How to remember current affairs for UPSC & bank exams?

In this article let’s take a look at how to remember current affairs for UPSC and bank exams.

So if you are confused and do not know how you should remember the current affairs as they are the most important part of the competitive exams like UPSC and bank exams then you should read this article till the end because

I will let you know what are the strategies I have used and many toppers used to crack the exam while remembering the huge current affairs knowledge during the preparation.

So without further ado let’s get started.

How to remember current affairs for UPSC & bank exams?

Create & revise notes

One of the best methods you can use to remember current affairs for competitive exams is by creating notes and revising it regularly.

There have been many scientific studies which show that writing down something will help you memorize it longer compared to reading it on a piece of paper.

If you write something by hand, all that complex sensory information increases the chances the knowledge will be stored for later.

In short, writing by hand forces your brain to process information in a more detailed way, which helps you successfully load that information into your memory.

According to a Research shows that in less than one hour, people will forgot on average of approx 30 percent of the information and knowledge they read and presented and as the time progressses, in 24 hours time, 70% of the information will be forgotten and in a week, 90%.

But When you write down important information and current affairs you have learnt throughout a particular day in a paper book,

it will stay there for long period of time and you can revise the notebook and remember the information which is good technique to remember current affairs,

In order to improve your memory of remembering the current affairs repetition is the practice you need to follow which means you will have to revise the notes quite frequently in order to strengthen your memory muscle in your brain.

Whenever you are reading any key information of current affairs make sure that you summarise it in a couple of hundred words rather than covering all the information you have found in the newspaper right in the notebook,

only include the key information and articles you find in newspapers so that you can save time during revision.

Create stories to remember them

Another important method of memorizing current affairs is that you should create a story to the information you read so that you can remember it for a long period of time.

Storytelling is a great way to remember anything because not only do they build familiarity and trust, and allow the listener to enter the story where they are, making them more open to learning.

Storytelling also helps with learning because stories are easy to remember. Many professionals found that learning something as a form of a beautiful story can be remembered more accurately and a long period of time, and research says facts can be remembered 20x times more likely as a story than just remembering the facts bluntly,

Because of this reason, you should try to convert your current affairs knowledge and information you read every day into a story and

you can do this by learning more about the information you get from current affairs through newspapers by searching it on Google and get more information like pictures and more details so that you can create a story in your mind.

Answer the questions & write mock tests

Another important strategy you should use is to solve questions and write mock test of current affairs so that you can memorize them.

By answering the questions and writing mock tests it help you to remember and recall the information you have learnt in the current affairs from the newspapers and it will also prepare you for the final exam.

whenever you are writing a mock test make sure that you recall the information by revising the knowledge from the notebook of current affairs.

You can check out this website to give your free mock test and answer questions of current affairs to understand how good are you at remembering the current affairs so that you can work on those and improve your memory.

Take part in quizzes

Apart from attending mock tests, you can also try taking quizzes online because they are not only just more interesting and engaging but also it can be helpful.

Reading information, and testing that knowledge in the form of a quiz is a very effective way of helping retain the information.

By taking the same quiz multiple times, the information will definitely be stored in the memory for a longer time, attending quizzes will give you a feel of prelims exam where current affairs knowledge will be very crucial.

You can check out this website to take online quizzes for current affairs.

Create Mind maps

Another strategy you can use is to create a mind map to remember current affairs.

There are many benefits of creating mind maps like it will help you remember and recall the information you learn quite fast because a mind map is an image and a single image is equal to 1000 words of text and it is also a very fun and interesting way to learn and it helps you to convert complex ideas into simple ones.

Some interesting topics you can choose to create mind maps for UPSC are Recovery of Indian Economy, New Agriculture Laws, New National Education Policy, Digital Education Report, Stages of Vaccine Development, ASEEM Platform, Postal Ballet in India, net Zero Carbon Emission – Meaning, etc.

BTW, you can check out this tool to create mind maps on your laptop if you don’t want to do it on our piece of paper.

Teach others & participate in group discussions

Another strategy to remember current affairs is to simply explain the information that you learn through newspapers and other sources of current affairs to others and also participate in group discussions with your friends.

With the help of explaining what you have learnt to other as a teacher it will help you memorize and strengthen your muscle memory of your brain and slowly you will remember it over a period because of practice.

Read articles as a summary of current affairs

The newspaper is not only a great source of current affairs, it is also an important tool in helping candidates remember what they read. This is because in the newspaper, events are published in a series of articles over a period of time, say, weeks or at least days.

When articles on the same topic are read many times, the data will eventually stick in your memory.

Record information & listen to it

This method to remember current affairs is to listen to the current affairs.

Let me tell you something interesting and amazing.

Vedas were written in Vedic Sanskrit between 1500 and 500 BCE in the Indian Subcontinent. The Vedas were actually transmitted orally to many generations which were called Shruti and after a couple of generations, the vedas were then written in text form by great scholars of that age which is called smriti.

similarly you should try to record the important details and information of the current affairs knowledge you gain everyday through various sources like newspapers, news channels, reading various monthly magazines and other sources and try to listen that audio clips in regular intervals of time.

It is just like listening to any audiobook and podcast and the best part of this is that you can do it anywhere anytime for example you can listen to this current affairs knowledge and recall and remember the information you learned a couple of weeks ago to now during exercise, driving, etc.

The repetition of listening to your recording will help with memorization. This technique is called Write Read Record Listen or W2RL.

You can use voice recording app which comes default application on Many smartphones to record your own voice while dictating the important information you learnt at that day in current affairs and you can save that audio clip on your smartphone to listen to it later.

Use acronyms & mnemonic

Create patterns and words from the information you need to remember. relating the first letter of each item with a word, phrase, or rhyme, can make information easier to recall. These tricks will help you remember and recall information in order and list format.

Last but not least you should also try to have good sleep of at least 7 hours every day and maintain a good physical health and eat good food which increases your memory.

You can read this article to learn more about how you can remove distractions and reduce laziness while preparing for UPSC and other competitive exams in detail by clicking here.

With that said let’s end the article.


These are all the things you need to know about how to remember current affairs for UPSC and bank exams and other popular competitive exams.

Do comment down what are the other popular strategies you can use to remember current affairs for UPSC and bank exams in the comment section below.

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