Do backlogs affect placement & career

In this article let’s take a look at do backlogs effect placement and how to avoid and clear backlogs for engineering and diploma students.

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Can backlogs affect placement & internship?

To be honest backlogs do definitely effect placement and internship opportunities for students and if you have a bunch of backlogs then you will more likely get rejected in placement interview and internship in engineering.

First of all it is important to know that engineering is very competitive and saturated space and because there are large number of students getting graduated every year so the recruiters and companies will always try to hire best candidates who have good percentage in their academics, have skills,

do not have any backlogs or clear their backlogs over you who do have some backlogs to clear because there are a lot of engineers in the industry as alternative options for you, unless you have some exceptional skills in areas like programming and coding or web development which cannot be easily replaced by other engineers, It can be hard for you to get a placement or internship opportunity in any company if you have a backlog to clear.

It is also that having backlogs mean that you are not hard working as a individual and you don’t have much knowledge in the subject which can affect decision making of the HR of the company.

So it is highly recommended that you should try to clear all your backlogs of exams before you apply for placement or internship and get into interview as you will more likely be rejected for that option and obviously A few exceptions are always there.

But It is equally important to know that a single backlog in a subject cannot ruin your career and it cannot decide your future as well and if you still have some exceptional skills in coding and technology or in your specific industry you can still get a job or you can start your own business otherwise.

How to clear backlog exams for engineering and diploma students?

Relax & stay calm

First of all It is very important to keep in mind is that you need to stay relaxed and keep yourself calm both mentally and physically when you realise that you have got a backlog to clear.

I know it can be very nervous and nerve-wracking when you realise that you have got a backlog to clear especially for the students who have never failed any subject in their entire academic background but it is also important to know that getting backlogs is almost a certain thing for engineering students because of large syllabus and tough concepts or getting questions out of the curriculum sometimes so you should rather keep yourself relaxed instead of getting hard on yourself when you get a backlog.

I have personally witnessed & interacted with many students who got a couple of backlogs in their engineering semesters have started dwelling upon that incident and got into depression and anxiety which further damaged their mental life and crying over a particular incident and

Mistakes and getting stuck on it is not a solution to the problem but it will affect your concentration and sleep which in return affects your life so I would rather want you to stay relaxed and realise the fact that mistakes happen by everyone but it is your responsibility to rectify your mistakes and solve them and learn from them.

Analyse previous year question papers of the subject

The second tip I would like to give you is to analyse the previous year question papers of your backlog subject.

Most common reasons why students get backlog is because of not preparing the subject early on or getting questions out of the syllabus and not clearing the doubts or not understanding the nature of the subject so

it is very important to know how the questions of the subject are getting asked in exam so that you can prepare accordingly and you will also get basic understanding of pattern of questions, Difficulty level of questions and you can identify and prepare certain questions, concepts which are getting repeated quite frequently in the exams which can have more chances of getting asked in your present exam also for example in physics

you should know that whether the questions are getting asked in theoretical or practical manner like whether there are too many answers or theorems, numerical problems.

After analysing past couple of years of question papers of that subject and the way questions are getting asked you will get a clear cut idea and roadmap on how you should approach and start preparing for that subject.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

After analysing the previous year question papers of the subject now you should write down all of your strengths and weaknesses on a piece of paper around that particular subject for example, in physics subject if there are five lessons then you would be good at two or three lessons and concepts and weak at other lessons.

Understanding your strength and weaknesses and writing them on the paper will help you get some clarity of your subject.

Keep all your study materials ready

After you identify the strengths and weaknesses of yours around a particular subject now it’s time to keep all of your study materials ready and close to you.

Since you are trying to pass the exams, I would like to advise you to have only a couple of study materials and textbooks rather than having too many study materials, You should focus on quality of study materials rather than quantity, having too many study materials can lead to further confusion, higher costs, self doubt and burden on yourself.

Create a timetable and schedule

now you should try to create a time table and schedule of work for preparation, I believe instead of trying to prepare for the exam one week earlier you should rather focus on preparing at least a couple of hours every day before a couple of months of exam day so that you can have less burden on yourself and it can be less stressful and you should also try to dedicate at least a couple of hours every day with maximum focus on the subject to get high chance of clearing the exam.

