How to prepare & clear JEE mains in 2, 3 months

In this article I will walk you through step by step on how you can start preparing and clear the JEE mains exam in less than 3 months or even 2 months.

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So without further ado let’s dive right in.

How to prepare and clear JEE mains in 2 months

Now everyone who is attending this exam knows this is the most toughest and highly competitive exam for getting admission into engineering colleges in our country, there is no doubt about it but even in such high competition let’s take a look at 13 tips and strategies which can help you immensely during the JEE mains & advanced exam preparation and also help you clear the exam.

  1. Create a time table- the first thing is to create a time table, you might find it a little cliche but it is where preparation starts, you should dedicate good amount of time for all the subjects which are physics chemistry and maths, You can use tools like Microsoft Excel and Google sheets to create a time table and make a Xerox of it and paste it on your study desk, the main benefit is you will have a clear road map through time table of what you should do every day rather than just being confused and clueless which will waste a lot of time and by breaking down each subject and the concepts you need to practise everyday in time table, you will have less stress of preparing for the subject because you can now look at the whole picture, You can break down each subject in many days which make it easy for you to prepare and increase confidence of clearing exam
  2. Stop using social media- Another thing you should do is to stop using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook or you can also disable or even delete this apps on your phone, It can be hard for you to stay away from this social media apps in initial days but later on you will be saving a lot of time which you can use for exam preparation and also social media can also give you a lot of anxiety, distraction and loss of focus which you can stop atleast during the exams.
  3. Create goals and deadlines everyday- the next thing is You should create goals and deadlines to complete those goals everyday and make sure that you follow your timetable, creating deadlines will make you work on your goals faster, reduce procrastination and it will make you consistent and after you achieve your goals within deadline you should reward yourself so that you can feel happy of achieving your goals, It will increase sense of achievement, accomplishment and self-confidence in you and you can repeat it to increase your productivity in exams preparation.
  4. Focus both on quality and quantity in revision- next thing is you should focus both on quality and quantity of time during exam, it is more important because you are trying to prepare for exam in last couple of months so instead of trying to study for more than 12 hours or 13 hours exhausting yourself putting a lot of stress and pressure, with very less attention and focus levels which is not really worth it so there should be a balance between quality, quantity & I recommend you to study at least six hours with high focus and concentration and increase your productivity and practise more problems, the secret of JEE exam is not how many chapters you covered & how many problems solved but how many concepts you have understood properly and remembered it and in my view, studying for more than 13 hours everyday is not worth it and can be very exhaustive instead study for 6-7 hours with peak focus
  5. Get study materials- another thing is you should get important study materials for your subjects which is maths physics and chemistry, there is no shortage of quality study materials for JEE mains but the problem is there are many so you should learn to select the best study materials like concepts of physics by HC Verma, Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by R.C. Mukherjee, Objective Mathematics by R D Sharma, You should only have one or two study materials for each subject instead of many, This will reduce confusion, expenses and increase productivity
  6. Clear all of your doubts- another thing is you should clear all of your doubts and queries you have regarding concepts and problems with your professor so that you can have complete confidence and understanding of the subject, there are many students who try to skip certain chapters in subject which they do not like or have weakness but in my opinion you should at least have knowledge of basic concepts and clear your doubts in all the chapters from your professor so you can solve any type of question asked in the chapter in the final exam and you should also take advice of exam tips and strategies from the professors, ask them how you can solve the question faster in shortcuts which can help you solve problems more faster and accurately in the exam which can save you time and energy.
  7. Give mock tests regularly- You should regularly give mock test and test series to your coaching institute both online and offline so that you can identify your strengths and weaknesses, check how much syllabus You have covered, rectify your mistakes and also test your problem solving skills, time management and prepare yourself mentally for the final exam
  8. Don’t sacrifice sleep and rest- I often see that many students skip sleep and rest during nights and prepare for exam by practising questions but it is wrong thing because sleep is very important as it gives rest to the brain and sleep deprivation means there’s no rest for the brain, and it can have severe effects in your exam like reduced concentration, less memorization skills and energy levels, anxiety and digestive problems and many more so never get sleep deprived during exams also.
  9. Avoid eating junk food- another thing is you should stop eating junk food such as fried chips, masala foods, and you should also avoid foods that drain energy, cause sleepiness and bloating, and start eating foods that increase concentration like leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits natural juices and also eat foods that increase energy levels like banana, yoghurt, beans, drink water regularly and all these things can help you a lot during exam preparation by improving concentration and maintain high energy level, reduce stress and healthy body and mind.
  10. Practise previous year questions- You should also practise previous year questions to get an idea of the question pattern, your strength and weaknesses in the subject and concept, check toughness of the questions asked, what are the common concepts and chapters asked in the exam so you can practise those more compared to others etc, it also increases your self confidence of clearing the exam
  11. Prepare at the right time-another thing is You should prepare at the right time, science has indicated that learning is most effective between 10 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 10 pm, when the brain is in an acquisition mode, You should also take power naps regularly to increase your concentration and energy instead of studying at a place for more than 4 hours straight, you can use pomodoro technique to increase productivity but it depends upon the individual if he wants to study in morning or evening or night.
  12. Preparing notes is key- note making is also very important because you are trying to prepare the exam in last couple of months so you do not have second chance to look at the problems and questions due to less time of the exam so any new concept, problem or formula you learn, you can create notes mind maps, flowcharts, diagrams for each subject like Maths, physics and chemistry so you can easily remember them in the last moment of the exam
  13. Focus on mental peace- You should also focus on mental peace and reducing anxiety, you can do this by visualisation which is visualising your future that you have successfully written the exam without any issues and you feel good about it in your mind in present and also speaking some good words about your performance in the exam in future through affirmations, also some deep breathing whenever you feel anxiety, stress, relax your muscles and doing some physical exercises like yoga and meditation to maintain your mental peace and good health atleast 10-30 minutes every day

With that said let’s end the article.


These are all the tips and strategies you can use to start preparation and clear the exam of JEE in less than 3 months or even 2 months.

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