Self study or coaching: which one to choose for JEE & NEET preparation

In this article let’s take a look at whether you need coaching or self study for JEE & NEET preparation.

So if you are confused regarding whether you should choose coaching or self study for your exam preparation then you should read this article till the end.

So without further ado lets get started.

5 reasons why coaching is necessary for JEE and NEET preparation

Academic environment

One of the main advantages is that you can get that environment of studies which can play a huge role in making you study for long hours of time.

Their have been many scientific studies which says that your external environment will play a key role in your thinking and actions.

When you see other students practicing questions, when you sit on a bench or a particular chair in front of a blackboard and when your teacher or sir visits the classroom and teaches a particular subject &

a group of students actively listen to what sir is teaching, it automatically makes you feel that you are in a classroom and it’s the time to study because our mind gets influenced by environment to act in a certain way.

You can also study for long hours by solving problems with batchmates in the coaching institute.

This is the main benefit of getting the coaching because you will be forced and influenced by external environment to study compared to self study which can be hard to do because you cannot replicate the same environment of a coaching institute and a classroom at home or hostel room.

Guidance and support

Another important benefit of getting coaching is that you can get guidance and support throughout your exam preparation which can be excellent thing.

One of the key lessons of JEE/NEET preparation is that it is not about how many concepts you have understood and covered rather it is about

how well you have understood the concept and whether you have cleared all of your doubts, Confusions and issues with the concept or not.

And when you get into a coaching institute you can get the chance to clear all of your extra doubts which you have found while revising about the concept and solving questions back home from college.

And there are many students who hesitate & afraid or feel shy to take the help of their College professor and teacher to clear the doubts they got in concepts because

they might think that the doubts are quite silly and their friends might make fun of them for asking such silly doubts but

with the help of coaching institute you can get the guidance and support system where you can clear all of the doubts irrespective whether they are silly or not.

But if you do self study, you cannot get the chance to clear your doubts back home apart from watching any YouTube video on the topic or calling some of your friend to solve that problem to you.

Helps you stay disciplined & motivated

Another important benefit of getting coaching is that it can help you stay motivated and disciplined to study everyday.

Every coaching institute you join will give you a particular time schedule and time table which you need to stick to and the coaching institute help you stay organised by covering all the syllabus concepts properly.

And most students in JEE & NEET preparation become lonely and depressed because they could not cover a lot of syllabus of these exams,

 feel burdened and stressed out, some students either quit the preparation or some would commit suicide.

And some students feel demotivated when they get bad marks in the mock tests but if you join coaching institute then with the help of the support and guidance you get from the

 coaching institute the professors can help you identify, work and rectify your mistakes and they also help you stay motivated and inspire you with lots of Amazing stories which will help you stay focused and disciplined.

And another mistake majority of the students who do self study is that they frequently get distracted, procrastinate or they cannot become consistent with their revisions & preparation but

with the help of joining a coaching institute you can eliminate all the distractions and maintain consistency during preparation.

& If an aspirant is preparing for the entrance exam, other candidates are preparing too in coaching institute. And this will help them to be competitive and stay motivated all the time they will also understand the competition level, this will help them understand the value of clearing the exam so they will put more energy & time in preparation.

Get secret & useful tips

Another important benefit of getting coaching is that you can get some secret and useful tips from the lecturers and professors in the coaching institute which you might not get to know otherwise.

You should know that key and important secrets of cracking these entrance exam is that you should be very accurate and speed at solving different problems because whether it is JEE mains or advanced exam or NEET exam,

you will have limited time which is 3 hours for example in NEET exam you will have to answer over 180 questions in 3 hours of time which means

you have only one minute of time to answer every question and situation of JEE exam is also quite similar.

In such a case, apart from having good knowledge of formulas & concept, you should also be speed and quick at solving different problems because you have limited time when you get into the final exam.

And if you join quality and trusted coaching institutes then majority of them have professors who have a lot of experience in the subject and working in the field, the main benefits of it is you can get amazing suggestions and secret tips from your professor

which they have learnt from their experience of teaching thousands of students and helping them crack the exam which you can use to solve the questions faster & better in the exam and also handle the pressure properly which play a huge role for every student during exam.

You should know that most valuable and priceless quality of any teacher is the experience.

Gives you a direction to work & helps you improve your fundamentals

Another important benefit of choosing coaching is that it can give you a proper direction to work and also help you improve your fundamental concepts.

