7 reasons MBA after BSc is good option in 2022

In this article let’s take a look at 7 reasons why MBA after BSc is a good option.

If you are confused whether you should choose MBA after your undergraduation in BSC then you should read this article till the end.

So without further ado let’s get started.

7 reasons MBA after BSC is a good

  New job opportunities

One of the main advantages of MBA degree is that you can get new job opportunities.

Because in your MBA degree you will learn different subjects like economics statistics management, business, Entrepreneurship, marketing and Finance then

You can get different job opportunities and have a wide career like Brand Manager, Sales Manager, Credit Analyst, Finance, Accounting Manager, Recruitment, Training and Development, Marketing Manager.

Apart from that you should also know that many employers are now looking for employees who have many different skills and with an MBA degree you can get the advantage over others.

Because you have plenty of job opportunities you can choose any one depending upon your skill and interest and Excel in that field.

   High paying salary

Another important benefit of pursuing MBA is that you can get high paying salary.

Your salary will depend upon which specialisation you choose with MBA but on average you can expect to earn anywhere between 5 to 7 lakh rupees per annum after you get an MBA degree.

   Grow your network

Another big benefit of an MBA degree is that you can grow your network and increase your connections.

According to a survey of Forbes of the people who have chosen MBA for their post graduation, they found that,

Most people say that their main desire was to gain new skills and knowledge and some people say they want to get access of job prospects and switch their career into a different field using the network and opportunities of business school.

This clearly shows that majority of the students who want to pursue MBA use this to gain knowledge of business so that they can start a business in future and

increasing your network and building connections with the future entrepreneurs can help you get a lot of opportunities to grow in your life as well because your network is your networth.

Sometimes the relationships and connections you build and grow with your MBA degree can be more helpful compared to your BSC degree friends.

   Many options to choose for specialization

Another big benefit is that with MBA degree you can choose different specializations with an MBA degree for example you can take MBA with different specialization like hospitality management, healthcare and healthcare management, Pharmaceutical management,

laboratory management, fashion designing, media management, environmental management finance and pharmacy, biotechnology, oil and gas, disaster management and rural management, product project and aviation management, etc.

Because of various options You can select anyone depending upon your interest and you can also choose the specialisation from the degree that you have pursued with BSC in your UG so that you can get into higher positions of the job in that branch.

You should know that the recruiters take around 6 seconds to scan your resume and adding the fact that you have MBA degree after your under graduation will make your resume stand out.

Because of that reason you can get a chance to work in that particular company or any company and also get promotions and climb higher in corporate ladder.

Work in various sectors

Another big benefit is that you can work in different sectors and industries if you want to like healthcare, education, retail management, logistics, construction,

Manufacturing industries, IT sector, consulting based companies, ecommerce, software companies, government organisations, banks, etc.

Because at the end of the day if you want to manage business in today’s world, an MBA graduate can help you do that.

It helps you gain important skills

Another benefit of MBA is that you can learn lots of important skills by pursuing MBA degree like Communication skills, management skills, marketing skills, decision making,

problem solving, time management, critical thinking, attention to detail, organization, analytical thinking and leadership skills.

Because of all the skills you can become an important asset for the companies because the recurtiers not only want hard skills required for the job but

also want the soft skills like communication and problem solving and leadership so that they can manage the people properly in the business.

Moving away from a theoretical BSc degree, an MBA will help you adding projects, presentations, internships, group discussions, industry visits, etc. MBA degree will provide you exposure of industry and grow your personality.

And this can give you a lot of boost and place you ahead of your competition because most people do not possess the skills which are mentioned earlier so they cannot get hired.

Apart from working in a particular company an MBA degree can also help you in your life like for example if you have got your BSc degree from agriculture and

you want to start an agriculture firm or you have got BSC degree from pharmacy and want to start a new pharmaceutical company

then having MBA degree can give you all the skills required to start a business like accounting finance and marketing related subjects so that you can start a startup and also manage the people and run the business properly.

   Very easy to pursue your degree

The last benefit is that you can choose any way you want to study like you can study online MBA or get part time degree, distance learning and

you can get this degree while working as well so that you do not have to sacrifice your job and study MBA full time if you don’t want to.

In many competitive MBA programs, students will have one 3-hour course per week. This gives them an additional 6 hours of outside work, adding up to 9 hours of class and outside work per week. 

Because of this it does not take much time to get your MBA degree even though it is 2 years long.

The regular mba degree is 2 years long and has only 4 semesters, so you can have ample amount of time to do work outside your education and continue your MBA program.

There are some disadvantages as well like it has high competition level especially if you want to get admission into the top MBA colleges in India like IIM you need to clear exams like CAT and

you should also know that there are many MBA graduates because they have got the degree from low grade college because

of that MBA did not really help much in the life and career as your college from where you have graduated matters a lot and even the college fees of a normal MBA college is quite high for each semester and

sometimes you can get unrelated jobs like you can get a job in marketing or HR sector in the companies which are not hot related to your core branch from where you have got your under graduation.

Because of this reason ideally you should pursue MBA degree after you get some work experience because you can then make money after you get

a job and you can easily pay the fees of the college of MBA and the skills you learn in MBA can help you at that time.

With that said lets conclude the article.


These are all the important things you need to know regarding whether is MBA is a good degree or not in detail.

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