My future self at the age of 25- my 2.0 version

So Praneeth Kumar at the age of 25 in 2027 is a successful digital marketer and has a digital marketing agency that generates 5 crores in revenue annually and has given employment to over 50 digital marketers and freelancers in India.

He is one of the youngest and one of the most successful digital marketers, content creators online In India, he has also been featured on top media publications like entrepreneur, fortune Forbes and in online news publications like huff post, times of india and indian express etc.

He believes in staying humble and grounded and tries to invest at least 30% of income in the stock market, he’s an angel investor at a very young age, he has invested in more than 40 different startups in various industries, he also regularly donates 10% of his money to charity and orphanages, he has over 5 sources of revenue and he firmly believes in diversitication of the revenue which he experienced by losing his income due to the covid pandemic in 2020.

He’s also a very good programmer who has a good specialisation in web development, he has also been featured as one of the top front end developers on the Upwork freelance platform.

He’s someone who reads at least 12 nonfiction books every year, he has more than 1 lakh followers on LinkedIn and creates content related to digital marketing web development programming and entrepreneurship in general topics.

He also has a more than 1 lakh subscribers on YouTube where he regularly publishes videos regarding digital marketing & entrepreneurship ideas, he also has a six figure blog related to careers and education niche, he has also written & published more than 1000 articles himself on the blog and gets more than 1 million page views to the blog every month.

He’s also the author of 3 books related to entrepreneurship and digital marketing and all the lessons he has learnt throughout the journey which have been sold hundreds and thousands of copies worldwide and it is one of his passive income sources, irrespective of how much money he makes in his life he always believes in having a journal, measuring his expenses, saving the money, investing in stocks, he’s also very down to earth and humble person you can meet.

He is a firm practitioner of intermittent fasting and mindfulness meditation for both better physical and mental health.

He has also adopted more than a dozen street dogs and also feeds them food and takes care of them. He also has a very good apartment and a duplex house in Hyderabad of Telangana state, he is a great foodie, he loves to eat biryani and prefers both veg and non veg food, he also regularly visits lots of tourist places of India like Manali and Jammu, ladakh, and foreign countries like America and Canada in first class flight, his favourite destination is Belgium, Italy and Sweden in foreign country.

He has a very closed circle of friends and he prefers to stay alone and he enjoys his own company a lot, he meditates alot and he also believes every one should be doing meditation for not just mental but spiritual growth.

[For those of you do not know what this is, This is basically an assignment of digital Deepak internship program that i have joined recently You can check more details about the internship program here if you want to learn digital marketing and build a career in that.]