is Cornell good for computer science, engineering

In this article, let’s take a look at all the pros and cons of Cornell university and other important information to understand whether it is a good university for studying computer science engineering medicine and other courses.

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Is Cornell University a good school for engineering and medicine?

Yes, Cornell University is definitely a very good school for engineering and medicine, In fact US news ranks this university in 13th spot for best engineering colleges in America, and this is one of the best ivy league schools

because the acceptance rate is quite high compared to other Ivy League, excellent research facilities lots of courses great entrepreneurship culture, amazing alumni, amazing location of the University etc are few things that make this university so special.

Now let’s take a look at all the pros & cons or benefits and drawbacks of studying in Cornell University to understand whether it is worth it or not to study in this Ivy league college.

What makes Cornell University unique and special,(Benefits & reasons you should go to Cornell University)

  1. One of the main advantages is that you can find more than 4000 different courses in 100 departments of studies for both UG and PG like you can find courses from engineering to law and business to medical and architecture philosophy history arts humanities agriculture and many more courses which you can check it out here, and most probably you will find your preferred course in this university
  2. Another advantage is that the university is its founded back in 1865, It is one of the oldest Ivy league colleges in America, Apart from that this university is considered to be one of the best by many websites ranking like US news ranks this University in 17 spot for best National University in America, 13th best engineering school & 22 spot for best universities in the world, it gets 20 spot for best universities in world by Q’s report, so Apart from being old, It is one of the top prestigious university
  3. Another advantage is like all other Ivy League colleges, even this university offers need based financial aid and scholarships to the students, there is no merit based scholarships which is great thing I believe, apart from that you can also apply and get federal and state grants for education, You can also get student loans and also get some work and earn money for education, What’s interesting is there’s no income bracket to be eligible for the scholarships in this university and there are also scholarships for foreign students like if you are Indian then you can apply for Tata scholarships etc, for more details click here
  4. Another advantage is the alumni of the University is really great, first of all the University accepts very small percentage of students just like other Ivy League, and if you take a look at the history then 61 Nobel laureates, 4 Turing Award winners, its former, present faculty and alumni include 34 Marshall Scholars, many politicians and presidents of foreign countries, 33 Rhodes Scholars, 29 Truman Scholars, 7 Gates Scholars, 63 Olympic Medalists, 10 present Fortune 500 CEOs, and 35 billionaires alumni are there, students from 110 different countries visit this university to study, 250000 are alumni of the university around the world
  5. Another advantage is that the University offers a lot of networking opportunities for the students because there are more than 1000 different student organisations and clubs in almost any topic and genre you can think of, you can join club and there are many sports events that you can also participate in because it is a Ivy League college there is a lot of emphasis on extracurricular activities apart from academics so you can improve your interpersonal skills a lot and also grow your network
  6. Another advantage is the acceptance rate of the University which is around 10.7% is actually very good if you compare it with its buddies like Harvard, Yale and Columbia whose acceptance rate is less than 7% in ivy league particularly, this university has highest acceptance rate and obviously you can have more chances to get admission into this compared to others like Harvard and Columbia
  7. Another advantage is the University has great faculty and professors, the student faculty ratio is around 9:1 which is not bad keeping in mind that more than 62% of the classes have less than 20 students, there are approximately 2900 faculty & 7500 staff members, the university pays the professors 175,000$ per annum which is double than average national salary which is only $80000, and the interaction between student faculty is beyond the classroom, They can collaborate in research as well
  8. Another advantage is the location of the university is actually very good, It is located in Ithaca in 2300 acres campus near the New York state finger lakes region, even though the university has its branches in foreign countries like Italy and Qatar but I am talking about this primary branch in Ithaca which is one of the best places for university and students, as I mentioned earlier the land is huge, food is great, You can find many waterfalls and lakes, and lots of interesting places to visit to chill out during your academics so overall it is a great location to both study and enjoy
  9. Another thing is the entrepreneurship culture which is again a big advantage with this university, if you get it down to basics and check then what’s important for any student to start a business are things like mentorship, training, clubs and societies, Networking opportunities, competitions, hackathon, funding, program’s and grants, incubators internships and many more which are all available and accessible in Cornell University, for example rough draft Ventures is a student organisation which has backed more than 150 startups and created 500 jobs and also helped raise more than 250 million dollars in funding, so overall the University has many resources and facilities to start a startup for students
  10. Another advantage is that the university has many amazing research facilities and infrastructure, Cornell Electron Storage Ring, Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source, Nanobiotechnology Center (NBTC), etc are a few research centres, laboratories in this university, Apart from research you can find many libraries dining facilities residential areas museums parks sports complex and many more which is really great, research is something to be highlighted in this university, many people have won Nobel prize due to the research and inventions, there are many amazing discoveries and inventions from this University in various fields like biology space physics etc, the University also gets a lot of funding from state and private sources and the endowment is around 10 billion dollars
  11. The last advantage is the placements which is also decent, $90000 is the average money that students earn after graduating from this university, this figure is much higher than the national average which is approximately 55000 dollars also keep in mind this is the average amount, your salary varies on things like experience specialisation company and location, also the fact that you graduated from highly prestigious university can land you any job and stand out in the competition

These are all the benefits and advantages of studying in Cornell University.

What makes Cornell University bad, (disadvantages of Cornell University)

  1. One of the main disadvantages with other Ivy league colleges not just Cornell is the expenses of education is quite high, As I mentioned earlier the scholarships are need based not merit, and the average fee is around $80,000 to attend this university for 1 year it includes tuition fees, books and study materials housing fees dining fees travel expenses and others, the cost comes down to $38,000 after scholarships and aid, but still it is quite expensive because not everyone can get scholarships as it is need based like other Ivy League
  2. Another disadvantage is that there are not many international students in this university for UG, for example there are 15500 students studying undergraduate but only 10% of the students belong to international countries so there is less diversity as compared to PG where 50% of the students are from foreign countries
  3. Another disadvantage with other Ivy League along with this and prestigious colleges like Stanford and MIT is the acceptance rate, even though 10% is significantly better than other Ivy League colleges like Harvard and Yale but still it is not very good as only 10 students can get admission out of hundred who apply, so It is very difficult to get admission in this university
  4. Another disadvantage is related to the scholarships that International applicants who do not apply for international financial aid when they apply for admission (and who are admitted) will not be eligible to apply for financial aid at any time after enrolling as an undergraduate at Cornell. Students must also keep in mind to apply for the scholarships the moment when they apply for the admission itself because they won’t get a second chance to apply for scholarships after getting admission, and they need to reapply for the scholarships every year to get the financial support, and there aren’t many scholarships available for international students
  5. Another disadvantage is about the location of the University as there is no big city near Ithaca where the university is located so It can be tough for you to move around from one city to another for example the distance between Cornell Univ and New York City is 220 miles which is quite long distance, so you need a vehicle to move around to places and get access to transportation facilities of the state so this can be a big problem for freshman in the university

These are all the disadvantages and drawbacks of studying in Cornell University both for domestic & international students.

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These are all the things you need to know about Cornell university’

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