Is bits Pilani good for computer science? Pros & cons

In this article let’s take a look at whether joining BITS Pilani is worth it or it is an overrated college by looking at all the benefits and drawbacks of joining BITS Pilani in detail.

i have found all pros and cons of bits Pilani college after interviewing more than dozens of graduates of pilani students and interacting them on forums and social media sites and after doing thorough research so information i provided in this article is very credible and authentic.

So further ADO let’s get started.

Is joining bits Pilani worth it or overrated? Pros & cons

If you don’t have the time to read this article then in short,

BITS Pilani is definitely one of the best engineering colleges you can find and definitely it is worth it to join the college if you can get a chance.

A few reasons why BITS Pilani is not overrated but definitely worth it are,

  1. The admission in this colleges is based upon merit of the student not upon any caste reservation or management quota
  2. There are certain rules such as 0% attendance and students can create their own time table which make it unique compared to other engineering colleges in our country
  3. This college has great infrastructure and facilities for the students and also has amazing faculty and Professors
  4. They also have great support and encouragement towards startups and businesses
  5. They also have 90% placement percentage and the average salary of a student graduating from the college is around 25 LPA.
  6. These colleges are popular across the world and the parent campus of BITS, at Pilani (Rajasthan), have a  collaboration with MIT of USA , because of this if you graduate from bits Pilani you can have more influence and opportunity to study in many foreign universities because the tag of BITS Pilani graduate can help you a lot just like how IITian tag would help you in future studies & opportunities.

This college also has been accredited with A grade by NAAC and as a matter of fact this is the only college which has been featured in top 200 private colleges in Q’s best colleges for engineering in the world.

You should join this college if you are financially strong, stable, you are a very competitive person and you also have a lot of self-discipline because first of all the college fees are quite high compared to other colleges (scholarships are available) and the entrance exam of BITS Pilani is also very competitive because of Limited seats.

Now that you know why bits Pilani is definitely a good college to join & not overrated let’s take a look at why you should and should not join this college by looking at the pros and cons in detail.

Why you should and should not join BITS Pilani college (pros and cons of BITS Pilani)

Why you should join BITS Pilani college, Pros of bits Pilani.

  1. Admission based on merit– the main benefit of BITS Pilani college is that you can get admission into this college based upon your merit score you get in bitsat entrance exam not upon any caste reservation and they don’t have any management quota as well which is common in many government and private engineering colleges in our country, because admission is based upon merit, only best students can get in the college.
  2. Scholarship available-even the scholarship is also based upon either merit marks & percentage scored in the entrance exam BITSAT, or the student is topper in 12th board or physically disabled or scholarships are also Awarded to students whose annual family income from all sources is less than Rs. 8 Lakhs
  3. Dual degrees programme- Programme will be given an opportunity to work under the dual degree scheme for a second degree in B.E programme. This assignment is made by competition on their performance at BITS at the end of first year, separately in all bits campus in india.
  4. Support & encouragement of start-ups– BITS Pilani also has a great Startups & entrepreneurship culture as many entrepreneurs are graduated from BITS Pilani colleges and they also have spark angel program to invest in the Startups of BITS Pilani graduates.
  5. Zero percent Attendance rule-this is a popular rule in BITS Pilani college, there is 0% attendance rule and it does not matter whether the students attend the class or not, except attending a few compulsory labs and projects, students can decide on their own whether they should attend the classes or not and because of this rule students have more time and freedom to learn new skills apart from attending college whenever they want.
  6. Great infrastructure and facilities-you can also get amazing infrastructure and facilities such as clubs gyms labs like OLAB restaurants and cafeteria sports complex indoor stadiums & cricket grounds auditorium computer labs communication centres health care centres and hospitals, mess, libraries workshops banks
  7. Great hostels & food for students-even though this comes under infrastructure and facilities but compared to other top engineering colleges the hostels and food facilities provided for BITS Pilani students are much better because it is always a complaint of bad hostels, bathrooms and food facilities of students but it is not always the case with BITS Pilani college, many students rate infrastructure 4.5 out of 5 star which is quite good, you can check out the students review of the college infrastructure by clicking here.
  8. Students can create their own timetable- another interesting thing about BITS Pilani is that the students can get the freedom to create their own time table and select their own classes and lectures if they are not very comfortable with their College time table and classes timings, this is what makes BITS Pilani unique, attractive and different from other engineering colleges in our country.
  9. Amazing faculty- even the faculty and Professors at BITS Pilani is also very good because the admission is very tough to become a professor in BITS Pilani, only best professor with high knowledge and education qualifications can join BITS Pilani and they also get high salary so they are very interested in teaching subjects to students and they are also very caring and interactive with the students.
  10. Lots of clubs & fests in college- there are lots of student clubs you can join in BITS Pilani like Vishwakarma club, business analytics club, finomanianic and there are many fests conducted in the college like bitsmun, oasis, Apogee, etc in various genres and because of this students can build a lot of network with their colleagues and develop important skills like teamwork leadership negotiation communication and other soft skills important in their life through fests, events, contests of clubs and fests.
  11. Great placement offers-well we should not forget about the salary offered in BITS Pilani college because it is what matters at the end, 1.4 crore is the highest package offered to a BITS Pilani student in the year of 2013, approximately 90% of students get placed and get a job from this college and average salary is 20-25 LPA which is better compared to most of the engineering colleges in our country.
  12. Focus on internship-internship is very important for any student because they will get practical experience & implement what they have learnt in the college in the real life, because of this BITS Pilani has a program called practice school which Provides students an opportunity to Practice what they have learnt, in marque Organizations under the supervision of a mentor. Students work on cutting edge technologies and could choose to Practice in their own discipline of study or cross discipline areas, this is seven and a half months long program, This flagship program not only nurtures students to work in roles needing multi-functional skills but also provides them an opportunity to secure a PPO, The selection of students and their allotment to a company is done by the Practice school Division following a merit based allotment process.

These are all the benefits of joining BITS Pilani college.

Why you should not join BITS Pilani college, Cons of bits pilani.

  1. Higher fees-This is one of the major reasons why majority of the students avoid this college, As per the BITS Pilani fees structure, candidates will have to pay Rs 39,800 as admission fee and Rs 1,78,000 for Semester 1 and 2. The fee for 2nd year is 1,94,000, for 3rd year is 2,11,500, and it will cost you around 18 lacs to get your education from BITS Pilani college for 4 years including the education and hostel charges which is huge amount of money but it is sometimes justified because it does not have any relationship with government as because it is completely private.
  2. Difficult exam-BITSAT is the entrance exam for getting admission into BITS Pilani , more than 3 lakh students apply for this exam for only 2000 seats available in three different campuses of BITS Pilani which are BITS Pilani BITS Goa and BITS Hyderabad and this exam is also multiple choice questions based conducted only once every year online and the students only have two chances to attempt the exam and clear it to get admission.
  3. Rules of the college-there are certain rules of this college such as 0% attendance and students can create their own time table which can be drawback sometimes because students would have to be disciplined and manage time properly which not everyone can do & it is very subjective thing.

These are all the main benefits and drawbacks of joining BITS Pilani college.

With that said let’s end the article.


These are all the things you need to know regarding whether you should join BITS Pilani college or not.

Do comment down what do you think about BITS Pilani college in the comment section below.

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