7 best low competition career options in india

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7 best Low competition career options in India

Before learning about all the low competition career options, I would like to let you know how I would judge and classify whether a career option is high competitive or low competitive one.

So here is the deal, there are two factors demand and supply, if there is too much demand of some product or service and there is less supply of that then obviously

it has a low competition because not many people are serving the need of the demand of the service but if there is a too much supply and less demand of the service or product then obviously the market is high competitive because there are many people serving the demand.

Let’s take a look at the condition of engineering career in india for example, according to many reports more than 15 lakh students graduate as engineers in India every year but only less than 5% get employment opportunities and the main reason for such a low unemployment ratio is because of too much competition because

there are many people doing engineering which means there is high supply but in reality there are very less jobs available so there is lower demand and higher supply which created a mismatch between demand and supply and thus engineering is such a highly competitive industry in our country, by the way I have written an article on reasons why majority of the engineers in India are unemployed here.

This is one example of exactly how I determine and classify whether a career option is high competitive or not.

So in this article I will let you know 10 best career options you can choose which are not very saturated and crowded but yet there is high demand and lucrative markets where you can make much money if you get started in those areas.

So let’s dive right in with the first option.

1. Psychologist & psychiatrist

A psychologist is a trained mental health professional who has done PhD. A psychiatrist will write & recommend medication while a psychologist focuses on the therapeutic approach to recovery.

To summarise in simple words both psychology and psychiatrist deal with mental health related problems giving advice & medicine to the patients and helping them improve the relationships, and social behaviour.

But there is a huge demand of psychologist and psychiatrist in our country as a matter of fact, according to a report of money control,

India currently has 9000 psychiatrists, 2000 psychiatric nurses, 1000 clinical psychologists yet we need 30,000 psychiatristsand 38,000 clinical psychologists.

And according to a study of Times of India, 43% of the Indians are in depression especially due to covid pandemic and lockdowns there has been a drastic increase in the mental health issues of the people like anxiety and higher stress levels and

I can present you number of news articles and data studies to prove my point that there is a huge demand of psychologist but I hope you understand till here.

After reading all of this data it clearly shows that there is a huge demand and supply gap of psychologist and psychiatrist in India so it is obviously low competitive career option but the beautiful part is that it is also very lucrative industry as You can create your own psychology clinic and treat patients and charge money on hour basis but

more than making money you can save life of many people by solving their mental health issues because depression and mental health problems is still a taboo in our country and people don’t talk about these things openly in the public so overall psychologist and psychiatrist is a great career option you can choose because it is not just low competitive lucrative industry but also gives you a very meaningful and purposeful life.

By the way you can check out my article on reasons why you should start preparing and to become a psychologist in detail here.

2. Cyber security

cyber security industry is also one such career path you can choose which is not only low competitive but also lucrative and meaningful career option.

by the way cybersecurity means Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital cyber attacks, hackers conduct this attacks so that they can do some harm to the system or steal information which is sensitive like personal data of the users or bank data etc or any government project.

You must have noticed that many large companies like Facebook, Airtel, Apple, Adobe canva, etc data breaches and security breaches which means there computers in the companies get compromised and all the data will get hacked by hackers of their enemies.

We are living in 21st century, Perhaps the biggest reason why so many companies collect consumer data is that it helps them to get a much better understanding of the way their consumers behave online, define their overall demographics, and identify the ways in which they can improve the overall customer experience.

There are many large companies like Facebook Google and Microsoft run ads on their platforms after collecting and analysing the behaviour of consumers through their consumer data and this is how this large companies make money and apart from that there are many government websites and private organisations where there will be confidential details and

data like important projects, deals, designs of weapons or passwords will be stored in the computers so protecting that is the most important thing because these organisations invest millions of rupees in the research and development which if not taking proper measures to protect can be stolen within a few minutes.

Cybersecurity analysts protect computer networks from cyberattacks and unauthorized access. They do this by trying to anticipate and defend against cyber threats, and responding to security breaches when they do happen. In this job, you play a key role in protecting your organization’s valuable data.

Ethical Hacking is part of Cyber Security, which mainly deals with finding vulnerabilities in a system and solving them before any malicious or black-hat hacker exploits them.

A Report pred­icts that the Indian cyber­security services industry would grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 21 per cent to touch $13.6 billion by 2025. around 3.5 million jobs in the cybersecurity space will remain unfilled by the end of 2021.

And according to a report of CNBC, Cyberattacks now cost companies $200,000 on average, putting many out of business, Half of hacked companies say they struggle to attract new customers.

Hence it is not only a low competitive industry but also a lucrative one as the average salary of ethical hacker in India is around 50,000 rupees per month and you can also start your own cyber security company and protect the computer networks of other businesses from getting hacked and charge money but

more important than money, it is meaningful path you can choose for your career because you will be saving a lot of money and precious data of the customers from getting stolen into wrong hands For example if passwords of customers will be hacked then they can hack the accounts like email or Like credit card & bank information which can become a nightmare for many customers.

By the way you can check out more information about pros and cons of ethical hacking in detail here.

3. Software developer, coder

Software development, coding and artificial  intelligence or machine learning is another good career option you can choose which is low competitive in our country.

You might be wondering that how come is it low competitive As it comes under computer science engineering, let me tell you how.

According to a survey of engineering students in India, More than one-third of the engineering students lack the skills to be considered employable. While 20% of the engineering applicants did not have adequate coding skills, as a result, one in five engineers are employed in non-core jobs or non-technical jobs.

