Is Dartmouth college worth it

In this article let’s take a look at weather is Dartmouth a good school for computer science physics and worth it or not.

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7 Reasons to study computer science in Dartmouth University

Acceptance rate

Another advantage is the acceptance rate of this university is actually second highest after Cornell university with around 9.2%, and it is a no surprise that Dartmouth is one of the easiest ivy league colleges to get admission into with being high acceptance rate compared to other ivy league like Harvard with 5% or yale with 6.5%.

This is a good thing because you can obviously have more chances to get admission into the college and still it is one of the best colleges in America.

College reputation and rankings

Another advantage of joining this university is the reputation and ranking of the college is so high.

Dartmouth University has been founded in 1769 as one of the top nine colonial colleges created before the American revolution and it is one of the top 15 oldest schools of America.

So the University has been there for a long time now and apart from the age it also ranks in some of the best universities in the world as top universities rank the University in 32 position in best universities in America.

One of the reasons for such high reputation and ranking is that the university has some of the best faculty and professors.

Just like other Ivy League the student faculty ratio in this university is also around 7:1 and about 63% of the classes have less than 20 students so there is a plenty of time for students to interact with the professors beyond classroom, You can email your professor and find your faculty professor as a mentor for your research and more importantly you can take your favourite professor for lunch or dinner to improve your bond and relationship with them which is really great.

Because of this the graduation rate is around 96 percentage which is one of the highest and the average salary of a graduate of this university is around 91000 dollars per annum which is really high if you take a look at the average salary of a student graduated from any American University is not more than $50,000 per annum.

The employers know the students graduating from this university are some of the best in the world, and many students also get into research field.

Alumni & Networking opportunities

Talking about the students it is very important to mention the alumni and networking opportunities you can get from the University.

Some top alumni of the University include Meryl Streep Fred Rogers Robert Frost David Harbor Nelson Rockefeller and many more.

And around 15% of the students who study in the University are from international countries which is quite higher because the average is around 10% for other Ivy League.

And you can have many networking opportunities by studying in the University like you can have many student clubs and societies to join, This is an Ivy League and Ivy League colleges are famous for sports and recreation activities similarly this college also has around 33 club sports like golf football basketball volleyball hockey and many more which you can participate in and grow your network.

Apart from that there are many opportunities and resources to improve your network and relationships like Dartmouth connect is one platform where you can find like-minded people get some jobs and grow your network.

Financial aid

Another advantage is the financial aid that you can receive from the college is also great, just like other ivy league colleges, in Dartmouth also you get need-based scholarships to the students.

Families who earn less than $65,000 per annum are expected to pay no money to cover for the education cost of the student and the student would have to do some work on the part time to meet remaining expenses of the education apart from scholarships & grants.

Whats amazing is that the scholarships are available for both national and international students and the scholarship amount can range between 1000-50000$ for a student apart from the scholarships amount the student will also get some federal grants, make money on the side etc.

And more importantly the financial aid you receive is completely free of cost depending upon your need and family circumstances which is applicable for both domestic, international students and there are no loans attached in the aid.

Getting need based scholarships from this university is a big thing because it will cost you around $80,000 to study without scholarships including the tuition fees and other expenses for one year, need based scholarships and grants make the school very affordable for all the students who cannot afford the education.

Research facilities

Another reason to study in this university is the research facilities that you get is amazing

A large percentage of the undergraduate students participate in the research along with the faculty in Dartmouth.

There are dozens of research institutions and facilities in Dartmouth University like Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, The C. Everett Koop Institute, etc.

And more importantly the university has spent over 340 million dollars for research and development in 2019 year alone.

But if we compare this with top ivy league like Harvard or upenn or colleges like mit or Stanford then, research facilities are quite less but still it is quite reasonably good since you have many opportunities and labs but if you only want to join this university for research and development then Dartmouth might not be right option for you.

Entrepreneurship culture

Another advantage is the entrepreneurship and startup culture that is there in the university.

This also has one of the best entrepreneurship cultures, there is the Magnuson center of entrepreneurship which will support students, alumni and faculty members who want to start a business, get some funding for the startups, mentorship, education programs related to business, networking & internship opportunities, incubators, and

there is Magnuson Center’s Living Learning Community which helps grow your network with like-minded people want to start a business in future because getting the access to right people will get you many opportunities, new ideas by talking with people, mentors, jobs, business partners, and growth down the line.

And more importantly, dart mouth business school ranks 11th best business school to study as per us news.

Some popular alumni of Dartmouth who are doing great work in entrepreneurship are naval ravikant, Sarah Hoit, tom Ryan, Zach Supalla, Sean Byrnes, John Donahoe, and Roger Lynch, all of these people are CEOs and leaders of top tech companies in the world.

So overall the entrepreneurship culture is also great in this college.

Great location

Last but not least, the location is also great, Dartmouth is located in Hanover, New Hampshire, There are many tourist places to visit in the place like Kancamagus Highway and White Mountain National Forest, Hampton Beach, Mt. Monadnock, etc, in the college location

there is Connecticut river, college parks, museums, libraries, and top tech companies, there are many transportation facilities from Dartmouth top other major cities like new york and Washington, etc so what I want to say is the university location is also very beautiful.

So overall these are 7 major reasons to study in Dartmouth, some reasons not to study are expensive education and tuition fees, low acceptance rate, not the best ivy league for research, education, etc.

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These are all the things you need know about studying in Dartmouth University.

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