4 reasons MEC & or CEC (commerce) courses good for IAS

In this article let’s take a look at whether is MEC and or CEC good for IAS & UPSC preparation or not.

You should read this article till the end if you are confused regarding whether you should choose MEC or CEC course and you would like to know if it is good or not if you want to prepare for UPSC and civil service exam.

So without further ado let’s get started.

4 reasons why MEC and or CEC courses are good for IAS

To summarise in brief words, MEC and CEC are very good courses if you want to prepare for your UPSC & IAS because not only you can get knowledge of optional subject like economics and commerce but also you can have ample amount of free time in your degree which you can use to prepare for UPSC and also have a backup option as an alternative for UPSC exam.

Now Let’s take a look at what are the benefits of using MEC and CEC for UPSC preparation.

Free time available During your degree for IAS preparation

Having free time is important benefit with taking both MEC or CEC courses as after completing these courses and when you get your under graduation

you will more likely get into degree & majority of the college timings start from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. so you can have ample amount of time to do other things after getting back from college and

also you do not have to write many assignments and projects in these courses which will help you not only save time but also a lot of money and effort during your 3 years of under graduation.

And during the free time, you can get your basics and foundation strong in the UPSC preparation and you can also have time to read newspapers everyday and also join any coaching institute from the first or second year itself and

this can give you a lot of boost and upper hand over other aspirants who are also preparing for UPSC and will give their attempt along with you after completing the degree.

Apart from having the free time to prepare for upsc, you can also get a chance to build any new skill which can be an alternative option to UPSC exam if you don’t crack it due to competition or caste reservations like

you can learn digital marketing or web development or any other useful skill in the free time and you can start making some money on the side and it can help you be an alternative option for your career.

Backup option for IAS preparation

Another important benefit of taking MEC or CEC is You can have a backup career option and you can also prepare for other exams like bank PO exams and you can also learn accounting, finance which can give you any job in small and medium level startups.

And having a job is very much important as I already mentioned earlier because a large percentage of students who attempt UPSC exam fail and do not crack the exam because of

high level of competition and also because of the caste reservations so having a backup is always a very important thing as prevention is always better than cure.

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Optional subject for UPSC exam

Another important benefit of taking these courses is that you can choose some optional subject like you can choose mathematics or economics or civics and

commerce in your mains optional subject while preparing for UPSC mains exam, the best advantage of this is that not only the subjects are low competition which means very few UPSC aspirants choose these subjects as majority will choose humanities and

also the subjects are high scoring subjects Which means you can have maximum chance of scoring more marks in this subjects if you write a proper answers because they are scientific subjects.

Choosing the right optionals subject is very important because it will give you an upper hand to score more marks and balance your marks with other subjects like general studies paper and also help you pass the mains exam.

In order to score good match in your options subject you need to find quality sediment materials and coaching institutes who help you with your options subject and

you should also give test series to identify your strengths and weaknesses with the optional subject, thankfully You can find many amazing study materials and coaching institutes for optional subjects like maths and commerce or economics.

And since you will be preparing for the subjects from your first year until 3 years of your undergraduation you will already be having good amount of knowledge and

strong foundation on this subjects so it becomes easy for you while preparing for UPSC optional as You would not have to start from scratch with preparation of optional subject like other aspirants do.

Lower costs of college for under graduation

Because You will get degree courses like bcom that are 3 year courses which you will take after completing your intermediate in MEC or CEC and the average college admission fee of these courses of both MEC and CEC is around 50000 inr.

Advantage of taking this courses is that it has lower cost of college admission so that you can save money in your undergraduation and spend the money you saved in getting good quality coaching service for UPSC preparation and

other costs related to IAS preparation and by the way you can check out my article on how much does it cost to prepare for UPSC exam and how you can start preparing for UPSC exam after completing your 10th and 12th.

With that said let’s conclude the article.


These are reasons why MEC and CEC is good for IAS & BTW check out best degree courses for UPSC preparation in detail here.

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