Harvard University vs IIT: why Harvard is better than IIT?

In this article, let’s take a look at everything you need to know between Harvard vs IIT colleges in detail.

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Definition of both the universities

What is IIT?

Indian Institute of Technology are autonomous technical universities which are located in India these are universities which are established and run by government of India and these are institute of national importance there are 23 such universities and all of these universities are autonomous

but also have been linked with each other from a common council of IIT which will basically look after the administration process preparing of exams and many more activities.

Here is the official website link: https://www.iitb.ac.in/

What is Harvard university?

Harvard University is a private ivy league university that is located in Massachusetts and it is the oldest university in America which was founded back in 1636 and also it is the top three most popular and best universities to study in the world.

Here is the official website link: https://www.harvard.edu/

Difference between both the universities

Let’s take a look at the difference between both the universities of IIT and Harvard by looking at 13 important factors in a tabular form.

Factors IIT Harvard
When established 15 September 1956 (65 years ago) under the Indian Institute of Technology Act 1956 Founded in 1636 as Harvard College and named for its first benefactor, the Puritan clergyman John Harvard
Type of college Public technical university private Ivy League research university
Ranking in global stage according to top universities In 177 rank In 5th rank
Programmes offered IITs, collectively, offer B.Tech, M.Tech, Dual Degree, and PhD programs in more than 100 specializations, IIT offers only technical courses. Harvard offers mtech BTech dual degree, PhD arts, medical, humanities, physical and social sciences,  subjects, there are approx 3,700 courses you can study both technical and non technical courses
Total colleges There are total of 23 IIT colleges in different states of India There are total of 12 Harvard schools for different educational branches
Total seats available The total number of seats for undergraduate programs in all IITs is 16,232. Harvard University has a total undergraduate enrollment of 5,222 (fall 2020)
Male to female gender ratio IIT colleges on average have terrible gender ratio of 80:20 and even lower in other IITs Harvard colleges on average have a very good gender ratio of 49% male students and 51% female students which is really great
What is it known for, special and unique thing about the university IIT colleges are top engineering colleges in our country, they offer great education faculty and network for the students and also provide high package, and placement ratio to the students. Harvard University has some of the best faculty and infrastructure for research and development for the students and it also provides great network for the students also has high placement and package and even the admission of the students is much better and overall many students graduated from Harvard are in the top positions of the society like Nobel laureates and presidents of USA and also founded many companies like Facebook and Microsoft
infrastructure and facilities provided Labs, gyms, cafe, hostels, wifi connectivity, grounds, Auditorium, Library, AC class rooms and many more Classrooms Computer labs Libraries Recreational and social spaces Computers and other technology belonging to the University Archival and other research materials Laboratory spaces and equipment
admission process To Get a seat in IIT colleges you need to write and clear the cutoff marks of JEE advanced exam which is second stage after clearing the JEE Mains and depending upon your caste reservation and your overall percentage in JEE advanced, your admission will depend
To get admission in Harvard University to need to apply for it and get good sat and act scores and depending upon certain characteristics you can get admission
Other Admission criteria You just need to score good marks and percentage in your entrance exam of jee advanced to get admission to IIT Apart from having good marks and grades you also need to be good at sports, creativity, leadership, have a high level of self-confidence and extracurricular activities also to get admission to Harvard
What is the toughness, competition & acceptance rate of the University Around 10 lakh students apply for JEE mains out of which 1,50,000 approx appear for JEE advanced to get a seat in IIT and acceptance rate is around 0.5% Around 60,000 students apply for admission but only 3000 students get admission and Harvard has an acceptance rate of 5%
University Fees structure Fees of BTech course ranges from Rs 8-10 lakhs for general category students.
It will cost you $75000 including tuition fees, hostel fees education expenses and others and overall it should cost you average of $150,000 for 4 years of degree in the University.
What are scholarships provided? Yes IIT colleges also have scholarships and if you belong to certain cash like SC/ST or economically weaker section of people, You don’t have to pay a single penny to study in IIT after getting admission Because Harvard University is committed to affordability, Scholarships are designed to cover 100% of your demonstrated financial need, one in five students pay nothing to attend Harvard University, and read more details here
What is the highest package offered? The highest package of IIT is given to IIT Kharagpur student of computer science engineering branch of over 2.40 crores per annum The highest-paid Harvard University & Harvard Business School alumni & graduates are Healthcare & Alternative Medicine professionals at $394,000 annually.
What is the average package? Considering all the 23 IIT colleges, and of course, depending upon the engineering branch, the average package is around 20 lakh rupees per annum 85000 dollars per annum is the average package of engineering graduates of Harvard, the package will depend upon the student’s educational background and experience
What is the placement ratio? 100% placement ratio but some students prefer to become entrepreneurs and get into different career options 100% placement ratio but some students prefer to become entrepreneurs and choose other career options

these are all the important differences between the both universities and now let’s take a look at the similarities between the two in detail.

Similarities between both the universities

Let’s take a look at some common similarities between both Harvard and IIT colleges in detail.

  1. Both Harvard and IIT colleges are top colleges in their respective countries
  2. Both Harvard and IIT colleges offer 100% placement ratio and high salary packages in their respective countries
  3. Both colleges offer engineering and PhD courses
  4. Both colleges have scholarships and fee grants for students whose family members earn less than specific amount of money per annum
  5. Both colleges have excellent infrastructure and facilities provided to the students comparing to their respective countries and other educational institutions in the country
  6. Getting admission into both colleges is also very difficult but because there are more students applying for IIT in India because of high population of our country, IIT has higher competition and lower acceptance rate compared to Harvard
  7. Both IIT and Harvard have many clubs for students to join and increase the network and also has many events and festivals celebrated in the college

These are all the similarities and differences between Harvard and IIT now let’s take a look at which is best and why.

Which is best and why?

After taking a deep look at both the differences similarities and all other details regarding both the universities in my opinion Harvard University is definitely better compared to IIT because of,

Why Harvard is better than IIT:

  1. Harvard University is much more older compared to IITs because it is founded in 1636
  2. 161 Nobel Laureates, 23 presidents, 132 Pulitzer Prize winners. By the end of the first decade of the 21st century, Harvard had educated seven US presidents
  3. Harvard University does not only accept students who are good with education and grades but also have other skills like sports leadership and communication skills
  4. Harvard University offers education in both technical and non-technical courses as both engineering and medical and other courses like humanities for the students
  5. Harvard University is one among the top five universities in the world according to the top universities data
  6. In terms of packages, salaries, job opportunities and placement ratio Harvard is one of the best in the world
  7. Harvard not just focuses on education but also on extracurricular activities like sports, clubs and much more events on a much higher scale compared to IITs
  8. Harvard is located in a wonderful location
  9. Harvard has one of the largest libraries in the world
  10. Irrespective of the caste & creed of the student, Harvard also offers a financial aid program where they offers scholarships to students whose family members earn money less than 65000 dollars per annum.

With that said let’s end the article.


These are all the things you need to know between both the educational institutions in detail.

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