You can easily create a time table using Google sheets or Microsoft Excel and take a Xerox copy of it and you should properly distribute all the days in preparation for learning different concepts everyday and cover both your strengths and weaknesses properly so you can exactly know what you should do on a certain day.

Stay away from social media during the preparation

I would highly recommend you to only prepare for a couple of hours like 2 or 3 hours a day everyday at least 2 months prior to the exam date  in order to clear the backlog rather than trying to prepare for the exam one week prior which gives you a lot of stress and burden and

when you will be preparing for the subject everyday you should try to put your phone notifications on mute or on airplane mode And you should also try to stay away from social media platforms like Facebook.

During your preparation period you should put maximum focus on your subject and you should also practise pomodoro technique in order to maximise the productivity during the preparation.

You should also remove all the distractions around yourself, stop procrastinating, set new goals and dedicate a particular space in your room when you will be preparing for the exam and you can check out more tips on how to increase your productivity, and remove distractions while preparing for exams here.

Follow a strategy while preparing

When studying for backlogs in engineering or working towards avoiding them, make sure that you start your preparation from the most straightforward subject, eventually moving to more challenging concepts.

This strategy’s psychology is that preparing for more straightforward subjects/content can serve as a morale booster and bolster your motivation. This strategy also increases your preparation pace, as you will be done with more straightforward concepts sooner and will have ample time to devote to more problematic ideas.

And also whenever you are learning new concepts you should try to teach the concept to others so that it not only helps you practise the subject and concept but also helps your friends and it can be a good memorization technique.

Maintaining notes is key for exam preparation

When you will be preparing and practising the questions you should also note down all the important points you learn during the preparation in a specific notebook so that you can easily recall them instantly in the last few hours of the exam.

It does not matter whether you are preparing theoretical or practical questions writing down all the important points like theorems, formulae and tricks You get to solve the questions while

preparing for the exam on a piece of paper will help you memorise those concepts easily in the last moment of the exam and also writing down help you clear your mind, get your thoughts in order, improve your concentration, help you deal with stress and many more benefits.

These are all the important tips I have for you on how you can clear backlog exams for engineering students and diploma students and these are quite highly effective tips as I have used them to clear my exams as well.

Now Let’s take a look at a couple of ways on how you can avoid backlogs in engineering and diploma and clear your subject exam in the first attempt only.

How to avoid backlog exams in engineering?

As I already mentioned earlier, one of the common reasons why most students get backlogs in engineering and diploma is because of not preparing early and preparing one week before to the exam date or not covering all the syllabus properly due to lack of time and not understanding the concepts so here are my few tips which can help you to avoid backlogs in engineering.

  1. Attend your classes regularly-It is very important to attend your classes regularly or at least five times a week, This will help you not only in understand the concepts better but also get a good impression on professors and lecturers and they can give you good marks in assignments which can help you get good percentage in the exam
  2. Prepare for the exam earlier-preparing early for the exam like at least a couple of weeks earlier is also important because it will keep less burden & stress on yourself, You can dedicate good amount of time on each concept and practising it, You can also get good chance of clarifying all your doubts with your lecturers by preparing earlier for the exam, You can also learn the concepts from YouTube and on Google
  3. Always maintain notes of your subject and keep them up to date-creating notes for your exam is also very important because it will help you recall your concepts fast in the last moments of your exam, note making will clear your mind, remove stress and improve your concentration and memorization skill
  4. Practice some important questions and analyse previous question papers-You should also try to get some important questions of the exam from your professors because they will have high experience in the subject and you should also try to solve previous year question papers and test papers around the subject to get an idea on the type of questions are getting asked, difficulty level of the questions, nature and pattern of the questions and prepare yourself mentally and physically for the final exam
  5. You should also work on improving your handwriting and make it better and also learn on how you can present your answer sheet more beautifully, first impressions of your answer sheet really matter for the person who is correcting your answer sheet as they say people judge a book by its cover and if you present your answer sheet properly and beautifully removing all strikings, You can get good marks in the first attempt itself

These are all the tips I have for you on how you can avoid backlogs of your exams for engineering and diploma students.

With that said let’s end the article.


These are all the tips I have for you to help you on how you can clear backlogs exams for engineering and diploma students.

Do comment down what are your tips and strategies you use to clear backlogs for engineering and diploma in the comment section below and also

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