Almost 4% are a force fit in the emerging technology roles like data science and machine learning. According to statista,

Engineers in India, Only 10 percent have adequate coding skills. Only between 3 and 4 percent are fit to fill roles like product engineer or startup engineer.

The report concludes that too few engineering students in India take the time to do internships or work on projects during their studies. Students acquire very few real-life skills and are not supported by their faculty to think about real-world applications of engineering, according to the researchers.

The report also states that very few percentage of students in India have the skills of artificial intelligence and data science which are helpful to get a job or start a business and according to other reports more than 95% of the engineering grads in India are not at all fit for any tech job because they like the skills required for it.

It is very clear that even though more than 15 lakh students graduate from engineering every year but only 3% of them get good quality jobs it is because of lack of skills so if you have skills related to coding machine learning artificial intelligence and software development then still you can get a job because these are the most important skills of 21st century.

The average salary of a computer programmer is around 8 lakh rupees per annum and you can find many remote jobs to apply on platforms like naukri.com and indeed website and

you can also start your own freelancing business like web development or app development business for different companies after learning programming or web development so it is not only low competitive in India but also lucrative market and you can also read my article on pros and cons of coding in detail here.

4. Doctors, nurse’s, surgeons and other specialised health workers

Choosing doctor and surgeon as a career option is also a good choice because it is not only low competitive but also highly lucrative niche and you can also have a meaningful life.

Health facilities and infrastructure in developing countries is very small compared to developed countries and India is considered to be a developing country and the health infrastructure and facilities are not so advanced and there is a huge demand and supply mismatch of doctors and surgeons in our country.

There are many reports like economic times, In India, there is one government doctor for every 10,189 people (WHO) recommends a ratio of 1:1,000, or a deficit of 600,000 doctors, and the nurse:patient ratio is 1:483, implying a shortage of two million nurses.

And there has been a significant rise in the demand of doctors and health workers in the corona pandemic and this pandemic has revealed not only the health facilities strength of many developed countries including America but also tested and shown the reality of health infrastructure and facilities of India. And also when it comes to surgeons and specialist doctors there is a significant shortage of them, especially in the rural areas of our country.

This is a great opportunity for you to choose a career option as becoming a doctor or a specialist in any field of medicine like surgeon paediatrician, cardiologists, pulmonologists, neurologists, paediatrician, nephrologist, As all of these are in huge demand but do not have much supply and competition.

and if you talk about the average salary of a doctor in India is around 8 lakh rupees per annum and the average salary of a surgeon is more than 12 lakh rupees per annum, apart from working in a particular hospital as a doctor and a health specialist you can also create your own clinic and charge your patients per hour basis and not only it is highly lucrative industry but also you can have a very meaningful and purposeful life to live.

5. Agriculture engineering

Agricultural engineers perform tasks such as planning & managing the building of dairy effluent schemes, irrigation, drainage, flood water control systems, agricultural product processing and interpret research results and implement relevant practices.

The agriculture sector is one of the most important industries in the Indian economy, which means it is also a huge employer. Approximately 60 percent of the Indian population works in the industry, contributing about 18 percent to India’s GDP.

Even though agriculture is a huge market in our country but still not many students in our country graduate from agriculture engineering as students still prefer to graduate from traditional engineering branches like mechanical & civil engineering, electronics engineering, computer science and chemical engineering etc branches so comparing it with the demand I don’t think there is a huge competition in the agriculture engineering space.

The average salary of agriculture engineer in India is around 5 lakh rupees per annum at the same time you can also work for government agencies in creating different projects and work with many departments of agriculture and farming.

6. Veterinarian doctor

A veterinarian, also known as a veterinary surgeon or veterinary physician, is a medical professional who practices veterinary medicine by treating diseases, managing reproductive health and injuries in non-human animals. Basically veterinarian doctor is someone who treats animals, Their physical diseases and disorders just like how doctors treat humans.

There are 63,000 registered veterinarians today, whereas the requirement is between 1.1-1.2 lakh. The general norm is to have at least one veterinary doctor for every 5,000 animals.

Apart from the data mentioned earlier there is also a huge spike in adaptation of pets like dogs cats and cattle in our country, For example according to statista, The population of pet dogs in India has increased & is  around 19.5 million in the year 2018.

The average salary of a veterinarian doctor in our country is around 7 lakh rupees per annum and you can also get a job in government sector or you can also start your own private clinic and charge patients per hour basis.

7. Fire fighters

A firefighter is a rescuer trained in firefighting, & to extinguish hazardous fires that threaten life, property, and the environment as well as to rescue people and in some cases or jurisdictions also animals from dangerous situations. Male firefighters are sometimes referred to as firemen.

According to an article of Times of India, With 27,027 deaths, every fifth fire-related death in the world in 2017 took place in India. Around 9 million fire incidents and 1.2 lakh deaths were recorded across the globe that year. No more than 54,239 fire personnel worked across India, against the required 557,123, as on December 31, 2018 which clearly shows that there is a huge demand and supply gap in firefighters industry of our country. And according to Indian express, Country has less than 3,000 fire stations against 8,500 needed.

The average salary of a firefighter in India is around 7 lakh rupees per annum at the same time you can also get a job in government sector in firemen which means you will get job security and stability and promotions and growth in salary and also pensions after retirement.

With that said let’s end the article.


These are top and best career options you can choose which are low competitive but also lucrative ones.

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