Is Harvard good for engineering

In this article let’s take a look at what Harvard University is and whether the degree that you get from Harvard University is valid in India or not and also take a look at if Harvard degree is worth it by looking at all The advantages and disadvantages of getting a degree from Harvard in detail.

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Is Harvard degree valid in india?

It depends upon which course you are talking about for example if you have a Harvard degree related to medical and law or arts or history then You should get equivalence from professional and government bodies of our country to get your degree valid but if we are talking about degrees related to engineering like computer science or electrical engineering then harvard degree can be valid in India as long as the programmes and time periods of those programs are similar to Indian.

Number of foreign universities allow students to complete their postgraduate degree quickly (compared to Indian institutes) as acceptance of credits and credit transfer is common in a number of foreign and Indian universities. These courses were not given equivalence in India, but the AIU later changed its policy to accommodate programmes shortened on account of credits accepted by foreign universities.

Now let’s take a look at whether getting a degree from Harvard is worth it or not.

Is Harvard degree worth it?

To summarise in brief words, Harvard University degree is definitely worth it because first of all getting admission into Harvard is extremely difficult and Harvard has ample amount of courses to choose from for the students and has great faculty, infrastructure for students, they also have scholarships for those who cannot afford the expenses of the education, Harvard also focuses on overall development of the student apart from academics so overall Harvard degree is definitely worth it in my opinion.

But there are some important disadvantages also with regards to Harvard degree like expensive education and high competition, let us take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of Harvard University in detail.

Pros and cons of Harvard University

Pros of Harvard University

  1. One of the main advantages of Harvard University is that it offers more than 3,700 courses including engineering medical humanities arts social, mythology films architecture and much more so you can choose anyone out of thousands of courses and you can expect great teaching facilities
  2. Another interesting thing about Harvard is its location, Harvard is at the center of Cambridge, giving individuals immediate access to the city’s dense mixture of retailers, restaurants, and diversion. Cambridge is an element of Boston’s comprehensive public transit. With buses, cabs, and a subway stop right in the middle of Harvard sq., you’ll simply get anyplace you would like to travel. Downtown Beantown is simply a 12-minute ride from the field.
  3. Harvard also has a top class infrastructure and facilities like multimedia development lab libraries public computers playgrounds, auditorium gyms, research facilities, sports complex, video conference facilities, hostels, and internship programs, etc
  4. Another advantage of Harvard is that they have great faculty and professors to teach the subject and concepts to the students, Nobel laureates lead introductory courses. Pulitzer Prize-winning authors teach General Education courses. National Book Award winners give Freshman Seminars. From First-Year Faculty Dinners to intensive seminars, Harvard students engage and collaborate with faculty in many different contexts. Professors have a vested interest in students’ success and share a deep commitment to undergraduate education, the relationship between teacher and student is beyond the classroom and this is why Harvard is one of the best universities
  5. Another advantage of Harvard University is that you can also get scholarship and financial aid as a matter of fact one out of five students study in Harvard without paying a single penny, Harvard scholarships are need based which means if your family earns less than $65,000 per annum then you will have to pay no money to study in Harvard and you also have to study and work alongside in Harvard to pay off some of your expenses and scholarship fees
  6. Another benefit of Harvard is it’s ranking as a matter of fact Harvard University is ranking in top 5 best universities in the world and this university is also popular as many students graduated from Harvard are in the top positions of the society like Nobel laureates and presidents of USA, in top positions of politics of America and also founded many companies like Facebook and Microsoft, Yes I am talking about Mark Zuckerberg and Bill gates
  7. $85000 per annum is the average package of engineering students graduated from Harvard of course the money depends upon the engineering background and academics score of the student and the highest package of Harvard alumni graduates are Healthcare & Alternative Medicine professionals at $394,000 annually and since you have graduated from top university you can get placement in top tech companies
  8. Another benefit of Harvard is that there are more than 450 clubs, sports teams and organisations you can join and the best benefit of this is that you will learn important skills like leadership teamwork communication skills negotiation skills and gain knowledge, meet like-minded people and grow your network, It will decrease your stress and help you in tough times and there are many sport events, competitions and festivals take place in Harvard University which help you develop overall not just in academics which is really great
  9. Harvard University also has a good gender ratio with 49% of the students are male and 51% of the students are female and this is a good thing because both male and female can interact with each other and improve their relationships and improve the skills of teamwork and communication
  10. Admission into Harvard is not just based upon how many marks and percentage scored in the entrance exam like SAT and ACT, they also look for other things like whether the student is good at sports leadership extracurricular activities creativity self confidence time management self discipline and many more things before they give admission to the student which is why it is very difficult to get admission into Harvard even though you get good marks in your entrance exam

These are all the advantages of Harvard University, now let’s take a look at the disadvantages.

Cons of Harvard University

  1. The main disadvantage of Harvard University is it is very expensive to study, for example if you want to do engineering then you will have to spend more than $50,000 for tuition fees for 1 year engineering and overall you have to spend $200,000 for the tuition fees for 4 years of engineering, even though you get scholarship but still it is very expensive and scholarships are not for everyone and their need based, You can check out the fees of Harvard University here
  2. Another disadvantage of Harvard University is it is very difficult to get admission into because apart from the score of sat and act, Harvard will also consider your personality and attitude while admission and the acceptance rate of Harvard is around 5% which means out of 100 only 5 students can get admission and there are only 5200 seats available for undergraduate programs in Harvard but It receives more than 60000 applications every year both from nation and international countries

These are both advantages and disadvantages of Harvard University.

With that Said let’s conclude the article


These are all the things you need to know about Harvard University.

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