Why bits Pilani is expensive yet so famous & better than IIT?

In this article let’s take a look at Why bits pilani is so expensive yet so famous college explained and in what aspects this college is better compared to IITs and nit & iiits.

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Why bits Pilani is so expensive yet so famous & better than IIT?

If you don’t have time to read the entire article then in order to summarise,

Bits Pilani is expensive college for engineering in our country because it has collaborations with international colleges like Massachusetts institute of Technology and many other industries and it is completely a private college which has a much better education system compared to most engineering colleges like IITs in our country and it is famous because

it has some crazy rules like zero attendance policy and internship and startup focused and obviously It has great infrastructure and facilities and offers good placement and salary packages for the students graduated from the college.

BITS Pilani is accredited with A grade by NAAC and It is only private engineering institute in India to be ranked in Q’s ranking of top universities in the world.

Now let’s take a look at step by step on why bits pilani is expensive yet so famous and better college than IITs.

Private college & admission on merit

The main benefit of BITS Pilani college is that you can get admission into this college based upon your merit score you get in bitsat entrance exam not upon any caste reservation and they don’t have any management quota as well which is common in many government and private engineering colleges in our country, because admission is based upon merit, only best students can get in the college.

This is only possible because this college has its own entrance exam of bits sat and it is a private college owned by birla group and this is the main reason why bits pilani is in my opinion better than IIT because more than 60% of seats in IIT are reserved to certain caste students which is unfair for the students because admission is not on the basis of merit.

Collaborations and partnerships of the college

Another beautiful thing about bits pilani is,

This college was established in 1964 and it has collaborations with MIT of USA and adopted education system of the University which in fact is the top university of the world after surpassing Harvard and Stanford University in the world, the University also has many memorandum of understanding with other universities of various countries for research and exchange of faculty to provide best education.

This is also one main reason why this college is so expensive because it is different engineering college in our country because it has many collaborations and international ties with foreign universities like Massachusetts institute of Technology which is the top university in the world.

Great teaching faculty

Even the faculty and Professors at BITS Pilani is also very good because the admission is very tough to become a professor in BITS Pilani, only best professor with high knowledge and education qualifications can join BITS Pilani and they also get high salary so they are very interested in teaching subjects to students and they are also very caring and interactive with the students.

This is also one reason why this college is so expensive.

Rules of the college

Another important reason is there are some rules in the college like the students can create their own time table if they want and if they are not happy and convenient with their time table of the college then they can select their own classes and attend them whenever they want according to their convenience,

there is also zero attendance policy which means the students need not to attend classes all the time except a few compulsory labs need to be attended so this gives students freedom to explore new things in undergraduation and they also have internship program called practise school which gives them practical skills During their graduation which can help them with their get the job.

High salary packages and placement ratio

Well we should not forget about the salary offered in BITS Pilani college because it is what matters at the end, 1.4 crore is the highest package offered to a BITS Pilani student in the year of 2013, approximately 90% of students get placed and get a job from this college and average salary is 25-30 LPA which is better compared to most of the engineering colleges in our country.

But in terms of salary packages and better placements obviously IITs have upper hand because they are not only very old but also popular educational institutions and also there are 23 IITs compared to 4 bits colleges.

Great infrastructure & facilities

You can also get amazing infrastructure and facilities such as clubs gyms labs like OLAB restaurants and cafeteria sports complex indoor stadiums & cricket grounds auditorium computer labs communication centres health care centres and hospitals, mess, libraries workshops banks.

Great hostels and food for the students

Even though this comes under infrastructure and facilities but compared to other top engineering colleges the hostels and food facilities provided for BITS Pilani students are much better because it is always a complaint of bad hostels, bathrooms and food facilities of students but it is not always the case with BITS Pilani college, many students rate infrastructure 4.5 out of 5 star which is quite good, you can check out the students review of the college infrastructure by clicking here.

This is why bits is slightly better than IIT.

Entrepreneurship focused

BITS Pilani also has a great Startups & entrepreneurship culture as many entrepreneurs are graduated from BITS Pilani colleges and they also have spark angel program to invest in the Startups of BITS Pilani graduates.

Internship focused

Internship is very important for any student because they will get practical experience & implement what they have learnt in the college in the real life, because of this BITS Pilani has a program called practice school which Provides students an opportunity to Practice what they have learnt, in marque Organizations under the supervision of a mentor.

Students actually work on various technologies and disciplines and it is around seven and a half months long period of internship which will help students get practical experience and gain multiple skills and also secure a PPO and the selection for the internship is merit based.

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