Is fashion design in demand, good career?

In this article let’s take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of fashion designing as a career to understand whether it is a good career & in demand or a stressful job.

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Is fashion designing in demand, a good career & worth it?

Yes, fashion designing is definitely in demand and the global market size of fashion industry is more than 1.5 trillion dollars so it is a huge market, there is a lot of demand for fashion products, and you can start your own business in fashion industry as long as you have creativity and passion towards it.

There are definitely some disadvantages too like competition and workload, etc.

Now let’s take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of fashion designing.

Pros and cons of fashion designing

Pros of fashion designing

Start a business using your creativity

One of the main advantages is that you can start your own business by learning fashion designing.

If you have good experience designing fashion materials, and you are a creative person then you can come up with amazing fashion ideas and you can start your own business and make it successful as a matter of fact hundreds and thousands of new companies start up in fashion industry every day worldwide.

But just like starting any other business you also have to work hard a lot and use your creativity to stand out from the competition if you want to start your own fashion business but fashion designing is a very creative job and come up with new ideas and out of box thinking while designing things like clothes and shoes.

As a fashion designer you must have a good sense of colours patterns and texture of the cloths and you should also design amazing clothes using your creativity to attract people to buy your product.

High demand

Another advantage is that fashion designing is everyday high demanded industry.

It is because the job of a fashion designer is to creates clothing, including dresses, suits, pants, and skirts, and accessories like shoes and handbags, for consumers.

And many people worldwide are very concerned with their look and dressing style, the kind of clothes and dresses you wear says a lot of things about you and wearing good clothes can also give you a lot of confidence and respect when you are meeting someone or getting an interview for a job or going to a party and

you are dressing style also impacts your first impressions to other people, for example if you are going to a date to some girl or going for a job interview most people in the first instance will look at your shoes along with your dressing style and hair and create an impression about you so the point is that for many people dressing style is very important in their public life.

So fashion designing is a highly demanded skill, as a matter of fact, the global apparel market size is going to grow from 550 billion dollars to 608 billion dollars from 2021 to 2022, the growth rate is around 9%.


Good salary

Another advantage is that fashion designers also have high salary.

According to US news, fashion designers make around $75,000 on average and top fashion designers make more than $100000 per annum which is really good money if you compare it with other jobs.

Fashion designers get high salaries because they are very much responsible for the success or failure of the product because they design the product and they make sure that the product looks & feels good so that people can get attracted to purchase the products and because fashion designers are

extremely important for the success & sales of the dress they are highly paid individuals, and after you get good reputation, You can start designing many costumes for celebrities and business people and get huge paychecks.

But Just like other careers, when you are just starting out like you start your own business then you might not see some significant growth in the initial years because you don’t have many customers and

good brand similarly if you become a freelancer or become an employee you might not get huge salary because of not having good experience and knowledge, so initially you might struggle a little bit.

Work indoors

Another advantage is that fashion designers can also work indoors in front of computer using various graphic design tools to create amazing designs and also they can work in teams and collaborate with other designers exchange ideas and work in a team.

While the manufacturing team will take care of the manufacturing of the product, fashion designer is responsible for designing beautiful clothes and materials so you can work indoors both in front of computer and with other designers, and you will not be working under hot sun and rain outside.

Develop good following and network

Another advantage is that you can develop a good following and also build a strong network with fashion designing.

As a fashion designer you would meet new people and lines everyday because everybody wants to create good dresses for themselves because as I mentioned earlier that what you wear impacts your life a lot in terms of new job opportunities and improving the relationships, and

if you are a well known reputable designer then you can get a chance to work for rich people and celebrities and also for businessmen so you can get good following online on social media platforms by posting your designs because fashion is a big trend and industry and you also are able to build new connections with amazing people worldwide.

For example there are top fashion designers like Manish Malhotra, Rohit bal, etc in india who have a lot of social media following and respect.

Travel new places

Another advantage is that you can get a lot of opportunity to travel to new places as a fashion designer.

Because you should know that dressing style and clothing will depend upon the location of the place, for example in South India like in the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala people like to wear Lungis alot more than other state because lungis give them more comfort similarly in other places people would like to wear certain set of clothes and dresses as compared to others and

you will find this common things in almost any place you visit because the dressing style of the people will be depend upon the culture temperature and climate of the environment of the place. So if you want to promote your clothes and fashion designs in certain area then you

have to visit various places and understand the dressing style of the people in that place so that you can create fashion design in that particular place that resonates with the people of the place and establish your business.

And designers also travel new places to showcase their designs and participate in fashion design shows, meet new clients.

And fashion is an evergreen industry & you will get job anywhere in any part of the world.

I hope you have understood my point.

