5 best BSc degree courses for MPC students

In this article let’s take a look at 5 best BSc degree courses along with what is the specialisation salary and job opportunities in future for MPC students.

So, if you are confused regarding which BSc degree course you should choose after MPC then you should read this article till the end.

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5 best Bsc degree courses for mpc students

Bsc computer science

Bsc computer science is one of the best courses you can take after your intermediate education from mpc branch.

Bsc computer science is a branch where you will learn about how to create computer software and hardware and you will gain skills of coding, programming languages, creating software programs, web dev, app de, and data base management etc subjects and specializations in this 3 years program you can get many jobs like information analyst, computer programmer, software developer,

network programmer, cyber security manager, database manager and you can also become a freelance web developer and app developer and many more jobs.

And according to Payscale the average salary of a computer programmer is around 5 lakh rupees per annum in India and your salary will depend upon your overall skill set, the company you work for, your overall experience, and your type of job

And on many online job platforms like naukri.com you can find more than 90000 plus open jobs to apply for software developer which shows that there is a huge demand of software development in the industry.

Bsc information technology

This is another interesting and popular course you can take for mpc students.

For those who don’t know the difference between computer science and information technology, CS deals with creating software, computer systems and theoretical part of subject where as IT deals with practical and real-life applications of the skills you learn like maintaining and operate the computer systems.

This degree is primarily focused on subjects such as software, databases, and networking.

According to a report of money control,

The IT and Business Services market is projected to reach USD 19.93 billion by the end of 2025.

The number of jobs in IT is going to increase in future as well since more people are getting connected through internet after jio internet revolution which made internet access very affordable for indians

After getting this degree you can get a job such as a programmer, network engineer, IT consultant, information analyst, web designer, etc.

The average salary of an information technology analyst in India is 7 lakh rupees per annum and your salary will always depend upon factors including what is your job type, experience and skill set etc.

Bsc agriculture

BSc Agriculture is a 4-year undergraduate course that primarily focuses on research and practices in agricultural science, dealing with disciplines like Genetics and Plant Breeding, Agricultural Microbiology, Soil Science, Plant Pathology, etc.

The major BSc Agriculture subjects are Plant Genetics, Agricultural Meteorology, Food Technology, Horticulture, Agronomy, Animal Husbandry, Soil Science, Agricultural Economics, Plant Breeding, Plant Pathology, Agriculture Engineering, Sericulture, to name a few.

Students who are from agricultural rural areas can definitely opt for this course. It is because mainly the rural economy of India is dependent on agriculture.

Even students from urban areas can choose this course as there is increasing demand for agricultural produce market recently.

The recent trend of organic farming is leading to an increase in the number of enthusiasts in this field.

Sectors like food processing, dairy industry, poultry industry, fertilizer Production Company, FMCG and institutions offer the best job opportunities for such graduates.

After getting a degree in Bsc agriculture you can get different job opportunities like soil Forestry officer, soil quality officer, plant breeder, agriculture expert, assistant manager in agriculture and horticulture, etc.

There are also self-employment opportunities for graduates who completed their BSc in agriculture. Graduates can start their own consultancy firm where they can consult farmers for improving farming methods and crop productivity.

Graduates can practice advanced farming methods on their own farms and generate a hefty output from it.

You can do things like,

  • Start your own self farming business or
  • Start your own poultry farming or goat farming or
  • Start your own dairy unit or other animal husbandary

According to indeed the average salary of an agricultural expert in India is around 50000 rupees per month.

BSc nautical science

This is a 3 years course which deals with maintenance and operation of devices used in marine vehicles such as ships during the trade between countries.

  • Navigation,
  • Cargo work,
  • Ship operation Technology,
  • Ship Construction,
  • Naval Architecture,
  • Voyage Planning
  •  Maritime Law,
  • Marine Engineering ,

Are few things you will learn in this course.

After completing your degree in BSC nautical science you can get job in many PSU companies like DRDO and merchant Navy jobs in shipping corporation of India, Hindustan Shipyard Limited, cochin shipyard Limited, ONGC, etc.

The average salary of a graduate from BSc nautical science is around 6-8 lakhs rupees per annum in India and you can learn more about pros and cons of merchant navy as a career in detail.

Bsc fashion technology

B.Sc in Fashion Technology course or Bachelor of Science in Fashion Technology is a 3-years course on advanced level learning about the fashion industry.

BSc Fashion Technology is concerned with crafting and manufacturing cloth material that is pleasant to see and pleasant to wear.

B.Sc in Fashion Technology focuses on things like,

  • fabric design,
  • design process management,
  • concept management,
  • fashion accessory design,
  • fashion merchandising,
  • marketing, and colour mixing.

The Indian textile industry is estimated around 108 billion dollar and is going to grow to reach 223 billion dollars by 2021, There are 45 million directly employed and 60 million indrectly in this industry and this industry gives over 5% of share in GDP of the country,

After getting the degree in BSC fashion technology you can get jobs like assistant manager, textile designers, retail merchandiser, personal stylist, fashion designer, production manager, fashion writer, etc.

Average salary of a student graduated from BSc fashion technology is between 3-9 lakh rupees for annum.

In my opinion These are top five best BSc degree courses for MPC students Which have high demand and salary with good future and there are other popular BSc degree courses such as

  1. BSc physics
  2. BSc forestry
  3. BSc animation
  4. BSc maths
  5. BSc applied electronics
  6. BSc chemistry
  7. BSc geology
  8. BSc product design
  9. BSc geography
  10. BSc statistics
  11. BSc aviation
  12. BSc aeronautics
  13. BSC hotel Management
  14. BSc film making
  15. BSc electronics and communication

Most of these courses are highly competitive and have less demand, salary so I have not used them in my favourite list of BSc courses for MPC students.


There are two ways to get admission into colleges which offer BSc degree courses for MPC students which are mentioned below with examples.

  1. First method to get admission is based upon how many marks and percentage you have scored in your 12th intermediate education usually 55-60% or above marks is considered as minimum score to get admission.
  2. Second method to get admission is based upon the marks and merit list of the entrance exam of individual colleges.

Most colleges take admission of the students based upon the percentage of marks students have scored in intermediate education and some colleges have their own entrance exam like Osmania University of Hyderabad Telangana in order to get admission for degree course.

With that said let’s end the article.


These are all the best BSc courses you can choose for MPC students.

Do comment down what are the other best BSc degree courses for mpc students in the comment section below.

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