is stanford good for engineering, worth it

In this article let’s take a look at reasons why studying computer science and other engineering branches at Stanford is good and worth the money.

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What is Stanford University?

Stanford University is a private research university located in California, near the city of Palo Alto.

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Stanford University consist of seven schools which are,

  1. School of business
  2. school of medicine
  3. school of law
  4. school of engineering
  5. School of humanities
  6. School of Earth and environmental sciences
  7. School of graduation of education

Stanford is one of the best universities for engineering and it offers 9 engineering branches which are aeronautics and astronautics, computer science engineering, civil and mechanical engineering, biochemical engineering, chemical engineering electrical engineering material science engineering, etc.

But In this article we will take a look at a few reasons why getting a degree and certificate from school of engineering of Stanford University is worth it.

8 Reasons Why you should study engineering at Stanford

To summarise, getting a degree of engineering from Stanford University is definitely worth the money because Stanford is not just the one of the best universities for engineering but also has great entrepreneurship culture, faculty for the students and you can also get scholarship depending upon your family income and assets and overall Stanford degree in computer science and other engineering branches is definitely worth the money.

Let’s take a look at all the reasons in detail.

Salary packages for the students

One of the main advantages of studying computer science and other engineering degrees at Stanford is that you can expect to get a high salary package for the students.

According to pay scale the average salary of a software engineer graduated from Stanford is around 120 thousand dollars per annum which is really amazing salary package.

AirBnB, Amazon, Apple, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, Lyft, Microsoft, Oracle, Paypal, Yelp, etc are a few top companies where you can get placement after graduating from computer science and other engineering branches from Stanford so apart from high salary package you can also get job benefits like insurance, paid leaves and other job facilities.

Reputation and ranking of the college

Another reason to study in Stanford is because of its reputation and ranking of the college.

According to top universities, Stanford University ranks in top 3 for best universities in the world overall and ranks in top 2 for best universities for engineering branch so it is definitely one of the best universities for education in the world.

And just getting a degree and engineering certificate from Stanford is extremely enough to get a job because any employer when recruiting a candidate will get extremely impressed by looking at your degree from Stanford University in your CV as it can play a huge role because of the reputation of the college is so high which creates positive impression about the candidate for the recruiter.

Stanford is the alma mater of one president of the United States (Herbert Hoover), 74 living billionaires, and 17 astronauts. It is also one of the leading producers of Fulbright Scholars, Marshall Scholars, Rhodes Scholars, and members of the United States Congress

Scholarships and financial aid

One of the most important concerns of the student is regarding the expensive education when it comes to joining world class universities like Stanford Harvard and Oxford but thankfully this University also offers a lot of scholarships and financial aid for the students who cannot afford it.

Financial aid program is need-based, meaning that all aid eligibility is determined by your family’s financial circumstances.

There are various factors for the eligibility of this scholarships in Stanford University like your family financial income, total size of the family, number of members who attend the college and assets of the family, and families who earn less than 65 thousand dollars per annum pay nothing

for the student to attend the University, This is how Stanford gives scholarships to the students, the average scholarship amount is around $62,000 which includes stanford’s scholarship and all the grants you receive from federal government like Pell grant.

You can check out more details about the scholarship and financial aid program of Stanford University in detail here

It has a great entrepreneurship culture

Another advantage with Sanford is it has a excellent entrepreneurship culture and many students graduating from Stanford eventually start their own startups and businesses and it has a great track record.

There is a strong entrepreneurial undercurrent at Stanford. Approximately 30% of undergraduate students surveyed self-reported that they considered themselves entrepreneurial. Perhaps as was to be expected, a greater percentage of engineers (47%) responded yes than those majoring in humanities and science (20%)

Stanford alumni have founded numerous companies, which combined produce more than $2.7 trillion in annual revenue and have created 5.4 million jobs as of 2011, roughly equivalent to the 7th largest economy in the world (as of 2020).

Stanford strongly believes that every student can definitely make a difference in the society, world as long as he loves the work he do and he is passionate about it and if his ideas are properly supported with guidance then amazing things can happen so Stanford offers a lot of courses for entrepreneurship marketing and also industry specific courses for example you can find courses if you want to start a business in any specific industry like medicine or law such as startup garage is one such course of Stanford University.

The Startup Garage is an experiential lab course that focuses on the design, testing and launch of a new venture. Multidisciplinary student teams work through an iterative process of understanding user needs, creating a point of view statement, ideating and prototyping new product and services and their business models, and communicating the user need, product, service and business models to end-users, partners, and investors.

