15 reasons app development is a good career & worth it

In this blog let’s take a look at 15 key reasons why  app development is a good career option in detail.

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You should know that all of the reasons I mentioned in this article are backed by statistics and solid data so you can rely on my information as it is trustworthy to decide if you want to choose app development as a career or not.

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15 reasons Why app development is a good career?

High demand

One of the most important reasons why app development is a good career is because it has a high demand.

Let me give you some interesting statistics about apps usage by the people.

  • Mobile App Downloads Up by 23.3% Since the COVID-19 Pandemic and the mobile app downloads is expected to grow by 45%, 9 billion apps and games were downloaded in 2020, 56.1 billion of those downloads were games, 86.7 billion were apps, google Play was responsible for 108.5 billion downloads in 2020, iOS had 34.4 billion downloads
  • there will be roughly 7 billion mobile users worldwide by 2021
  • 21% of Millennials open an app 50+ times per day.
  • 49% of people open an app 11+ times each day
  • Mobile apps are expected to generate over $935 billion in revenue by 2023.
  • On average people spend over 3 hours of time on mobile phone everyday and 92 percent of time spent on mobile is spent using apps, social networking and communication apps taking up 44 percent.
  • Americans spent eight percent more time on mobile than watching live TV each day.

All of these statistics show that more people are using mobile phones nowadays, at the same time many large companies are trying to invest their money in creating an application for their business

so that users can download and use it on the phone so that they can keep on interacting with the brand and purchase the product in future because

more people are making online purchases using the smartphone and especially after covid Amazon has seen a record high growth in online sales.

And because of this the app development as a career option is very good because it has a high demand as more people are using apps for various Reasons more than ever.

Because of this reason businesses are also investing money in advertising on various applications to promote the product and service and because of that In 2020 mobile ad spend hit $240 billion.

According to bls, Employment of software developers is projected to grow 22 percent from 2020 to 2030.

Because of this reason you can find more than 25000 jobs to apply for app developers on websites like naukri.com and more than 7000 plus stops to apply for app developers on Indeed website.

High paying job

This one is related with demand and because the demand of app developers is high it is no surprise that app development is also a high paying career option.

According to Glassdoor the average salary of app developer in India is around 700000 rupees per annum.

The average salary for a application developer is $80,025 per year in the United States and $4,325 cash bonus per year

You should keep in mind the word average and there are many app developers who earn lacs of rupees every month and

there are app developers who struggle to make even a few thousand rupees every month as your earning and salary will depend upon your experience, skills and portfolio.

Work for MNCs

Another big benefit of working as an app developer is that you will get a chance to work in many multinational companies.

Some popular companies which hire app developers are Apple Accenture IBM Microsoft Tata consultancy services intellectsoft Orange soft geeky ants Cisco Facebook Google Salesforce Deloitte and many more

Because you can work for many national and multinational companies as app developer, you can get many benefits like, get new exposure, experience,

gain new skills and meet new people, get many work & office perks, get health benefits and paid leaves, grow your network and career in future.

Start a business

Another good reason why you should choose app development as a career is that you can get a chance to start your own business and technology startup.

Once you’ve learned the skills that a mobile app developer needs, you have the freedom to be as creative as you want and execute it the way you want at the same time you can also start your own app developing business.

For example you can create any gaming application or any other study application or entertainment and social networking application and charge money whenever if people want to install and use that app like license fees.

You can click here to learn about all the different types of applications you can create as products and start your own business of app development and make money.

Large device market share

Another good reason why you should choose app development is because it has a large device market share and

the fact is that applications are not just used in mobile phones but also in other devices like smart refrigerators and smart watches & smart television, etc

Android has been the best-selling mobile operating system which has more than 2.8 billion active users in 190 different countries and has 75% of the market share worldwide in the last decade.

However, it is not just a smartphone OS anymore. It powers many other things, like Android Wear, e-Readers, Google Glass, and Android TV.

For all of these devices, the development fundamentals are pretty much the same as they all are powered by Android.

Because of this reason many businesses are increasing their interest and investment towards app development for their business.

Future proof

Another important reason why you should choose app development as a career is because it is future proof and also has a bright future and it cannot get replaced by artificial intelligence.

You should know that approximately 85 million jobs which humans currently do will get replaced in 2030 by artificial intelligence including jobs like car driving accounting proofreading bookkeeping and data entry delivery people soldiers receptionist and security guards, etc

But when it comes to app development and programming in general artificial intelligence cannot replace humans but various AI tools can help programmers and Developers job easier by automating certain repetitive tasks.

Open source & free to create apps

You should also know that Android is the largest operating system which has 70% of the market share and the best thing about it is that it is an open-source platform which means that you can start creating an app for free of cost.

Andriod is a Linux-based operating system and all the source code of apps you write is available for free to see any changes made to source code can be seen in public because it is an open-source OS. You can even edit & extend the source code and practice your development skills to build feature-rich apps.

This can give you a lot of freedom to develop whatever app you want without worrying about restrictions.

