charlie munger net worth in billion

Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet's sidekick, passes at 99; a look at his net worth, properties, investments

Charli Mangal is a very popular person and vice chairman of berkshire hathway which is the popular investment company and also a partner of warren buffet is now passed away at the age of 99 on Wednesday

but many of the people are wondering what would be the net worth of his so the net worth of the time of his death is estimated to be between 2.4 billion to 2.9 billion dollars so he acquired so much of impressive fortune and wealth

from his investments and long standing partnership that he had with one buffet and also being a partner in the company of Buxar hathway and most of his wealth is actually coming from

the hathway stock that he owns in the company and also of his involvement in the process of the company as a matter of fact that present October 5th he owns more than 4 stock in

the company which are of high value and before beginning his journey investor,

he had a successful career in law where he founded a law firm called police also in los Angeles and he later shifted his focus into investment during the mid-1960 period where he is thought of managing both stocks

of real estate and stock market.
The investment portfolio of the Magar is very different and wide and value to be approximately 160 million dollars and he has stake in several large American corporations.
Having so much take in American companies shows his belief and confidence in the

American economy and strength and potential of growth in American economy and apart from stocks he also host several properties because he was very keyn in investing realistic sector so he not only managed

investments in stock but also invested a lot in real estate market as well.