Is MCA a good career option?

In this article let’s take a look at 7 reasons why doing mca is worth it and a good career option so lets get started.

  1. Tech Skills

One of the main reasons why MCA is worth it is because of the amazing text skills that you can get because in MCA you can choose different types of specializations like artificial intelligence machine learning data science web development and many more feels which ever you are interested in and from there you can also learn so many programming languages and much more important and amazing technology skills which are really useful for you if you want to get ahead in your take career so this is obviously one of the main reasons why you should do MCA.

  1. Alternative for btech

Another major reason to do MCA is that it is a good alternative for students who don’t want to do engineering but want to get into software field like want to become a software engineer or software developer and want to get placed in top tech companies, there are many students who can’t afford to pay the fees of the engineering colleges and there are also many students who are afraid of the competition that is present in the engineering colleges and the amount of engineers who graduate out of the engineering colleges every year so this is a good alternative course for such students

  1. Good eligibility criteria

Another major advantage is that the eligibility criteria for MCA is also very good as a metro fact even student who has done bachelor of arts can also do MCA as long as he has mathematics as one of the main subjects in his 12th so this is a big advantage for students who want to switch into text field and students from different backgrounds like commerce arts and also engineering graduates who have graduated from other branches like mechanical engineering and civil engineering can you and get into that field and become a software engineer.

  1. Get admission in nit

Another advantage is that you can also get a chance to get admission into top colleges like National institute of technology which is NIT even though there is no MCA in IIT colleges you can get admission to NIT which is one of the best colleges for tech courses and all you have to do is to qualify for the insert exam and this exam is actually not feeling difficult or not so much competitive as compared to entrance exams for IIT colleges which is JEE mains.

  1. Low competition

Another advantage is that there is relatively low competition in doing MCA as compared to engineering courses so this is also a big advantage for MCA

  1. Lower fees

And also because of low competition there is also low fees in MCA because there are not a lot of people doing MCA and there are quite a good amount of colleges present so this is also a big advantage.

  1. Higher salary 

Last but not least if you have done your bachelor of arts or any course in your bachelors degree then try pursuing MCA as your future career option because you will get higher salary and lots of new job opportunities will be open for you from there like you can become a software developer aur software engineer of many more options of career that you can choose from here on.

These are some of the major reasons why you should do MCA.