Is Duke University good for computer science?

In this article let’s take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of attending Duke University to understand whether it is good university for studying computer science MBA business engineering and other important courses.

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Is Duke University good for studying engineering and computer science?

Yes, Duke University is very good college for studying computer science and other engineering branches as a matter of fact it is one of the best universities in the world by US news and top universities, there are many courses interdisciplinary programs you can study, the university has great alumni and amazing research opportunities, You can also get need based scholarships, etc.

Now let’s take a look at all the benefits and drawbacks of studying in Duke University.

Benefits and drawbacks of studying in Duke University

Benefits of studying in Duke University

  1. One of the main advantages is that the University offers a lot of courses both majors and minors interdisciplinary courses and certificates to the students, You can study subjects from engineering to arts to architecture to medicine business and many more in the university, You can also study in foreign universities from the University and also foreign languages to move out of comfort zone, learn new things.
  2. Another advantage is the history and reputation of the university as a matter of fact it is founded in 1838, Apart from that the University also ranks at number ninth spot of the best universities in America by US News and 50th spot of best universities in the world so it is not just old but very well renowned university.
  3. Another important benefit is You can get both need-based and merit-based scholarships in the University which is great unlike Ivy league colleges where there are only need based scholarships available, 130 million dollars is the amount of money the university pays to the students in scholarships and grants every year, 50% of the students receive some sort of financial aid from the University
  4. Another advantage is the research facilities that you can get from the University is also very great, 53 percentage of the students participate in some sort of research project in the University and the University funds approximately 800 million dollars in research every year, there are various labs and research facilities you can find in the University and the University is also known for various discoveries in the research field like It is the first university to use in student pump in children under the age 3, first university to use ethyl nitrite to treat pulmonary hypertension in newborns, and many more popular discoveries
  5. Another advantage is the alumni of the University as a matter of fact there are 15 Nobel laureates, Richard Nixon, Melinda gates Tim Cook, CEOs of top companies like Apple Morgan Stanley Pfizer, McDonald’s general motors, popular alumni of the University include politicians diplomats military personnel authors scientists athletes and many more Which is really awesome and a great thing
  6. Another advantage is the professors and faculty, Just like other top universities even the professors of Duke University are basically experts, hold phd degrees, the interaction between the student and professor of the University is beyond classroom, there will be many faculty outings, dinners, professors try to be mentors to the students, student faculty ratio is 8:1, and students also participate in research along with the professors, etc
  7. Another advantage is the facilities, You have world class libraries, research facilities, sports complex, museums dining and housing areas, parking and transportation lots, medical centre and many more.
  8. Another advantage is the entrepreneurship culture that is present in the universities also very great, some top companies started by the alumni are coinbase, skillz, handy, etc, What’s amazing is that you get lots of courses mentorship facilities and incubators laboratories funding opportunities strong network, You can get all of them in the university which is great, and because the university has such a great entrepreneurial culture most popular alumni of the University are CEOs of top companies like Apple McDonald’s and others I mentioned earlier
  9. Another advantage is that you can find more than 700 different student societies and groups to join in the University and there are also various groups for sports like baseball football basketball cycling hockey skating golf rugby running and the best benefit of joining clubs is that you will find and meet like-minded people grow your network and interpersonal skills
  10. Another advantage is the salary, $93000 is the average salary of students and engineers graduated from Duke University, This is much higher than the average salary of the nation, and more than 90% of the students have reported that they have received job offers during their study, and you can get placement in top companies like Google Microsoft Facebook Morgan Stanley and others
  11. The last advantage is of its location, the campus is around 8,600 acres of the University, the universities located in the state of North Carolina, the location has been named 5th best for stem jobs by USA Today, It is very affordable place to stay and also has a good weather, there are many companies like Cisco Amazon Walmart Deloitte Bank of America IBM etc located in the state, the university has one of the best traditions and food cultures among many universities of America.

These are all the advantages of Duke University.

Drawbacks of studying in Duke University

  1. One of the main disadvantages with this university is the acceptance rate is around 7%, which means the university is very picky and selective and also very tough to get admission into, Just like Harvard and top Ivy League colleges even Duke University has its own criteria for admission like the students must have some extra curricular activities, student should be ambitious hardworking curious, creative and enthusiastic, should have good sat scores, good essay, etc
  2. Another disadvantage is for undergraduate admissions there are only 9% of the students from international countries which means there are not many international students get admission and study in the University
  3. Another disadvantage is the expense of education is quite high, to study in this university it will cost you $77,000 including the tuition fees and other expenses for 1 year and this amount is almost equal to Harvard University, but thankfully the University provides scholarships of both need and merit based.

These are all the advantages and disadvantages of studying in Duke University.


These are all the things you need to know about studying in Duke University.

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