Do what you love & job satisfaction

Another advantage is that you can do what you love and you can also get a lot of job satisfaction by fashion designing.

For most of the fashion designers I know, they don’t take their work as anything burden, most fashion designers have the passion towards their profession, they look at their job as the opportunity to express their ideas and thoughts, they enjoy what they do, and they also get a lot of job satisfaction.

And if you think about it fashion design is a career option where you are able to create something new by yourself using your creativity and

if something goes popular like any fashion design you created then people will definitely appreciate and recognise you in your company, and when you get appreciation of your work automatically you will start feeling happy at what you are doing and because of this fashion designers have high job satisfaction.

And at the end of the day, whatever the job you are doing, You should not feel bored rather be excited and love what you are doing because happiness is what everyone seeks and as a fashion designer using your creativity and ideas,

basically you will be the trendsetter in the fashion industry, and thousands of people will enjoy your fashion and buy your product which can give you a lot of happiness because you are able to impact so many people with your work.

Future proof career

Another advantage is that fashion designing is a future proof career.

Like artificial intelligence will be replacing millions of jobs in future but it may not likely replace designing job whether it is graphic design fashion design or interior design, etc because in these types of designs creativity and empathy plays a huge role along with having a strong understanding of the human psychology which robots cannot have.

Even though fashion designers can use many AI tools to create amazing designs but it is very unlikely that robots can replace designers in future.

These are all the advantages Now let’s see the disadvantages.

Cons of fashion designing


One of the main disadvantages is the competition in the fashion designing space.

You not only get competition from newcomers but also from the existing brands and companies in the market, there are many top fashion brands that already do things similar to what you would sell with your business and these brands will be having huge budgets for marketing,

high brand value and also a lot of market share so it will be tough for you to compete with them, for example if you want to sell shoes whether it is of sports or party wear or casual shoes whichever it is, even if you niche down your target market size, You will still face stiff competition from brands like Nike Adidas, Puma, Bata, etc.

It is because as I mentioned earlier that fashion is a very lucrative industry, most of the top fashion brands are multi-billion dollar businesses and the total fashion industry market size is around 1.5 trillion US dollars so because it is profitable it is also competitive, wherever there is profit and money to be made there will be some competition for sure.

Stress and work load

Stress and workload is another big disadvantage when it comes to being a fashion designer.

This becomes even bigger if you want to start your own business in fashion industry, most fashion designers work more than 40 hours every week.

A normal working pattern of a fashion designer involves getting the ideas and requirement of the client and working upon the design of the material and designing the material on the computer, brainstorming new ideas for the design,

doing the market research and understanding the audience pain points needs and wants, getting the required material for the product and overseeing the production, and they need to complete this tasks before the deadline which increases the stress and workload.

You can also have a lot of mental pressure like if you mess up things with the design of the product then after some time because there will be huge money spent in the production of the product and

the business can get into losses just because of your silly mistakes in the design so it is highly recommended that you test the prototype and get some customer feedback first before going with a full production with the design.

In this cases there is no fixed working schedule, and initially it will be very stressful for you to manage all these things.

Building a brand is key

Another thing about fashion designing is that if you want to build your own business in fashion industry then there’s no alternative to building brand.

Because building a brand will help you get loyal customers to your business, It also increases the trust and awareness but building a brand is not easy task.

As a new business You will face several obstacles while building your brand such as handling negative reviews and criticism of your product by the customers, handling un- happy customers,

partnering with relevant influencers and promoting your brand on social media platforms, having a brand story and making sure that you are consistent with your approach are few problems you face while building the brand.

Fashion industry is highly competitive industry, and there are many big players like Adidas Nike and Puma and appreal brands like Armani, louis vuitton, Gucci, hunter,

Peter England, etc so You should have some unique thing about your product that should convince the people to buy yours instead of others which have highest brand value, overall building brand is key.

Along with that you also need to be aware of copyright laws in fashion designing industry, You should product your designs from getting copied and stop copying other fashion designs.

So if you want to continue getting new customers and state relevant in the market then you need to build a brand and create your own audience, and to do that you need to face all these obstacles first.

Trends & technology change

Another disadvantage of being a fashion designer is that you need to keep yourself updated with changing trends and technology in the fashion industry.

There will be new trends coming in and out in fashion industry all the time, and technology also plays a huge role in fashion industry, like online shopping was not a big deal in a couple of years ago but now more people are preferring to purchase products online as compared to offline stores including clothes, and shoes, etc and

building a good brand professional industry is impossible without using social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest, similarly you can use new AI tools for sewing, creating materials and designing.

So as a fashion designer you need to keep yourself updated with changing technology and trends and you also need to adapt quickly with new changes.

With that said let’s end the article.


These are all the things you need to know about fashion designing as a career option.

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