MSc cs vs MCA: which is better after BSC cs & BCA

In this article let’s take a look at MSc CS vs MCA, which is better course & why by looking at the difference & benefits of both in detail.

If you are confused regarding which course you should choose between the two after completing your under Graduation then you should read this article till the end

So without further ado let’s get started.


What is MSc cs?

Msc computer science is basically a 2 years PG course to basically get advanced programming languages skills and solve logical challenges using various programming languages and software skills.

What is MCA?

Masters of computer applications is basically a 2 years PG course for students who want to study about computer applications and learn programming languages where you learn both theoretical and practical knowledge, this is higher education after BCA.

Difference between the two.

Let’s take a look at the difference between the two courses by observing at different factors in a tabular form.

FactorsMSc csMCA
Eligibility criteriaStudents must have physics, maths, CS as main subjects in BSC cs, and atleast 50% minimum marks in your UG.To do MCA, you should have either BCA, BSc, BCOM, BA with maths as main subject in your UG education, and atleast 55% minimum marks in UG
Toughness of courseThis is tougher compared to MCAThis is relatively easier compared to MSc cs
SubjectsAdvanced Programming Language, Operating System, Data Structures using C, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Organisation, computer graphics, bioinformatics, and Architecture, Computer Graphics, Microprocessor and Applications, Advanced Computer Networks, System Software, Data Networking.Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science, Accounting and Financial Management, web tech, Computer Organization, java, Computer, and ‘C’ Programming, Paradigms of Programming Organizational Structure, software development and Personnel Management Data & File Structure Using ‘C’ Object-Oriented Systems in C++, Computer-Based Numerical & Statistical Techniques Combinatory & Graph Theory Computer Architecture & Microprocessor
Admission processSome colleges take admission based on merit and grades in your under graduation and other colleges take admission based on marks in the entrance exam of the college of state or national level entrance exam like gate exam & JNUEE, DUET, IPU CET, OUCET, etc entrance examSome colleges take admission based on merit and grades in your under graduation and other colleges take admission based on marks in the entrance exam of the college of state or national level entrance exam  like gate exam
Course feesThe average fees for completing M.Sc C.S from a recognized college is about 30,000 – 2,50,000.The average MCA course fee from a private college ranges between INR 30,000 to INR 2,00,000, whereas for government colleges, the course fee can be anywhere between INR 1,500 to INR 30,000, MCA course is more expensive than MSc cs
Companies that recruit the studentsJ.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (JPMCC) Wipro Amazon Inc Wipro Technologies Ltd. Oracle Infosys Cognizant TCS HCLWipro Infosys Infotech Sathyam Mahindra IBM HCL Tata Consultancy Services Accenture Capgemini Cognizant
Recruiting sectorData Science companies, IT companies, Banks, etc.IT companies data science companies product based tech companies PSU sector and banks
Career optionsSoftware Engineer, Project Manager – Information Technology (IT), Technical Architect, Principal Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Lead Software Engineer, Technical Analyst, Software Programmer, Software Designer, Product Development-Analyst or Architect Web Application Developer Database Administrator Professor Network AdministratorSoftware Developer, Programmer, IT Desk Troubleshooting, IT system Analyst, Software, Game & Application Designer  Software Consultant, Web Designer and Developer, Technical Writer, Systems Developer, Quality Assurance and Software Testing
Average salaryThe salary package for MSc CS job ranges from 300000 rupees per annum to 500000 rupees per annum depending upon the candidates knowledge, job role & skillsThe salary package for MCA Jobs ranges from INR 2LPA to INR 6LPA and can go up to INR 13 LPA depending on the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and academic record

These are all the important differences between the two branches.

MSc CS vs MCA which one to choose and why?

Considering all the differences and benefits between the two branches in my opinion master of computer application which is MCA is better course to choose compared to MSc CS

 if you want to get a specialised job and real-world skills, get into corporate, IT world because

 you will learn a lot of information and gain knowledge of programming and information technology, you’ll also get internship and work experience in your education which can help you get a job in IT sector,

and according to the latest data of niti ayog, the IT service industry has grown as one of the fastest-growing sectors in the Indian economy, growth rate exceeding 50 percent in exports and 40 percent in IT industry, in last five years which means the demand is also growing and also has a bright future in IT industry,

and you can get into different field like web development, app development

 software development or ethical hacking with master of computer application and

you should choose master of computer science if you want to get into Research and become a scientist or become a teacher and get a government job because it is more theoretical and concept based course.

Now the decision will depend upon your interest and skills.

With that said let’s end the article.


These are all the important things you need to know between the two MSC computer science and master of computer application.

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