Easy to get started

Because Android is the largest operating system in the mobile phone market so it is very easy to get started as a developer and start creating apps because Android is an open-source software compared to iOS of Apple which is the proprietary operating system.

To build an Android app, all you need to do is register yourself as a developer, create your APK (Android Package Kit), and submit it to the Android mobile application development platform.

This process is much simpler than the IOS platform. do you know why? It is Because the process of getting approval from Apple is much more complex and involves many steps.

Typically, three days is the standard time for a mobile app to be reviewed and approved on Play Store, and on the App store most apps get reviewed, approved within 48 hours, and your App can get rejected if it does not follow all the terms and conditions because it is not open-source software.

The reason I am mentioning only Android and Apple operating systems even though there are many in the market is that Android has 70% of the market share and IOS has 28%.

Work flexibility

Another good reason to choose app development as a career is because it can offers a lot of work flexibility which means that you can work from anywhere in the world all you need is an Internet connection and computer access.

This is under appreciated advantage which programmers and Developers have compared to other professions but it is very useful because you can save a lot of time travelling from office to home and you can spend the time with your family and friends.

Many online courses to learn & earn

Another advantage of app development as a career is that you can find many online courses in order to get started and learn app development.

Honestly speaking you do not need any College degree and qualifications in order to start working as an app developer and programmer in general all you need is right skills and experience and

you can gain the skills and experience by taking many online courses for cheaper and affordable prices and you can save a lot of money instead of spending on college fees.

And the fact is that many popular tech companies like apple, IBM and Google are now recruiting students based upon the skills and experience irrespective whether they have the College degree or not.

After you learn app development you can start earning money as a freelancer.

And the fact is that many top tech companies like Google have more freelancers working than permanent employees and also that freelancers are Currently contributing over $1.4 trillion to the U.S. economy, and majority of the workforce of the United States will become freelancers in 2027.

According to pay scale the average salary of a freelance Android app developer is around 90000 US Dollars per annum

Freelance mobile app developers will charge $61-80/hr, and the number varies depending on background, location, and the requirements of your mobile app.

Easy to learn app development

Because Android is the largest operating system in mobile phones at present with 70% of the market share and majority of people like to become Android app developers and to be honest it is not very hard to become Android developer.

First of all you can easily learn app development on both Android and IOS by taking courses on udemy and Coursera and

It is also easy to learn app development as having knowledge of Core Java along with the ability to analyze problems and think logically can shine in the industry.

Java is considered to be one of the best languages you can use for android app development, many popular apps like Spotify Opera mini and signal,

etc you use on Google Play are actually built on Java and Java was the official language for Android app development but later replaced by kotlin.

Java is also the language which is highly supported by Google and the fact is that Java is also one of the most easiest programming languages you can learn for beginners because

it has many popular features like object oriented programming, high level language and platform independent, etc.

You can learn more about why becoming a java full stack developer is better for the future by clicking here.

Large community

Another interesting benefit of app development is that you have large community of developers.

According to a survey of stackoverflow 20% of all US developers are app developers.

In 2019, the most recent estimates put the number of app developers at 26.4 million globally, of which around 6 develop solely for Android, and 2.8 million focus on iOS.

Of course I agree that competition is also high in app development but apart from the competition the main benefit is that because Android is an open source software you can have a large community and on various groups and forums like GitHub and stack overflow,

you can easily get your doubts and queries solved can you can also stop yourself from doing common mistakes and also improve your network and get new clients if you are a freelancer through word of mouth marketing.

And the fact is that according to the latest survey of stackoverflow more than 30% of the people learn app development and programming in general through forums and interacting with other developers and getting their problems solved.

Wide career

Another interesting thing is that you can have wide job opportunities after you become app developer like Mobile Architect, Mobile Application Developer, Android Developer, iOS developer, Android Engineer, and Mobile Embedded Software Engineer, software developer, etc.

Because of such wide career the main benefit is that you can choose any one depending upon your interest and skill and build a career in that profession and you can easily switch between different career options in future as well.

Job satisfaction

Another benefit of app development is that it can give you a lot of job satisfaction and happiness because whatever the app that you create using your creativity and problem-solving skills can help add value in millions of lives of people.

According to CNN money mobile app developer is the best job in America and app developers rate 3.5 out of 5 stars in terms of happiness and satisfaction in the job.

Exciting career

And the last main advantage of app development is that it is an exciting career.

It cannot be a boring job for you because app development is constantly changing with new technology in phones.

And in order to succeed as app developer and any developer in general you need to invent yourself because it has a lot of competition at the same time the industry is also changing due to technology and user behaviour and new programming languages are getting invented every year.

For example Java was the official language of Android development but now kotlin is the official language for Android.

This is just one example of how the industry changes every year because of this it can no longer be a boring profession for you rather it can be very exciting and challenging one and if you love challenges then there is nothing better than app development as a career.

With that said let’s end the article.


These are all the important things you need to know about app development and why it is a good career.

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