5 reasons laptop is necessary for BTech & engineering students

In this article let’s take a look at 5 reasons why laptop is necessary for BTech & engineering students whether it is mechanical engineering or civil engineering students or whichever branch of engineering you belong to, the reasons I mention in this article will definitely be applied in it.

So without further ado let’s get started.

5 reasons laptop is necessary for BTech & engineering students

Listen classes online more comfortably

One of the main benefits of getting a laptop while you are doing BTech is that you can listen to classes online more comfortably compared to how you can listen to online classes on your mobile phone.

Due to small screen size on mobile phone you cannot both listen to and answers to questions on online classes on zoom and Google meet of your engineering what

if you get a laptop in a budget price then you can do both listening to classes and answer the questions simultaneously without any interruption and problem.

And you can also easily switch between different tabs and using laptop is more convenient compared to using a smartphone while listening to online classes.

In my case of BTech, I have purchased a Samsung laptop which you can check it out on Amazon and I have listened all the online classes on zoom and Google meet on my laptop and did all the necessary research for writing the lab tests and projects & assignments of BTech on the laptop itself.

Learn coding skills

Another important reason why you should consider having a laptop for your engineering is that you can do coding on your laptop more conveniently.

There have been many surveys conducted which clearly show that many of the engineering students lack important skills like coding communication skills data science machine learning because of this many of the engineers are unemployed and they lack confidence to apply for jobs because

they don’t have the skills and practical education as they only get taught theoretical stuff in the colleges and a survey of statista also shows that 10% of the engineers only have coding skills but

less than 3% of the people are fit for jobs in startups and product engineers and it is all because of lack of practical learning because many students still practise rote learning, It is also because of poor faculty in colleges.

I am not exaggerating the situation of engineers this is the reality you need to face that 2.5% of the engineers only have skills of artificial intelligence and data science, and

the truth is more than 95% of the engineering students are not fit for software development jobs because they don’t have the skills required to do it and in today’s world skills are what

matters the most even more than degrees because degrees is something everybody can have but not the skill, there are companies like Google and Apple which are hiring students based upon the skill irrespective of the degree.

Because of this reason if you get a laptop for yourself in the early days of Engineering like in the first or second semester of your BTech then

you can get a chance to start learning coding, programming, web development, app development or any other skill which can give you employment when you complete your engineering graduation.

And out of money programming languages Java is considered to be one of the best if you want to get placement and job and

also to learn web development and app development and in order to start learning Java you need to install and download Java virtual Machine where you can write and run the code on your device and

This tool can be installed only on the computer and laptop not on mobile phone and the requirements to install this tool on your device are windows server and any Intel processor and decent amount of Ram in laptop.

And also if you want to learn & do coding so that you can get a job in future, you need to have a laptop to do it conveniently and it is almost impossible to do coding on a smartphone even if you want to.

Good for entertainment purposes

Another important reason to have a laptop while you are doing BTech is for entertainment purpose.

You can watch certain movies and web series on your computer and laptop more conveniently because of large screen size, better sound quality and better screen resolution compared to smartphones.

This can be good if you want to relax your mind and get some peace of mind whenever you are getting fatigue of studying for long hours in engineering.

Save money through PDFs

Another important reason to have a laptop is that you can save a lot of money on purchasing book because you can easily download the online version of the book in a pdf form on your laptop and

you can also save a lot of space that your normal semester books of a engineering would consume on your desk because you can easily save all the PDFs that you have downloaded in any particular folder on your laptop.

And you can easily study and Research both at a time using your laptop opening different tabs and you can increase your productivity and get more things done which can be hard to do if you only have a smartphone.

Important asset if you want to start any side hustle

The last reason to have a laptop for engineering students is that you can get a chance to start any side project & side hustle while you are doing your engineering.

The fact is that majority of the students who pursue engineering do not have any interest towards it but they do it because of lack of career guidance, peer pressure and family pressure and this is one of the main reasons why engineers in India are unemployed in most cases.

And even if your one among thousands of engineers who are not interested in engineering then after you join Engineering College you can get a chance to start any side project and learn Any skill where you can build a career apart from engineering.

And if you get yourself a laptop during your b tech early days then you can get to learn the following skills where you can build a career even if you don’t get a job in engineering such as,

  1. You can learn video editing installing video editing software on your laptop like filmora and make money offering your service of video editing to Youtubers and business owners who want to publish videos
  2. You can learn digital marketing skills like a Search engine Optimisation or social media marketing or you can also start your own blog and make money writing articles on your website
  3. You can also learn content writing and become an SEO writer and make money as a freelancer
  4. You can also start your own dropshipping website and eCommerce store and make money selling products online
  5. You can also learn web development or app development and create websites or apps and work as a freelancer online
  6. You can learn graphic designing and make money designing logos and banners of businesses online

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These are all the benefits of using laptop when you start your engineering.

With that said let’s conclude the article.


These are all the important reasons why you should definitely consider having a laptop in your engineering studies.

Do comment down what do you think whether you actually really need to have a laptop in your btech in the comments section below.

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