For example you may be very good at syllabus and concepts of 12th grade but you might lack the concept & fundamentals of 11th class concepts and subjects but with the help of coaching institute you can also prepare and get better at 11th class concepts along with 12th and

 because you get a particular time table and schedule where all the subjects and syllabus are properly organised everyday in coaching institute it gives your proper & clear direction & roadmap to work and you exactly know what subject you need to read everyday compared to self study.

Majority of the students who choose self study are confused regarding which subject they should read & revise on a particular day because

they do not properly manage their time and prepare any timetable which is properly organised and divided for each subject and concept.

Note: I would like to mention here quickly that I have used the word majority not everyone in all the examples & points I mentioned earlier, majority of the students including myself are not organised with their time table so when they choose self study they get confused regarding which subject they should read everyday because

they don’t have any clear direction and roadmap in front of them, this is how many students waste a lot of time during JEE or NEET preparation and this is why creating a proper time table, routine and work schedule is very important and exceptions are always there.

These are all the major advantages of choosing coaching institute over self study if you want to prepare for JEE and NEET exam.

4 reasons to choose self study for JEE & NEET preparation

Save money

One of the main advantages of choosing self study over coaching institute is that you can save a lot of money, you can also called it as a disadvantage of joining coaching institute.

Considering many coaching institutes prices on average you would have to pay around 300000 rupees for two years of coaching for JEE/NEET preparation.

This is the money you will have to spend on coaching apart from your college fees and you will also have to purchase study materials aside from the coaching fees which

will also cost you a couple of thousand rupees and there will be other costs involved like transportation fees to reach coaching institute because most coaching institutes are located far away.

If you choose self study and prepare for entrance exams at home then you can save almost around 300000 rupees.

Work on your own schedule

Another important benefit of choosing self study over coaching is that you can get a chance to create your own timetable and schedule to work which is is convenient and comfortable to you.

Coaching centers follow a particular timetable and move fast. With self-study, you can create your own deadlines and reach the study targets at your own pace & it gives you the space and time for understanding when you work hard.

For example many students don’t like to study long hours of time sitting on a bench or chair or many students don’t like to study with groups rather they like to do individual studies like me and many students don’t like to wake up early in the morning and do the revision rather they like to prepare and study long hours in the night.

With the help of choosing self study you can choose your own revision and preparation hours depending upon your interest and convenience.

Choose your own study material

Another main advantage of self study over coaching institute is that you can choose to purchase your own study material from your own interest.

Many students who choose self study over coaching do it because the study material of coaching institutes are either too difficult to understand the concept and prepare for the exam or too expensive to purchase for the students.

Although many students can get confused on which study material they should choose, I would recommend you to go for NCERT, and some standard books like HC Verma for physics and also look for books recommended by the toppers of that exam by doing your own research on the internet and also take recommendations of your college professors.

Stress free studies

Preparing through self-studies does help you keep stress away from artificial hyper-competitive environment that a coaching institute brings to you. This keeps you calm and your provide mental peace during preparation & help you give your best shot during exam.

These are all the advantages of self study over coaching if you want to prepare for JEE and NEET exam.

Self study vs coaching: which one to choose for JEE & NEET preparation

After comparing both self study vs coaching during the preparation of both entrance exam for students, you should choose either one depending upon various factors.

You should choose self study for JEE & NEET preparation if,

  • You can be disciplined, consistent and motivated to study everyday at home
  • You have your fundamentals very strong and you have cleared all your doubts and confusion regarding concepts from your College professors
  • You have good time management skills and you are not easily distracted by others like your friends and family members at your home
  • You don’t have much money to join coaching institute
  • You have high quality and good study materials and books to read & prepare
  • You can frequently write mock tests, identify and rectify your mistakes on your own

You should choose joining a coaching institute for JEE and NEET preparation if,

  • You are not so disciplined, consistent and motivated to study everyday
  • You have the money to join coaching institute and you can afford the expenses
  • You have weak fundamentals and concepts and you have not cleared all of your doubts and confusions from your College professor for whatever reason
  • You want to improve your time management skills and learn new ways to solve problems and questions to improve your speed of solving problems by getting suggestions from experienced professors at coaching institutes
  • You do not know how to properly organise your time to prepare for every subject and concept everyday

Before I conclude the article I would like to mention it quickly that it does not matter whether you choose coaching institute or self study because at the end of the day you will have to work hard and

put energy and time revising and preparing for the subject, this is the most important thing, coaching institute can only guide you towards success but it cannot guarantee the success because the success and failure will depend upon your efforts and attitude.

With that said let’s conclude the blog.


These are all the things you need to know about whether you should choose self study or coaching for JEE and NEET preparation.

Do comment down which one would you like to choose between the two self study vs coaching in the comment section below.

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