Is Yale good for MBA, engineering & is it worth it?

In this article let’s take a look at whether is yale university good for computer science MBA and engineering and whether it is worth it or not by looking at all the pros and cons of joining Yale university.

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Is Yale good for CS, MBA, engineering & is it worth it?

Yes, Yale University is definitely good for computer science, MBA and engineering courses and it is definitely worth it, This university is best not just because of it being old and prestigious but also because of its alumni, this university has got 14th spot of the best university’s list in the global stage, 7th best University for MBA in America as per us news, eetc

Now let’s take a look at all the benefits and drawbacks of studying in the Yale University to understand better and check if you should study in this University or not.

Benefits and drawbacks of studying in Yale University

Pros of Yale University (benefits of yale university)

Courses present

One of the main benefits is that there are more than 80 majors and 2000 courses you can study in this university.

You can find courses in various subjects from arts to physical sciences to philosophy, architecture, medical, law, management, engineering, humanities, literature, history and many more.

You can click here to check out all the majors in Yale University & it’s schools.


Another benefit is the faculty of the University.

The best thing about faculty in Yale University is the student faculty ratio is 6:1 Which is really great and most of the faculty and professors who teach subjects in Yale University have Masters and PhD doctorate degrees and lot of teaching experience.

Not just that the university also offers a lot of benefits for the professors and faculty of the University like health insurance, financial weellness, personal wellness and many more.

You can check out all the professors and faculty of Yale University by clicking here.


Another benefit is the reputation of the college is also very good.

Yeh University is founded in 1701 and it is one of the oldest universities in America and this university ranks in top 6 of best universities in America and its frequently ranks in top positions of best university for various education programs in rankings of US news and other sites and overall Yale University has a good global reputation

Great alumni & Network

Another advantage is the alumni of the university.

Many Nobel laureates, prize winners, politicians,  artists, notable people have graduated from this university which you can check it out here.

Approximately 21% of the students are international students who study in this university from 120 different countries, more than 5,000 plus students study in yale

from foreign countries so there is a huge diversity in university which is a great chance of networking for the students and meet new people in the University.

Lots of groups & clubs

Another benefit is that there are lots of groups and student organisations you can join in the University.

There are hundreds of groups in Yale University from various genres like arts, comedy, sports, entrepreneurship, music, religion, politics, etc.

The main advantage of this is that students can participate in various groups and competitions events in sports and grow their skills like communication networking leadership teamwork, other skills, meet new people and grow their network.

Infrastructure and facilities

Infrastructure and facilities is also a big highlight of this university.

This university is very popular for research and laboratories facilities and there are many other facilities like dining halls, residential areas & housing for students to stay within the campus,

sports complex, health centres, libraries, Wi-Fi campus, cafeteria, museums and galleries, restaurants ATMs banks, student exchange and study abroad programs and many more.

And more importantly the university is located very near to the New York City so it is also very good thing.

Scholarships & aid

Scholarships and aid is very important for any student who is studying in university so that they can finance the education and get all the resources and books required and It is no surprise that this university also has one of the best scholarships for the students.

Let me tell you some interesting things about scholarships in the University,

  • Students have to pay zero money if the financial income of the family is less than $75,000 per annum because the scholarships are need based in the University
  • 51500$ Is the average scholarship amount of the student in the University
  • You can also get merit based scholarship outside the University from private sources & grants and the scholarship amount is based upon your performance in academics sports and other activities in the university
  • 85% of the students graduate from the University without having any student loan or debt with them because of the financial aid scholarships and grants they receive

The scholarship amount you received from the University is not repaid, the scholarship is based upon the need and financial income of the family.

And honestly speaking most Ivy league colleges are very expensive to get admission into but thankfully due to lots of financial aid, grants and merit based scholarships, most of the students can afford the education in this university.

And some students can choose to take jobs in summer to finance some of the education like books and other materials instead of taking the student loan Apart from the scholarships amount, You can check more details about it here.

Great entrepreneurship culture

Another advantage is the entrepreneurship culture in the university is also very great.

You can not only join many student clubs of entrepreneurship but also participate in the programs of entrepreneurship in the university so that

you can learn the skills required to start a business, get the support and mentorship when starting the business and also get some seed funding if possible with the help of the entrepreneurship programs and support of the Yale University.

Placements are great

And last thing is that placements and employment opportunities are also very good in this university.

As a matter of fact more than 95% of the students get placement and jobs after graduating with MBA and computer science from Yale University.

For example if you graduate with MBA from this university then some top employers are Accenture, EY (Ernst & Young), Mars & Co., Albright Stonebridge Group, McKinsey & Company, National Park Service, CT Governor’s Office, United States Navy, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Apex Clean Energy, Clearway Energy, Copenhagen Offshore Partners, etc

And if you see the average salary of a graduate of MBA from this university is around 130,000$ per annum Which is really great.

And most probably you will get a job right in the University because of the reputation of the University on the global stage.

These are all the benefits of studying in Yale University.

Cons of Yale University (drawbacks of yale university)

Few engineering branches

One of the main disadvantages I have found is that there are not many engineering branches you can study in this university like, You cannot study civil engineering or petroleum engineering or agriculture or other popular engineering branches in this university because it is not taught.

It is because most popular majors of this university are economics history political science computer science mathematics biology and other humanities subjects and not many engineering courses so there are few engineering branches you can study In this university.

Some popular engineering branches you can study in this university are mechanical, bio medical computer science chemical, electrical and aeronautical engineering.

Competition & Tough admission

Another disadvantage is that it is very competitive and tough to get admission into this University because not only the University is very prestigious and one of the top but also best university in terms of value for money so many people try to get admission to the University.

The average acceptance rate of the university is around 6% which is really tough but slightly better than its counterparts like Harvard and Stanford University which have acceptance rate around 5%.

Just like most other Ivy League colleges, there are some certain characteristics that yale University looks for when giving the admission to the student such as academic ability, good sat scores and cut off marks, leadership critical thinking and other important skills.

They look for answers of two important questions when admitting any student which are,  “Who is likely to make the most of Yale’s resources?” and “Who will contribute most significantly to the Yale community?”

And this is what makes this university so special as It is not a piece of cake to join the University.

Higher work load

Another disadvantage is there workload is quite higher in the university.

It is because the students have to take a lot of exams assignments and also a lot of credits which makes the workload quite higher if you study in this university apart from that you also have to get employment in summer to finance your education and get the student share along with the studies which will increase your workload and stress.

With that said let’s end the article.


These are all the benefits and drawbacks of studying in Yale University.

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