Is MTech worth it from IIT/NIT? Benefits & drawbacks

In this article let’s take a look at whether studying Mtech after Btech is a good choice and worth it especially from colleges like IIT and NIT.

I will let you know all the benefits and drawbacks of studying Mtech in detail in this article.

So if you are confused regarding whether you should prepare for placement or choose Mtech in your under graduation, you don’t need to worry about it anymore.

So let’s jump right in.

Benefits of Mtech:

Get into research field

One of the main benefits of studying Mtech is that because you will be studying further Education,

you can get into many different fields like for example you can become a research scientist in your field and you can also get PhD degree.

It will be a good option if you want to study and specialise in specific subjects through Mtech.

Become a teacher or college professors

Another benefit of studying Mtech is that you can get a job of professor and teachers in colleges and universities.

Many colleges and universities now require mtech degree or even PhD sometimes to become a teacher or professor in colleges like IIT.

More jobs and Better salary

Another benefit of studying Mtech is that you can get more job opportunities and better salary packages from companies compared to just having b tech degree.

For example if you have taken your Mtech degree from computer science branch then, you can choose many job opportunities like,

  • Data Processing Departmental Manager
  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Operator
  • Computer Software
  • Software Architect
  • Software Developer
  • Software programmer
  • Data scientist
  • Machine learning engineering
  • Hardware Designer
  • Healthcare Software

This is one of the main reason majority of the students choose Mtech because instead of settling for a low paying job in BTech placement

they go for higher studies and can have better chances of placed in top companies by risking the money they would earn & job opportunities they get in the next two years by getting a job.

Apart from that there are many companies both National and international which recruit the Mtech graduate students such as Microsoft, IBM, Google, Facebook, Adobe, PayPal, TCS, Infosys, Cognizant etc.

The average annual salary of an M. Tech graduate in the computer science branch starts from INR 3,90,000 to 6,00,000.

Similarly you can also pursue Mtech degree in other engineering branches as well.

Because of this you can find more than 75000 + open jobs to apply if you have got Mtech degree in computer science branch on website.

Get a Seat in IIT college

Another good benefit of choosing Mtech is that you can get a seat in IIT colleges of India.

In order to get the seat in IIT college or NIT and other top engineering colleges in India you need to attend GATE exam and clear it.

And if you get a seat in IIT colleges you can get many benefits along while you get your M tech degree like

  • You can get high salary and job in many multinational companies
  • You can get amazing professor and great infrastructure like world class laboratory, computer labs and Wi-Fi facilities, games contests, top hostels, grounds and many more.
  • Along with that you can also meet new people and increase your network and gain new experience and exposure.

You can learn more about the pros and cons of getting a seat in IIT colleges in detail here.

Get stipend

Another big benefit of studying Mtech is that if you clear GATE exam.

AICTE will provide the stipends to all the students who get admission into any college through GATE exam and which is approved by AICTE, stipend amount will be 12400 per month and you will receive this money for 24 months or for as long as you complete your post graduate education on top of that you will also receive 20000 rupees annually as a grant,

This can help you alot financially during your studies by paying the fees for exams and purchasing books and also pay the fees of college during your studies.

So if you are tight on your budget but if you want to study Mtech then you should probably choose to clear gate exam

which is an entrance exam for getting admission into the top engineering colleges for post graduation in engineering and other subjects in india.

Get a govt job through GATE

Another big advantage of studying Mtech is that you can get a job in public sector undertaking companies like BDL, NTPC, PGCIL, HAL, midhani, Hindustan aeronautics limited, Bhabha atomic research centre, BSNL, etc.

These are basically government owned companies which are also called as PSU companies and if you clear the GATE exam you can get a chance to work in this government companies and

you can obviously get a government job and many other benefits along with it like health insurance, housing facility, paid leaves, retirement benefits, promotions and incentives, and stability of job.

So if all you want is a government job of any kind then you can consider mtech through gate exam.

But let me tell you that you can also get admission to these PSU companies by writing their own admission exams apart from GATE exam but the competition to those is higher.

These are all the major advantages I can think off  if you want to pursue your Mtech degree.

 Drawbacks of Mtech degree:

Prolonged studies

One of the main disadvantages of Mtech degree is that you have to study for additional 2 years apart from your 4 years degree from engineering undergraduation.

This can be a problem because a lot of students might have to take care of the family and get financial responsibilities so it can be hard for them to spend another two years on studies and keeping their job aside.

College expenses

Another disadvantage of studying Mtech is that you have more expenses & spend more money on your studies.

This can be a disadvantage because a lot of students take their under graduation BTech degree with the student loan and because the interest of the loan is constantly growing,

they already have a lot of pressure to pay back the loan and cannot afford further expenses in the education and they will be looking for the return of investment from their studies fast.

As a matter of fact the average College fees of Mtech colleges for engineering of any branch is 1-2 lakh rupees per annum and

you need to add other things such as fees of books, hostel fees, assignments and projects, etc.

This can further increase the expenses for the students and majority of the students drop Mtech and prepare for placement due to the costs involved with it.

Even though you will be getting stipend and scholarship from the government but it is only applicable to students who have passed the GATE exam and

while we have mentioned the GATE exam a lot of times in this article is very important to know that it is highly competitive exam, the success ratio is around 17% which is very tough.

Competition is immense

This is another big disadvantage when it comes to studying mtech after engineering.

As per the latest data, total of 17.8% candidates qualified in GATE 2021 and 18% in last year so there has been a lower percent this year.

As you can see the success ratio is only 17% and lakhs of students apply for the GATE exam from almost all engineering branches students but

only a few thousand get selected and get a seat in IIT colleges and you should keep in mind that there are caste reservation as well.

And if you can’t clear the GATE exam you can not get the benefits like, chance of job in PSU sector, stipend, seat in top engineering colleges in India, etc.

And you should keep in mind that gate exam is not compulsory if you want to study Mtech in india but you can get majority of the benefits of studying Mtech through GATE exam only.

These are all the benefits and drawbacks of studying Mtech.

Is MTech after Btech worth it?

After learning all the benefits and drawbacks I still believe that Mtech is definitely worth it.

You should consider Mtech after Btech only if,

  • You want to go for higher studies and specialise in specific subjects
  • You want to get a seat in top engineering colleges like IIT
  • You want to get into research field and become a scientist
  • You want higher job opportunities and more salary
  • You can afford higher studies and spend more 2 years in education

In all these cases studying Mtech is a good career option and worth it.

With that said let’s conclude the blog.


These are all the things you need to know about studying Mtech after btech.

Do let me know your thoughts about Mtech education in the comment section below.

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