In the autumn quarter, teams will: identify and validate a compelling user need and develop very preliminary prototypes for a new product or service and business models. Students form teams, conduct field work and iterate on the combination of business model – product – market. Teams will present their first prototypes (business model – product – market) at the end of the quarter to a panel of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors and faculty.

Because of such huge support for entrepreneurship it comes no surprise that many top companies like Google micron PayPal Nike Expedia Yahoo Cisco HP etc were founded by the graduates of this Stanford University as knowledge and education is ultimate power which students can get from Stanford which can act as a great foundation and teach important lessons early in their entrepreneurial journey.

Interdisciplinary & mini courses

Another thing which really amazes me about Stanford University is of its interdisciplinary and mini courses facility.

According to Wikipedia the actual definition is, interdisciplinary studies involves the combination of two or more academic disciplines into one activity. It draws knowledge from several other fields like sociology, anthropology, psychology, economics etc. It is about creating something by thinking across boundaries.

Stanford has 18 designated independent laboratories, centers and institutes, that provide a physical and intellectual intersection between schools and disciplines. These interdisciplinary institutes are in line with Stanford’s longstanding tradition of crossing boundaries to tackle large problems, engaging faculty and their students in collaborations that range from international and economic studies to challenges facing the environment, energy and health. You can check out all the interdisciplinary programs here

Mini Courses are short format, one to three week courses. The condensed format allows faculty and students to explore a topic without the commitment of a full quarter course. This format also allows faculty to provide intensive learning experiences that cannot feasibly be sustained over a full quarter. You can also take many mini courses at Stanford.

And this is why Stanford ranks in top two best engineering colleges in the world because even if you pursue engineering degree you can still get knowledge of business or industry specific course for entrepreneurship without spending a large amount of time in it through mini courses.

Big campus location

Another big highlight of Stanford is its campus location, it’s a staggering 8,180 acres and is home to more than 43,000 trees, 800 species of plants, and 25 fountains.

Stanford has 16 different bike locker compounds on campus with capacity for 355 bikes and three bike cage locations with capacity for 109 bikes for a total of 464 secured bike parking spaces. In addition, the campus has over 19,000 free-standing outdoor bike parking spaces.

So the whether in Stanford is also very pleasant and this is advantage because you will have to spend more than 4 years if you want to get your engineering degree from any university so having a good whether in the University is very important which is why Stanford is also one of the best choice.

Apart from the whether, distance between Stanford University and silicon valley is less than 20 miles so it is very close to silicon valley which is home for top tech companies like Facebook Amazon Google and Microsoft so you can easily visit this place & get a job.

Excellent faculty and professors support

Another important factor of selecting the right university for education is looking at whether the faculty and professors are good or not because those are the people who will teach the subject to you as a student and help you clarify your doubts and ignite inspiration in you about any subject and when it comes to Stanford, It has some of the best faculty and professors support for the students which is sometimes overlooked and taken for granted In many universities.

Faculty members serve as research mentors and Resident Fellows, freshman advisors and internship sponsors. They serve as Resident Fellows, or RFs, who live in or adjacent to student residences and act as leaders for their communities. They are accessible during office hours and at dorm dinner tables so the relationship between the teacher and professor is beyond the classroom and blackboard in Stanford.

What is more amazing about Stanford faculty is more than 20 professors are noble laureates and 35 professors of Stanford won Nobel prize since the founding of the college and currently the Stanford University has more than 2300 professors in the college.

The student-faculty ratio at Stanford University is 5:1, and the school has 68.6% of its classes with fewer than 20 students.

Amazing faculty and professors is a big highlight and plus point of Stanford.

Grow your network and focus on overall development of the students

Another thing about Stanford is that is not only helps the student grow and improve his academics but also focus on overall development of the student because there are many clubs and sports events & competitions students you can participate in as a student to help develop skills like leadership teamwork networking negotiation skills logical thinking planning decision making and other soft skills which will help you when you get a job.

And Stanford is also one of the hardest universities to get admission into since it has acceptance rate of 5% because just like Harvard, Stanford also looks for other qualities apart from academic grades and percentage like self-confidence, leadership extracurricular activities and creativity to check what the student can offer to the community of Stanford before giving him the admission so it is very tough to get admission into Stanford solely on the basis of academics which is why building a network in Stanford is really great because only best students can get admission into it.

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These are all the reasons why you should study computer science and other engineering branches in Stanford.

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