10 top career options for MEC & commerce students in 2022

In this article let’s take a look at some best courses and career options you can choose for MEC & commerce students.

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Career options for MEC students

Charted accountant (CA)

Charted accountant or CA is one of the best career options you can choose for MEC and Commerce students.

You can have many benefits by becoming a chartered accountant like you can have a high-paying job and stable career, and you can climb higher in the corporate world.

The primary job of a chartered accountant is handle the financial accounts and manage taxes of various businesses properly, Indian Institute of chartered accountants (ICAI) is the body which gives the licence to work as a CA in India After clearing the series of exams.

In order to become a chartered accountant you have to take BCom in your under graduation after you complete your 12th and

you need to write and clear the CPT exam and take articleship training for 3 years and you need to become a member of the ICAI committee by clearing the exam to start working as chartered accountant in India.

On average chartered accountant in India can earn anywhere between 7 to 8 lakh rupees per annum and even the demand and future of Chartered Accountant is continued to grow because

more business are getting started every year in our country and every business needs a chartered accountant to manage their finances and accounts properly.

You can learn more about the pros and cons of Chartered accountant to decide whether it is a good career option or not by clicking here.

Investment banker

Investment banker is another Good career option you can choose after your 12th Mec and Commerce students.

The basic responsibility of our investment banker is to provide financial related advices to various companies and businesses so that they can use their money properly and also reach some of the goals of finances

Investment bankers in India earn around 10 lakh rupees per annum on average.

In order to become investment banker you need to have MBA degree in Finance specialisation after your undergraduation.

Company secretary

The CS or Company Secretary course is under the administration of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India(ICSI).

Students with an inclination towards theoretical courses in Law choose this course for a career option. It is one of the best courses after 12th commerce.

The basic role of a company secretary is to look after the administration of any company, make sure all the requirements of government are met and all the decisions taken by the board of directors are properly implemented on the ground.

The average salary of a company secretary is round 7 lakh rupees per annum and it will depend upon your experience and the company where you are working as secretary.

BCOM computers

In Bcom computers you learn various things related to computer applications which will be helpful in banking & commerce sector, study things like information technology accounting management business statistics, After that you can get various job opportunities like work in various banks, IT analyst business analyst marketing manager,

Depending upon the job you have got and company which hired you, the salary will depend and you can earn anywhere between 5 to 10 lakh rupees per annum and

it can be more if you have a government job in a public sector bank or you can make more money if you become a programmer and get into Information Technology field.


Bachelor of laws is another good degree you can choose after 12th MEC & commerce students.

You can choose to become lawyer or even judge with this degree.

You should know that there are many benefits of being a lawyer first of all, lawyers are highly paid professions, they have a bright future and high demand and

you can get variety of career options like you can become criminal lawyer, corporate lawyer, private lawyer, government lawyer and family lawyer and many more options

In India, salary law firms offers range from Rs 25-30 lakh to Rs 150-200 lakh per annum which is one of the highest paying jobs in india.

Even for lawyers who have just graduated from college, there is a wide potential range from between Rs 5-10 lakh per year to Rs 18-20 lakh per year.

You can learn more about the pros and cons of being a lawyer in detail by clicking here.

Bachelor of computer application

BCA or Bachelor of Computer Application is another Good career option you can choose for commerce students

Even though in this degree you will not learn anything related to commerce and accounts but this can be a option that you can switch to after your 12th MEC.

In this degree course you learn various things like programming languages database and management data structures and algorithms web development object oriented programming and many more useful stuff, and after learning all

these important skills and knowledge you can get into various fields like cybersecurity web development app development, machine learning, software engineering and any other thing depending upon your interest.

Students will not have much experience can earn around 2.5 lakh rupees every year and as your experience grows so does your salary with average of 4 lakh rupees per annum and CD level professionals make 12 lakh rupees per annum.

You can learn more about whether coding and programming is a good career option or not by looking at pros and cons in detail by clicking here


Bachelor of Business Administration is another good degree you can choose after your 12th MEC.

This is a three years long degree and in this degree you will learn about all the basics and important things you need to know

in order to start run and manage any business and  as you can learn from the definition of the course.

After you complete your BBA its ideal that you should do MBA even without MBA you can get jobs like you can become financial assistant and financial advisor,

you can get into management sector and become HR, Research and development manager and also get into other sectors like marketing, sales executive, real estate business and many more options.

The average salary of BBA graduate is anywhere between 3 to 7 lakh rupees per annum and the salary will depend upon which job option you have got because

you can get wide variety of jobs and your salary will highly depends upon which company hired you and from which college you have graduated.

Bachelor of management studies & Bachelor of Business Studies are two similar courses you can choose which are good alternative to Bachelor of Business Administration and you can get job in Similar sector and you can also earn similar salaries.

Bachelor of arts

Bachelor of arts is another good degree you can choose after you complete your 12th for Commerce students.

In this degree you can specialise in any subject like,

  • BA in economics
  • BA in mathematics
  • BA in physics
  • BA in psychology
  • BA in sociology
  • BA In English literature
  • BA in fine arts, etc

You can choose any one specific subject depending upon your interest and skill and you can become expert in it and you can get many other job opportunities for example

you can become a teacher and Professor at the same time you can also crack government exams like UPSC and become IAS and IPS officer and you can also get job in other government exams like SSC CGL and state level service exams.

You can also go for further studies like master of arts in the specific subject and get a PhD degree for example you can get master of Arts degree in psychology and

become psychologist for children at the same time you can also start your own clinic can help people fight and solve their mental issues like anxiety and depression.

There is no exact amount you can get from bachelor of arts degree, your total salary will depend upon which subject you have specialised from and your total experience and knowledge in the subject.

Bachelor of journalism/journalism and mass communication

Bachelor of journalism and journalism and mass communication is also a good degree options you can choose after your 12th for Commerce students.

This degree is different from the other degrees you can get which teach you subjects of finance and economics and

account as a Commerce student but in this degree you will learn things like journalism, reporting and news coverage and

If you are interested in becoming a journalist or writer and news reporter that can be a good option for you.

This is a three years long degree course and after completing this course you can get a job in popular media houses and news channels to work on both online and print media departments.

The average salary of a journalist in India is 4 lakh rupees per annum and salary will increase depending upon which job you have and your experience, etc

Bsc fashion design/interior design

You can also choose BSc fashion design and interior design as a career option after your 12th MEC for Commerce students.

Bachelors of science in fashion design is also a very good course which is 3 years long undergraduate degree where you will be learning different things related to fashion design and other fashion items like garments footwear interior design of buildings, private houses and apartments.

The average starting salary in this career is anywhere between 5 to 10 lakh rupees per annum.

With that said let’s end the article.


These are all the career options for MEC & commerce students.

Do let me know what are your thoughts about the best career options for MEC and Commerce students in the comment section below.

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