier let’s take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of dropping a year for both Jee, Neet, Gate exam.

Advantages and disadvantages of dropping a year for exams like JEE, NEET GATE & CAT

Advantages of dropping a year

  1. One of the main advantages of dropping a year is that you will have more time to do preparation for the exam, cracking the neet gate or any other entrance exam was much easier a couple of years ago but now since the competition has grown so much it requires a lot of hard work planning and right mindset which you can get by having sufficient time for the preparation.
  2. Another advantage is that you can get a second chance to achieve your dream college from the entrance exam, You can find new learning methods and techniques to improve your productivity while studying, solidify your concepts, revise the previous year question papers, You can work on problem solving skills, time management agility critical thinking and other important skills which will help you to perform well in the final exam and all the skills that you learn today during preparation can help you in the rest of your life and more importantly you will develop the habit of hard working which will be highly useful rest of your life.
  3. Third advantage is that you can get a chance to make new friends and colleagues by joining any coaching centre or just from online coaching services and you can participate in group learning, You can learn new things from your friends since you have a lot of time for the preparation, You can get new ideas, improve your communication networking and other interpersonal skills, You can also enjoy your life apart from studies which will reduce your mental pressure and you can make lifetime friends which is amazing.

These are all the advantages of dropping a year.

Disadvantages of dropping a year

  1. One of the main disadvantages is that you will lose the opportunity cost of dropping a year for example if you drop a year for the gate exam then obviously the gate exam is the entrance exam for post graduate education for engineers and degree students and in that case, You will lose 1 year of time which you could instead find and get a job, get some salary make some money grow your network in the office, get promotions in the job, similarly if you drop a year for neet exam then the time it takes to become a doctor is quite a lot and it increases 1 year more.
  2. Another disadvantage is that just dropping a year for the exam preparation does not necessarily guarantee the results and passing the exam, securing the rank because the competition is also equally growing every year as more students are preparing for the exam like gate or neet, because the student population in India is huge, inflation is growing, and so does the education fees, coaching fees, cut off marks is also growing every year, there are external factors which will decide your rank in the entrance exam like JEE NEET which are caste reservations and state quota etc because of this it creates a lot of self-doubt and you might also regret your decision of dropping a year sometimes, You can also get into depression but you need to have that self-motivation and a strong reason to succeed in the tough times.
  3. Another disadvantage is that you will have a lot of mental pressure and frustration of studies because you will be studying for a long time, It requires a lot of dedication and focus, You cannot afford any distractions at this point, most of the time you will be alone doing revision, It will make you lonely as most of your college friends are doing their undergraduate education.
  4. Another disadvantage is that you will have a lot of mental pressure to succeed from your family and society as well like for example if you invest in getting coaching service for neet, gate or jee for the preparation in the drop year then obviously it will be more expensive, and it can cause financial burden on your family, and thus you can get a lot of family and society pressures to succeed which can disturb you mentally during prep.

With that said lets end the article.


These are all the things you need to know about dropping a year for Jee, Neet and gate exam.

Do comment down what are your thoughts about dropping a year for the exam in the comments section below.

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